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Case Study:  Exercises can induce blurred vision, dizziness, vertigo and inflammatory pains! Why!
Reader: 2/10/2007>
Hello Doc,
why do I get kidney pain and cloudy urine and blurred vision sometimes after exercise ? 
Dr. Lin: 2/10/2007>Your exercises triggered your body to produce excessive epinephrine and cortisol, burned too much blood sugar, depleted electrolytes and dropped insulin in your bloodstream, leading to kidney pains, cloudy urine and blurred vision.
You should drink sport drink containing electrolytes and carbohydrates, instead of water.
During or after a prolonged exercise, drinking too much water without electrolytes can kill you, known as Water intoxication. Your brain and nervous systems will be shut down and your internal organs will retain excessive water to die!
Drinking water without carbohydrates will keep your epinephrine and cortisol way too high for a long time, but your blood sugar and insulin way too low.
It is very dangerous for you to experience these conditions which gave you a warning.
Excessive epinephrine and cortisol give you inflammation and inflammatory pain in the tissues, joints, kidneys, hearts, eyeballs, liver, prostate and bladders, and dilate your eye pupils for blurred vision.
Depletion of blood sugar and insulin result in dizziness or vertigo.
Excessive epinephrine and cortisol and depletion or excess of blood sugar and insulin can damage and thin/shrink your erectile tissues in in the tunica albuginea and its sheathing spongy corpus cavernosa, resulting penile shrink. 

Reader: 2/9/2007>
is there anything i can do.. ie rest the area, as my doctor cant find anythign wrong with me. how long will this go on for? thanks
Reader: 2/9/2007>
Unless you can reduce prostaglandin E2 release and stimulate prostaglandin E1 and Nitric Oxide production, you can not stop the nervous pains.
You can take ViaDopa (1-002) + ArgiNOx (1-018), pluse Fish Oil 1000 mg 3 times a day, to help you improve your clitoral and vaginal blood circulation and boost your prostaglandin E1/E3 and Nitric Oxide production for healing.
Also, you should apply hyrocortisone gel to your clitoris, vulva and vagina and then use a warm towel to cover your clitoris and vulva for 5-10 minutes to stimulate prostaglandin E1 production.. 

Next time, if you want to masturbate again, you should use our VIP Cream (1-015) as a lubricant.
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