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Case Study: The role of cervix in the Epicenter's sexual orgasm - the brief history of Dr.Lin's  discovery and the other researchers' studies on the vagus nerves to the cervix, uterus, G-spot and clitoris.
Reader: 10/26/2006>
Hellow Dr.Lin,
I'm a resident doctor in OBGYN and I'm giving a talk next week on 'Sexuality and the Cervix" with respect to supracervical hysterectomy. I read about the 'epicenter' on your website. would you please explain to me how the epicenter was discovered.
What other articles would you recommend with respect to the role of cervix in the sexual act?
Dr AlRais
Dr. Lin: 10/26/2006>I discovered this spot when my wife and I used my 3-point Excitation Position first time in 1977.
This love position allowed my penis to penetrate her all the way in under her body weight compressing my pubis and also let her to adjust the stimulation pot, the front or back side of her cervix.
She can tell if my glans penis is in the front side of her cervix. 
If my penis erects hard, it will be slight curved toward my belly, I can feel my glans penetrating her Epicenter, the front, vaginal ending pocket between the bladder and cervix, due to the vaginal suction force.
In the first experience of the Epicenter stimulation,  she immediately experienced explosive rhythmic uterine contraction orgasm with body shaking in 1 minute and then her body became numbed for 10 minutes.
Her orgasm was likely an volcano eruption as shown
After she took a break and regained feeling, I held the deep penetration and ejaculated into this pocket (and strike her cervix with my hot semen having tons of prostaglandins, she exploded to orgasm again
Later, I used my Finger Pliers Method to locate this pot and gave her a simultaneous massage on her clitoris and Epicenter with a rhythmic pressure. Again, she exploded like an volcano eruption in 1 minutes with vaginal ejaculation, like a hot lava flowing out of her vagina. This Finger Pliers method can do a shallow (G-spot) and deep (Epicenter) vaginal massage with a simultaneous stimulation on the clitoris.
In fact, the 3-point Excitation method is an emulation of the Finger Pliers Method which I discovered in 1974 when we were dating.
She always experiences a sequence of uterine/vaginal contraction pumping a sequence of energy waves running up along the central line of her front body to her heart and lungs and then pounding the pleasure center of your front brain and taking over her cerebral cortex, the conscious control center, so that her heavy breathing frequency and motor nerves are synchronous to the 0.8 seconds of the Orgasmic waves/pulses radiated from your Epicenter. I can feel her contraction suction force against my glans penis from her uterus and cervix. Thus, female deep vaginal orgasm can induce male ejaculation, like the dog's uterine contraction or cramps inducing the male dog's ejaculation. The orgasm energy pathways were described in the following graphs:
where you can see the female orgasm pathways are parasympathetic, mainly via the vagus nerves while the male orgasm pathways are sympathetic, via the L1 and L2 nerves.
After internet became available in 1996, I decided to verify my theory and I posted my 3-point excitation method and Finger Pliers method online. I got excellent responses from my readers.
Therefore, I decided to documented my sexual secrets in the US Congress Library, and filed my CD-ROM book " Resonant Excitation of Sexual Orgasms" to copyright the sexual techniques and theories.
in 1997.
Later, after 1999, I have found there were some neurobiology research publication about the link of the vagus nerves projected from the brainstem (CN-X) to the clitoris, uterus and cervix.
For examples.
This recent discovery (where I assume that the vagus nerves link to the hyopthalamus-pituitary axis from the pelvic cavity organs such as the clitoris, penis, testicles/ovaries, urethra (G-spot), bladder, vagina, cervix/ prostate, seminal vesicles, and uterus) enabled me to interpret the Epicenter orgasm and the orgasm energy path more preciously, and the old taoism's Chi center, Dan-Dien, located between the naval point and the pubis.
Obviously, what my wife described orgasm energy path is the vagus sensing nervous system and its branches to the pubic-pelvic area, ovaries, adrenal glands, kidneys, heart, and lungs.
This main orgasm energy path along the vagus sensing nervous system is consistent with the acupuncture's Conceptive Vessel.  Now, as we can link the pituitary with the cervix, uterus, G-spot and Epicenter  via the vagus nerves, we fully understand that massaging the Epicenter and cervix can stimulate the pituitary oxytocin release for better relationship and, of course, sexual orgasm and why my 3-point Excitation method and Finger Pliers method are so effective for sexual orgasm.
There are other energy paths along the Kidney Vessels (or L1/L2 sensing nervous systems from Disc L1 and L2 to the ovaries, uterus, clitoris, both sides of vagina and cervix (about 11 and 1 o'clock position), perineum, inner thighs and legs. Some women experienced legs shaking during orgasm when the orgasm energy pulses run to the inner legs, instead of shooting into the spine and brain.  While female orgasm pulses mainly travel along the vagus sensory nerves to the brain, male orgasm pulses mainly take the sympathetic L1/L2 and parasympathetic S2/S4 sensory nerves to the brain, but the vagus nervous stimulation on the pubis and the superior sides of the penis to power erection and trigger a powerful male orgasm.
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