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Case Study:  She said ' since using the ViaPal-hgH-N these last few weeks I have to say I have not had a UTI' and have a true red menstrual flow - cause and solution for Urethral Tract Infection, vaginal dryness, yeast inefction, and Sex (sexual) orgasm .
Reader: 2/6/2007>
Dear Dr Lin,
I apprentice your advice and currently have three separate questions.
Please know I am currently on the ViaPal-hgH-N and periodically using the VIP cream.
When using the VIP cream I have noticed that it becomes watery and it also tend to clump up while being used, is this normal?

You had suggested I use the ViaPal-hgH-N and VIP cream for possible over use of a vibrator (I am having a problem reaching an orgasm maybe it is mental also) and I was also experiencing UTI's because of urethral abrasion. “Could you please explain what you mean by the g-spot was not erecting properly”

third question is - normally when I am on my period I tend to bleed a deep blue red and I also experience shedding – (best way to describe it is like blob clots) a couple of years back I brought this to my doctors attention and I was told that it’s minor shedding of the uterine wall but nothing to worry about and I always have clear pap smears. 
But since using the ViaPal-hgH-N these last few weeks I have to say I have not had a UTI and could you please explain why I have noticed a difference in my period this month, this time the flow is more of a true red color. More of a color that I experienced in my younger years (I am 46) and no shedding.

Thank you once again for your time, please help me to understand and is the normal?
Dr. Lin: 2/6/2007>When using the VIP cream I have noticed that it becomes watery and it also tend to clump up while being used, is this normal?
That is normal, since it directly stimulates the vagina to release more natural, healthy lubricant.

“Could you please explain what you mean by the g-spot was not erecting properly”
The G-spot erectile tissues are between the urethra and vagina.
It is a natural protection of the urethral nerves when they erect.
If they fail to erect, but Your G-spot is heavil stimulated, your urethral tract will be damaged by the stimulating force from the vagina.

Answer for you third question - it is due to a slowing bleeding from your uterine lining when your progestetrone level is too low to protect the lining from separation. Then vaginal yeasts change the blood corlor before discharging out.

ViaPal-hGH-N powers your pituitary-ovarian axis to regulate your estrogen and progesterone release and also boost the prostaglandin E-1 for healing yout UTI. It also reduces the vaginal yeast activities and increases your urethral and vaginal immunity by reducing COX-2 expression and then prostaglandin E-2 production in the uterus, cervix and vagina. Yes, the menstrual flow is supposed to be true red.

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