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Based upon "Resonant Excitation Of Sexual Orgasms - Tao Of Love Coupling"
by Newman K. Lin, Ph.D., PE, a bridge between the Eastern Taoism Sexuality and the Western Engineering Science.==> [ORDERING THE BOOK]< =>[Why?]

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Warning: This is NOT an XXX Website, But we deal with Multiple, Sexual Orgasms and Impotence!
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Case Study:  He said ' I am so incredibly grateful for everything you have done for me so far! My erection is back for good now, and what your miracle products did for my health remains truly without precedence. ViaPal-HgH-J helped me to rejuvenate my penile erectile nerves and revive my dead penis after a very severe penile injury, after I ruptured both of my spongy tissues with one of the jelqing/stretching exercises I had found on the internet.'  Re-grow Corpora Cavernosa and penile nerves, heal penile varicose veins, improve penile curvature, solve penile pains, stop precum, and restore libido and sexual orgasm.
Reader: 8/6/2006>
dear dr. Lin, 
Finally, here I am writing to you with a long-awaited testimonial about my recovery!
I am so incredibly grateful for everything you have done for me so far! My erection is back for good now, and what your miracle products did for my health remains truly without precedence. ViaPal-HgH-J helped me to rejuvenate my penile erectile nerves and revive my dead penis after a very severe penile injury, after I ruptured both of my spongy tissues with one of the jelqing/stretching exercises I had found on the internet. My penis was all numb, senseless and I couldn't get any erection at all. Also, it was shrunk, cold to touch and hanging limp like a sausage. I really thought it was over for me, I almost got depression and prayed to God for my recovery all the time.
It took me full 9 months (with some longer breaks because of flu etc.) to restore my erection and I was really worried how much I can recover from this severe damage, but it seems to me I really got 80-90% recovery as you promised, because I don't feel any difference right now. I have my functioning penis back again!!
The healing was a very slow and difficult process with many ups and downs, but in the end thanks to you everything has healed really well by now. 
I consider this almost a miracle, because certainly no one else would have helped me like you did, doctor. 
Most of all:
- my entire penile spongy tissues Corpora Cavernosa have grown back (which is 
really amazing)
- most varicose veins have healed well 
- entire penile sensitivity along the shaft is back
- erection gets rock-hard in a short time again 
- my slight penile curvature has improved with daily VIP cream massage
- my penis is back to my normal size after it was shrunk after the injury
- random and sharp penile pains are gone
- no more pre-cum flooding
- my libido is back to normal state
- my powerful sexual orgasm is back 
- I also get spontaneous and morning erections every day again!

Honestly, I wouldn't wish my worst enemy to undergo what I did, so let this be a warning for everyone - all kinds of penile enlargement exercises from the internet are not only a rip-off, but they can be very harmful and lead to impotence!
I've also learnt a lifetime-lesson, and I will now make much wiser use
of my penis. I have never heard of a similar treatment before and ordinary
urologists wouldn't have helped me, so in my opinion, your natural Prostaglandin 
therapy is an incredible research that truly deserves the highest award, like the Nobel prize-award or something!
I claim here - and that with full responsibility - that your products 
are absolutely groundbreaking not only as far as treating impotence is concerned, but in the entire sphere of medicine. Doc, I'm not sure if people are fully aware what you have researched here, this is absoultely larger than life!
You are capable of helping millions of people around the world 
to cure permanent impotence, improve sex-lives, and restore peoples' health.
If ViaPal-HgH-J helped me like this, then male impotence problem can potentially be dealt with once and for all with such products! 
You leave contemporary medicine nowhere, and - all in all - your dietary supplements are priceless. 

I'm your lifetime debtor, and I will never forget your help. 
I dread to think what my life could look like now...
I would be impotent at the age of 22 with no perspectives for
my future life, no more sex, wife, kids, family etc.
Oh, by the way, I'm looking for a new girlfriend right now and thanks 
to you I'm a happy person again, you brought happiness to my life again.
People cannot lead a happy life without their sexual life, and I experienced this firsthand during last couple of months, which were truly dramatic for me.

We will stay in touch all the time doctor, and you will now have a long-term customer in my person. I will also continue on ViaPal-HgH-J to achieve maximum possible recovery. Oh, and if you ever happen to be in Poland you
are always welcome! You have my phone number and address, so it will be my pleasure to host you any time! Don't hesitate to call me whenever you're in Europe!
God bless you and thank you for saving my life my friend!!!

Dr. Lin: 8/6/2006>
Thank you very much for your e-mail.
I hope your e-mail also gives our readers a good advice about penile enlargement exercises.

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