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Case Study: Post-ejaculation induced prostaglandin E-2 can trigger midnight spontaneous erection, but don't be fooled to ejaculate again for pains and physical/psychological disorders - no more sexual orgasm; How can you use prostaglandin E-1, E-2, and E-3, Nitric Oxide and oxytocin to enlarge your penis
Reader: 11/15/2006>
Hello Dr lin

I have a quick question; lately, the day (or the night precisly) I masturbate, I wake up with an hard erection, but when I don't masturbate I wake up with a soft erection, or no erection at all, Do you know what this is due to ( I'm curious)? ( I masturbate once a week )

Is it a bad thing?

Thank you

my case to remind you I am 26 I stopped masturbation about a 3 years ago, I have these


-penis shrinkage, with left and downward curvature.
-constantly tired, lack of energy
-minor hair loss on side of head and top of head (close to hair liine)
-buzzy ears
-skinny body,small and very light bones, cannot gain weight and have a
hard time developping muscles.
-cannot concentrate or focus ( ADD)
-Lack of motivation.
-bad sleep (wakes up after few hours)
-very soft erections
- small sperm quantity 
Dr. Lin: 11/15/2006>
The post-ejaculation midnight erection is stimulated by the ejaculation-induced prostaglandin E-2 against the urethral and prostate nerves.
If you think you can ejaculate again, you will be rewarded with perineum. testicular, urethral or prostate pains as a warning sign due to excessive prostaglandin E-2 production, and you will experience sexual exhaustion symptoms - the sex-induced physical/psychological disorders

Reader: 11/16/2006>

I think you are right, because I have a little pain in the left region between my anus and testicles, and the left testicule itself became a bit sensitive ( the skin of the testicule) and it hangs lower, in fact the big vein that goes to the testicle is a little painful at the testicle level. However, the pain is very minimal.
But I wonder what happened, I only ejaculate once a week ( If I don't, my PC region feels weird, as if I was going to ejaculate involuntarely and my liver makes noise, and there is sperm in my urine, But when I ejaculate this goes away for a few days, 1 to 3 days) and I take the products. Well, I guess I will just keep on taking the product.
But Maybe I should stop ejaculating regardless, anyway, if I go a week without it, I will end ejaculating in my sleep, it's inevitable, ironically the sperm quantity is kind of small in any case!

Thank you 
Dr. Lin: 11/16/2006>
Ok, ejaculation induces prostaglandin E-2 and prolactin release into your bloodstream and urine; you can reduce their release and , particularly in the post-orgasm state while you have to enhance your prostaglandins E-1 and E-, Nitric Oxide and oxytocin for the positive effects (beniits) of sexual activities and orgasms on your body.
Prostaglandin E-2 is a double-edge hormone, for nervous/tissues/blood vessel inflammation and pains, but help penis and testicles enlargement if your body produces enough prostaglandins E-1 and E-3, Nitric Oxide and oxytocin to counteract its inflammatory pains. Pregnant women grow and stretch the uterus, cervix and belly to accommodate the growing fetus with prostaglandins E-1, E-2 and E-3, Nitric Oxide and oxytocin. Prostaglandin E-2 swells their bodies without pains; around the term of pregnancy, prostaglandin E-1 and E-3 suddenly drop to let prostaglandin E-2 induce labor and pains.
We use the same principle to enlarge the penis - the penile ballooning method.
Anyway, you need an optimal ejaculation frequency while supplying neuro-nutrients for increase prostaglandins E-1 and E-, Nitric Oxide and oxytocin production.
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