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News updated:

Case Study: Chronically over-masturbating 5-10 times daily resulted in sexual exhaustion symptoms with inflammatory pains in the brain, eye balls (blurred vision), penis, and testicles, with losing memory, penile deformation and shrinkage for no more sexual orgasm, but persistent sexual arousal for more masturbation. 
Reader: 9/28/2006>
Dear Dr.Lin,
I am a 20 year old student and I have a serious case of over-masturbation and it seems that no matter how hard I try I cannot curb this habit.When I was younger I used to masturbate over 10 times everyday.I have cut this down to one a day on average which is fine but with one problem.If I stop mastubating for a day or two,then the next time I masturbate always has me doing it for like 5-10 times again to the point where at times my penis hurts a little and I have to end up trying to stop this every time.And when I orgasm I sometimes have been getting headaches and blurry vision.My head now feels light headed at times and I believe that if I do not stop then my memory with be the next to suffer.

To add to this my penis has become bent and is getting worse.I am 2 inches wide at the lower half of my penis but then the left cyclinder bends to the right sharply and moving under the right one making it look twisted and with about 1.5 inches around the head now.I do not know if the right one is also bent of if it is the left one pressing on it that makes it look like it has a small twist.

My penis has also shrunk from 6.5 inches to 5.25 inches.And I forgot to mention that I also don't feel that great when I orgasm anymore.

I have recently started University and I have little time for anthing but the big problem is that because of this I usually masturbate before I go to sleep or when I now wake up thus I am not in a level headed state to commmand myself to stop and this is the big problem.It seems that my urge is a biologicl thing and not a psychological one.

I eat healthily(Fruits,vegetables,nuts etc) and I believe that is the only reason I have lasted this long,especially when comparing me to the other cases that I have read.

Please in short I ask:

1)What can I take to help my body resist the urge of masturbating?

2)What do I take to restore my brain/hormonal/nervous function and restore sensitivity of my penis?(I have seen that while age is the main factor in choosing these drugs, there are exceptions to the rule depending on the case),

3)Do I have to stop masturbating frequently first(question#1) before I attempt to restore my brain function etc.etc.(questio#2)?And if so how would I know when to continue?

4)What can I take to straighten my penis?

5)What do I take and what exercises do I perform to restore my penis size and maybe grow it and extra inch or two?

I hve read throgh your entire site over the past 3 months and I have an idea of what to take in many cases such as VIP cream with Fish Borage for straightening the penis.

The real reason I still ask you for what specefic drugs to take is that due to the many problems I have I am very afraid to do something wrong.

Please reply as soon as possible and please do not show my name if you ever decide to post this case on the net.Thank you.? this is really frusterating and i need your held!! thank you for your time
Dr. Lin: 9/28/2006>Your problems are over-masturbation induced sexual exhaustion symptoms with excessive inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E-2 release in your brain, eyes, penis and prostate and severely penile collagen scar spreading over the erectile tissues for deformation
This means your brain's dopamine, acetylcholine, serotonin and GABA nervous systems were burned out and your hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal and -testicular axis were broken down.
You have nothing left for healing and restoration.
You have persistent sexual arousal symptom due to excessive production of prostaglandin E-2 in semen, prostate and bulbourethral glands as described in http://www.actionlove.com/extra/psas.htm 
You have to stop the over-masturbation practice first. If you cannot control your masturbation habit, you can not solve the problems.
You can take LoveLonger (3-008) with a high dose of Fish Oil 1000 mg 3 times a day.
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