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News updated:

Case Study: 20 years over-ejaculation resulted in death of testicular functions for no semen production, impotence, hair loss and acne for no more sexual orgasm
Reader: 11/13/2006>
Hi Dr. Lin,

I'm 33 and have a 20-year history of over-masturbation. I have several problems that I'm almost sure are all linked to my destructive addiction:

1. My erection hardness and size, sensitivity, libido, and ejaculation began going downhill years ago when I was still in my 20s. I've never been able to orgasm from vaginal or oral sex, and many times I would lose my erection quickly. The only way I can orgasm is by masturbation, and these days it has to be rough in order to work. 

2. My hair has been turning grey and falling out since I was 18. I still have most of my hair, but I notice that now I'm losing more than ever. I'll find fallen hair on my hand each time I run my fingers through my hair, and it's very discouraging. The men on my mom's side of the family have kept their hair well into their 60s and beyond, and my dad still has a lot of hair at 63.

3. I've been getting acne again despite finishing a course of Accutane early last year. It gave me great results, but the acne began creeping back 5-6 months later. It's no longer as aggressive as it used to be, and now it's just a few pimples on my face. Still, I hate having even that now.

4. I also suffer from a very low testosterone level. It was 170 ng/dl when I had it checked last year, and 189 when checked again a few months later. I've taken testosterone gel on and off since then, and I started taking it again last week. I plan on sticking with it this time. The main reason I'm taking it again is because I'm exercising again and I need it to help my weight workouts.

I hope there's something you can recommend to help me solve my sexual, hair, skin, and testosterone problems. Also, what is a healthy ejaculation frequency for a 33-year-old guy with these problems? I really want to try to regulate my masturbation habit, but I've read that stopping altogether is also damaging. Please advise.

Kind regards,
Dr. Lin: 11/14/2006>
Your testosterone level at 170 ng/dl and 189 ng/dl indicates your testicular function is nearly or completely dead unless your pituitary LH and FSH or your DHEA is too low.
This means you produces no semen and sperm, and your testosterone, DHT and oxytocin level are too low to power your penis while your prolactin or estrogen may be too high.
Your ejaculation should be very watery.
There is no way to revive dead or dying testicles.
Testosterone grows hair. You don't have it.
Your acne drug can destry your liver support for the nervous transmitters and hormone production. This link contains a lot of information on this problem -
acne drug killed his health and sex for no more sexual orgasm .
You should check your liver function.
A healthy 33-year old man can ejaculate 4-5 times a week, but you are not a health man. You may ejaculate once 1-2 months to bring up your testosterone level.
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