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Case Study: His real experience: One shot of a high dose of ecstasy with alcohol killed his 19 year old brain and penis for no more sexual orgasm
Reader: 9/08/2006>Dr.Lin, Im not gonna lie or blame anyone else but myself. I choose the wrong crowd in high school. Im the type of person that worries what others think about me. I drink, I've been drinking for a long time. I played four years of soccer and ran track in high school. I've never been big on smoking cigarettes since I run everyday and smoked marijuana once and didn't like it and left it alone. So after I graduated I went on to college and tried E for the first time. I didnt think it would be that bad for me since I thought I was gonna do it once and wouldnt affect me staying in shape. I took one pill. I would call it a teaser because it got to the ultimate feeling and went away in minutes. I was upset. That night, I decided not to to take another pill. Few months later I was at a bar one night and had a few drinks, I decide to take two pills taht my friend gave me. I felt a little buzz from the drinking and I threw up. I felt a floating feeling for alittle and it lasted a few hours but I didnt get to the feeling like the first time. I still didnt think of E being a big deal like everyone was talking about. 2 months later, I go to mexico for spring break and Im with my friends and we decided to roll together that night at a nightclub. I take two pills again. NOW this time Dr. Lin was the Ultimate experience of a lifetime. I would consider it my best roll till this day. It hit me so hard to where it affected my vision. Everything went slow mo.. and the loud music felt great. I had my head next to the speaker.I was getting massages to dancing non-stop and had my teeth grinding so hard that I could break a jawbreaker. I loved it, it lasted almost 10 hours. My friends wanted to tape my mouth shut that morning.I finally felt what a real exstascy pill felt like what everyone was talking about. I brought two pills back with me being stupid and ignirant. I wouldnt shut up about it told all my friends how great the experience was. That same month I rounded up buddies and rolled again. This time wanting to feel better knowing it was the fourth time I've ever tried it I ate four pills mixing them in. I was with people who do it all the time so they started to give me advice about how orange juice, vitamin c,etc. would boost your roll. This wasnt a regular roll dr. lin. Not only it hit me so harder than the previous time, my penis was a serano pepper, it completly shut down.Few hours later after drinking all that OJ, I couldn't urinate. As much as I tried, nothing could come out. I was shaking repeatingly, screaming and it felt like the bottom of my gut was gonna explode. It was horrible and I had this pain for 3 hours. As soon as I started to feel pee, I realized I didnt know I already started and pissed all over my leg. I didnt even feel it come out and it was all over myself. Than it was done. I had a small penis for almost a week till it started looking normal you can say. That week was pure chaos for me. I didnt sleep for two days and the night I fell asleep. I woke up in complete paranoia from my moms car engine when she leaves for work at four in the morning. I felt like someone scared THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME. It started freaking out like what the fuck is wrong with me. I didnt go back to sleep. I tried to forget about it and concentrated on school. I felt really depressed and had my mind filled with "what if" thoughts. My last relationship was a total disaster and I couldnt keep my mind off it.I still miss my ex-girldfried till this day and I cant stop thinking about her. I swore to myself not to have any e till I was done school. I went back to drinking. I finished school with good marks and the begining of summer I went to a gentlemens club. My friend bumps into his old dealer and gave us all a good price on more E. So I havent done it in three months so I wanted to treat myself. I took three pills and it was a good roll again. I could pee this time with a little effort. It was a good night.It didnt last very long and it didnt do anything to my eyes. I didnt feel the ultimate rush the last two times I've tried it. I fell asleep that morning.That was the first time I fell asleep after a roll. I tried to read a book I think the same week or the week after and had trouble concentrating. I thought it was because I recently done the E so it would go away. I quickly got out of the mood reading so I stoped. Now I always feel demotivated. A constant slothful feeling. I stutter just a little bit when Im thinking to hard. Thats the problem, I put effort in things I never had to before. The last time I had sex, It wasn't good or I had way better. I mean, It felt like I wasnt in the mood for it.Im a guy. Im always up for sex,throughout high school I had a big sex drive all the time and its always been fine. You can say that I masturbate for a average teen. You always here that its ok to masturbate. I've had many girlfriends and many one night stands. So I had many orgasms in my life and I feel like now I had to many ejaculations. You say E and over masturbation is not good which I didnt know was a bad combination. Makes sense, shoot, eventually my penis can wear our. I've read stories quite a few stories on your website and I feel like some of them are kind of simular to mine. I dont have a sex drive like I use to. I feel in a de-motivated mood all the time. I feel depressed. I cant stop thinking about my ex-girlfriend and why I kept cheating on her and all the fights we been in. My penis feels smaller. The first week of school was last week. We were reading a book out loud in class. I love to talk, so I volunteerd to read the first paragraph. I felt like an idiot. I pernounced words wrong. Skipped words, stuttered(again) and concentrated so hard to wear I felt like I was trying to hard to read a sentence in a college english 2 class. No one said anything but it didnt change me feeling like a complete idiot. I think its the E. Thats the only drug I've done more than once. If you been counting, I've done it 5 times in almost a year. Its twelve pills altogether. I cant get horny without alot of effort and it takes minutes for a erection. I dont even know what to do. If its to late or is the damage already done. What lead me to this site was I was reading online about E and searching for advice and things to make me not want it anymore. I love dance, techno,etc. and it always reminds me of the feeling and puts me in the mood to to it again. Thats one thing that can keep me happy. I love the drug but want to stop. It could be a neon light or a light stick to a techno song and I will want to do it again. please give me some advice. I need it. I dont have no one else to ask but you. My parents dont have a clue. I was searching for help and I hope I found the right place. So is my concentration gone? Is my sex drive gonna get any better? It took me just alittle over an hour and a half to write this love problem to you. Thank you for your time Dr. Lin 
Dr. Lin: 9/10/2006>
I have explained the brain/nervous disorders induced by ecstasy in this link -
Don't let Ecstasy (MDMA) fry your brain and nerves for a short-term fun, but not for a long-term sexual orgasm. Updated - He messed up his brain in 4 months on New Year Eve of 2003!
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case10350.htm  
You have to detoxify and rejuvenate your acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin nervous function.
The brain/nervous damage can be done by one shot with a high dose of Ecstasy, particularly with alcohol and/or citrus juices.
There are more cases like yours in
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