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Case Study:  Spinal injury or damage can cause a lot of inflammatory pains upon or after sexual orgasm or ejaculation.
Reader: 12/15/2006>
Hi Dr. Lin, Obviously I'm writing due to a sexual problem. Let me explain some of my past history to help you get a picture of my problem. First of all I have liver problems since my mid 20's which are still with me. I never got an exact diagnosis but in the past I experienced pain in the gall bladder area mostly after meals but not always. These pains eventually started to radiate to lymph nodes under my jaw bone one at a time. The painful node would eventually harden and become slightly enlarged until all lymph nodes became effected (under and along the jaw). These pains seemed to be connected to the liver/gall bladder
pain. Then in my earky 30s the pain seemed to move from the jaw to my right testicle (I think epididymis). I know this sounds strange A painful lump the size of a small pea formed on the epididymis. When I palpated it I would feel pain there and in my gall bladder area simultaneously so it seemed to be connected to the same spot. Conventio
nal doctors didn"t believe me when I explained all this to them. The pain stayed in the right epididymis for about three years. Then the pain or inflammation suddenly decided to move to the left testicle (epididymis) one night. I don't know what triggered these sudden moves. During this whole time I always had a pretty much normal satisfying sex life with my beautiful wife even with the pain. Although I was concerned, there wasn't any doctor interested in helping me even though the pain was often hard to take. I would constantly be moving my foot because the pain seemed tp travel or radiate down my leg to the ankle. The
pain on the left side stayed in the epididymal area for about 12 years and pretty constant until last april. In april 06 the pain moved to the left side of the perineum. When the pain moved it happened suddenly and violently. I had extreme pain for about 5 minutes in the left side of perineum and then the pain became tolerable. The only problem was 
that after this happened I couldn't have sex. I now had painful erections (very infrequent) and couldn't get fully erect maybe halfway. It seems like the left side of my penis shut off. Like circultion was blocked along with pain in the shaft and no sensation in the glans or the nerves making sex totally unpleasurable. Now when I see my wife I can't get excited at all. Like when you are 8 years old. She still is beautiful but there is nothing between us anymore literally. It's very strange. Needless to say my marraige is in total jeapordy. I'm living in the basement at my wifes request. I went to 2
uroligists and they say it is purely a pschological problem, not a physical one. So my wife thinks that I have mental problems. She believes the urologists not me. In my heart I know its physical but I don't know what to do or if this can be corrected. It seems like there may be nerve damage involved. Sorry about my long story but alot happened. So now i'm quite dep
ressed from my problem which isn't helping matters. If you could help me I would be extremely grateful. By the way since april I attempted sex about 4x with painful results, so I don't want to try anymore, unless you could help.
Dr. Lin: 12/15/2006>
Only the nervous inflammation can cause pains to move.
Your problems are due to the excessive prostaglandin E-2 to inflame your sympathetic L1 and L2 branches nerves.
In this regard, ViaPal-hGH-E (3-011) and ArgiNOx (1-018), plus fish oil, can help you reduce the inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E-2 production.

Reader: 12/16/2006>
Thank you very much for your response. I forgot to mention I do have a back problem which I think you already pinpointed in your response. I have a pinched nerve in l1 l2 nerve root which is a fact and is due to a herniation of the disc. Does that mean that this nerve compression is what you think is causing my problem. And if so will those supplements still be helpful. The problem may be due to nerve ennervation problems. Could you please give me a confirmation on if I should still order those same products. I just want to make sure this new information about my back doesn't change your previous suggestion. Maybe its possible that I have to address the nerve root compression issue before anything else would work? What do you think? Bob. I can't believe you mentioned l1 l2 wiithout being aware of my back problem. Very impressed!!!

Dr. Lin: 12/16/2006> 
orgasm and ejaculation induced inflammation will cause you more trouble.
Spinal injuries, spinal cord surgery, oxytocinergic nervous pathway, genital numbness, erectile dysfunction and sexual orgasm
Yes, the products can help. You may also need a spinal cord cupping massage - http://www.actionlove.com/love/massage.htm 
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