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Case Study:  Do you have a penetration pleasure for vaginal sexual orgasm ?
Reader: 8/23/2006>
This question is for Mrs. Lin,

While having penile intercourse, what am I suppose to FEEL in my vagina? I only can feel the rubbing of the penis, and I don't feel the so called 'pleasure', if there is any. Nevertheless, when I masturbate on my clitoris, I could feel the 'pleasure'. 

When the penis is inside my vagina, it does not rub on the clitoris directly. And I have yet discover the G-spot or its effects. So love-making is not as 'enjoyable' for me. I am quite troubled by this.

I was told by my husband that I SHOULD feel 'pleasure' while the penis is inside my vagina. What about other women? I saw those porno actresses on DVD, they look like they could feel so much pleasure during penile penetration. I feel I am a defective woman if I can't feel and achieve orgasm while the penis is inside me. What exactly is my vagina supposed to feel?

Hope you can help me on this. Thanks.
Dr. Lin: 8/24/2006>

My wife always told me that she can feel a pleasure wave running up to her brain when my penis becomes very hot and hard. 
I can feel my penis is tightly gripped her her vagina when my penis becomes very hot and hard.
My theory is:  The heat of a hard penis turns on the vaginal (G-spot) and cervix (Epicenter) nerves to send the electric signs via the vagus sensory nerves to the dopamine-hypothalamus-pituitary axis for increasing the release of oxytocin, beta-endorphin, testosterone and DHT, and for turning on the uterine/cervical/vaginal/clitoral parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous circuits for the pelvic blood flow to carries all the hormones to power up her sex organs.  Thus, my hot penis stimulates her vaginal prostaglandin E-1 production for vaginal muscle flexibility and tightness, and sensitize her vaginal erectile nerves to erect (inflate) her vagina erectile tissues against my penis; Or, on the other hand, her hot vagina with testosterone burning and prostaglandin E-1 stimulation, can stimulate my penile tissues to further power up my erection against her vagina too. This penis-vagina interaction is actually induced by heat (testosterone burning) and prostaglandins

If I started a hard, hot penis, a 1-2 inch vaginal penetration without thrusting would brought her to a pre-orgasm state. She could feel a a sequence of electrified pleasure surges running up to her brain via her central front body along the acupuncture energy channel called Conceptive Vessel, or the vagus nerve projecting from the brainstem to her uterus.  Technically, don't have a full penetration in the beginning since the G-spot is only about 1-2 inches deep from the vaginal orifice. Heating up the clitoris and G-spot will relax the vaginal muscles with prostaglandin E-1.  Once she feels exciting, then, push the hot rod all the way in and then screw her for 5-10 minutes, instead of pumping her. Screwing sex is to use my hot penis to massage her cervix and the deep vaginal pocket (called the Epicenter as shown in http://www.actionlove.com/image/g-spot.jpg ).  Massaging the vagina/urethra and cervix/bladder with a hot penis is a powerful Heat Therapy which can help solve women's urinary incontinence. 
We also discover that when a woman is in this sexual state, a powerful, hot semen ejaculation striking the Epicenter and cervix can trigger her orgasm without any vaginal thrusting with the penis.   I means the penile heat and hardness is the key for an enjoyable intercourse and orgasn.
There are some dog-sex examples associated with our discoveries. My collection about women's experiences with dog sex is to prove my theory. Women experienced powerful orgasms with the hot dog penis and ejaculation. If you don't feel offensive about women having dog sex, you can read case by case in

To make the penis and clitoris/vagina erect and become hot, you will need a parasympathetic (acetylcholine and nitric oxide) and sympathetic (beta receptors) erectile nervous function plus testosterone-DHT conversion, that is testosterone burning inside the sex organs during intercourse. 

I have also found the heat vaginal/cervic stimulation  can trigger dopamine-norepinephrine conversion, GABA production, and 5-HTP-serotonin-melatonin conversion for emotional stability, better sleep, and pain release,  better cardiovascular output and stability, and vaginal tightness.

Porn actresses fake their pleasures. They have to fake their pleasure even when the penis is too soft to penetrate.
They have to fake it for money. You can check if the porn actress fakes orgasm (if she achieves orgasm, she will breath heavily with 0.8 second per cycles with involuntray/unconscious cries) -

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