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News updated:

Case Study:  spinal injuries, spinal cord surgery, oxytocinergic nervous pathway, genital numbness, erectile dysfunction and sexual orgasm
Reader: 8/31/2006>
E-mail 1:

Dr. Lin,

Please help me understand what is causing genital numbness and erectile dysfunction

I just had my L3/L4 decompressed via a 4 mm tube. Thye wne tinto disc and removed a 3 inch X 1cm piece of soft disc.

Why is my genital numbnes and erection worse than before

You must have a logical reason for this.

Could the disc have re herniated again?

I though the geniotal feeling came back days after surgery then I got very stressed and shaking and it started goin gaway.

Any information is vital

thank you



E-mail - x:

Dr. Lin,

You said the penile nervous transduction is blocked.

What can be causing the penile numbness and penile shrinkage. 

I have not ejaculated sine last Tuesday.

I had the procedure on friday. I have been resting but getting stressed. The penus feels more numb now.

When I got nervous I felt the nerves in my back dancing around and palpatating
I though maybe I protruted the disc again somehow.

I dont feel any pain in my back.

If I touch my genitals it burns behinds my left knee?
What nerve is this?

Please answer this question
thank you

Dr. Lin: 8/31/2006>

I assume that spinal surgery can block the action of oxytocin in the spinal cord on the sympathetic nervous system and even the tailbone's parasympathetic nervous function.
Oxytocinergic fibers projects from the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus to the dorsal horn and preganglionic sympathetic and parasympathetic cell columns where oxytocin binding sites are present. 
Oxytocin activates proerectile spinal neurons of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems via the oxytocinergic innervation of thoracolumbar and lumbosacral spinal neurons.
That is, your spinal surgery may result in your penile numbness. 
If this is true, only promoting oxytocin release from descending hypothalamus-paraventriculo-spinal pathways can solve your problem.
This why spinal surgery or damage can cause erectile dysfunction for men and women. 
However, there is another oxytocinergic pathways innervating with the CN-X vagal nerves projected into your pelvic cavity (bladder/prostate/penis/vagina/uterus/testicles) via the front body (passing through the nipples, lungs and heart). This pathway, bypassing the spinal cord nerves (sympathetic and parasympathetic), allows the spinally injuryed patients to experience orgasm. This pathway allow women can experience orgasm from breast suction, low-abdomen massage (I made my first girlfriend achieve orgasms many times with low abdomen massage in 1972) or clitoral stimulation. This is why women having C-section experiences pubic and clitoral numbness. 

Reader: 9/01/2006>
Dr. Lin,

My girlfriend was able to stimlate my penus to achieve erection.

Per your recommendation i will not ejaculate for a few weeks.
Getting an erection is good enough now.

It took much stimulation and I had to pump the penus a bit however at least its better than nothing. My libodo also increased as erection was attained swhich felt very good.

I need to strengthen my system becaus as you know with the back injury my system has gotten weak and ejaculation is dangerous.

As you said I need to boost my nuero endocrine function

Please place me on a good starter dose of your formulas just to boost
my immunity and convert my system correctly for long term health

Is this possible for me to convert my sexual system to normal levels after a few months via the correct formulas?

Can you help me with this.

I have learned that i have to be very disciplined with my approach to any sex or else grave consequences can result.

With the back injury Ive already been expose to the results of over ejaculation. I do not wan to ever do expose myself to those physical feelings and just like to heal sexually ove th elong term

Strengthening my system via your products is important

I also dont get any more heart palpatations anymore.

I still have 2 other disc protrusion L4/L5 which has a tear and L5/S1.
Which I may afte several month have to get treated if aquatherapy and physical therapy do not work.

It has a long tough battle with this back and its not close to over.
1 thing at a time.
I have to be patient , careful and allow science and very smart people lie yourself to tell me what to do.

You are amazing. So many doctors out there know nothing about your teachings
and which they need to in order to understand the body completely.

thank you for your support
Dr.Lin: 9/01/2006>
Keep in mind that over-ejaculation depletes the oxytocin level and shoot up the prolacin in the brain and spinal cords with a sky high stress hormone epinehrine in the bloodstream for hyperactive sympathetic nervous function. In conjuction with the overburning of dopamine, acetylcholine, serotonin and GABA, this destroys your psychological and physiological functional stability.
The problem is: when your erection and libido come back, you will tend to sexually abuse your body again and again. Particularly, when your oxytocinergic pathway in your spinal cord may be partially blocked by the injury at L4/L5 and L5/S1, over-ejaculation results in grave consequences for internal organs functional disorders.
To be honest to you, I am afraid of recommending our products to you again.
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