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Case Study: On the Interaction between his and her orgasms; how often men can have sexual ejaculation orgasm without inducing sexual exhaustion.
Reader: 10/04/2006>
Dear Dr. Lin, 

The information you provide on your website is simply astounding!! I didn't understand much of the technical medical terms or concepts that you use to explain the action of your vitamin formulas at first, but after some research i am starting to comprehend the wonder of the human body and the joy of sex! 

My little problem is one of sympathetic ejaculation... when my fiancee 'goes' i go. Is this a nervous system thing or is it psychological? I 'feel' her excitement and either have to stop awhile or bam, get a few hard strokes in and its over. I thought of seeing a hypnotist about it, but then found your site.... 

Also, when i was in Taiwan ROC a few years a go, in Chilung, i visited a buddhist temple and the monk there, a very genial man, gave me a sheet of paper with what he said were tha recommended frequencies for sexual intercourse over the course of one's life, decade by decade. I lost that paper, can you kindly remind me how often is reasonable given my age? I often feel less civilised that an aborigine, not knowing these sorts of things. Suburban life has its costs i guess. 

Yours Gratefully
Dr. Lin: 10/04/2006>"when my fiancee 'goes' i go. Is this a nervous system thing or is it psychological? "
When you are about to come, she obtains a maximum stimulation from your hardest and hottest penis to achieve her orgasm, and then her vaginal orgasmic contraction and released prostaglandin E-2, in turn, induces your orgasmic ejaculation.
You have to practice anal breathing if you want to stop the orgasmic ejaculation at that moment.
Healthy men can have sex every day, but must limt their ejaculation frequency as listed in the following:
Age 18-25, 4-6 times a week (but avoid ejaculating twice in one love session, although you can do it once a while);
Age 26-35, 3-5 times a week (but absolutely not to ejaculate in one love session);
Age 36-45, 2-4 times a week (but absolutely not to ejaculate in one love session);
Age 46-55, 2-3 times a week (but absolutely not to ejaculate twice in one love session);
Age 56-65, 1-2 times a week (but absolutely not to ejaculate twice in one love session);
Age 66-75, 1 time a week (but absolutely not to ejaculate twice in one love session).

Having sex (intercourse) without ejaculating is like taking a dopamine enhance drug, which in turn powers up the hypothalamus- pituitary-testicular axis for excessive oxytocin, testosterone and DHT production..
This is why practicing morning screwing sex without ejaculating can be very beneficial for middle-aged and senior couples or exhausted men or women.
However, excessive dopamine and oxytocin/testosterone/DHT will induce frequent sexual arousal and inflammatory responses in the pelvic cavity and low back for congestive pains. This can happen to young men or women.
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