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News updated:

Case Study:  Stress training can induce excessive stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine release to suppress the testosterone production, but free more testosterone for DHT production for the sympathetic nervous Fight or/and Fight responses and boiling of blood - no more sexual orgasm
Reader: 6/04/2006>
Hi Dr. Lin 

I am a medical student from the UK. I used to compete in judo 3-4 times a week till i had glandular fever which went undiagnosed for over a year. In post viral period i felt so drained physically and mentally, any exertion would be a drain on my mind. I would descroibe it as a feeling of not 'being fresh' and head heavy, even after 10hrs+ of sleep i would be tired! I gave up sport for about 6 months. I tried to return but found my endurance, strength had vanished (it was never that great beforehand. Doing a weights workout would completely drain me. My strength coach said i have a poor recovery ability and ordered some blood work:

Testosterone free Index 94.4 (30-100)
Testosterone total 17 nmol/L (10-40)
DHT 2093 pmol/L (860-3400)
Estradiol 134 pmol/L (<190)
Cortisol 536 nmol/L
IGF-1 20.8 nmol/L (23-70)
SBGH 18 nmol/L
TSH 2.22 mu/L (0.35-5.5)
Ferritin 38 ng/mL (25-200)

he said my testosterone levels were horribble (worse than his 70yr old dad) as were my GH levels, he said a positive side was that my DHT levels were fairly high and that as it is a more anabolic form of Testosterone its a good thing.
He recommened me to order two supplements:

Testosterone booster containing:
This product contains a correct combination of modified androstendiol-
4, (a natural prohormone from Scottish Pine Bark) which
will convert directly into testosterone as your body demands or needs
it. Strength Energy also contains DHEA, Pregnenolone, along with
specialized phyto-chemicals; DIM, Chrysin, and Beta-Sitosterol, to
slow and prevent estrogen or Dihydrotestosterone build up.

GH booster:
3600 mgs Synergy Blend (a blend of Glycerophosphocholine, L-Arginine and St. John's Wort) Niacin 100 mg Vitamin B 300 mg 

I trust my coach is knowledgable, but with my (1st year medic) knowledge of endocrinology i can understand the science behind what you say and would like your feedback. Is what i have ordered going to help me?

I also believe i am an overmasturbator as from around 13-14 i did masturbate every day. I have cut down now 3-4 a week, i generally feel weak, more so after masturabting and lethargic and my head feels heavy. Im sure this has had something to do with my low T levels etc.

I want to get back into judo as i had the potential to compete internationally, will the supps my coach help my body recover its natural ability to produce T and GH, or just boost it so i have to take it forever? I am looking for a cure and you are the only port of call, as i can frankly say contemporary medicine is lacking in many areas with its focus on pharmaceutical treatment and lack of insight into holistic care, etc but i digress. 

My coach said i need rest which is the main thing. So he said one week 9hrs a night no strength training then 2 a week only (strength training is not bodybuilding ie. no trainig to failure i should feel strong after the workout)Is this an apt approach. I have allocated my summer to getting fit and strong and i need to as its gettin me severly depressed.

I want my body to recover so that i can become the best that i can be. Also are there any supps you could recommend that may help?

Thanks Dr. Lin, looking eagerly to your response

ps. where did you learn about the endocrine function of sex hormones etc in these systems as i have found no literature detailing the underlying mechanics, which i find interesting. Any books you could recommend?
Dr. Lin: 6/04/2006>
You should know excessive exercises or stress training elevate the cortisol release to suppress the testosterone production, but free more testosterone from SBHG for DHT production.
A high cortisol level induces the adrenal medulla to release excessive epinephrine for the sympathetic nervous Fight or/and Flight. Under the sympathetic nervous Fight or Flight, your testicles' sympathetic nervous beta receptors are shut off, and your testicular function stops testosterone production but boosts the testosterone-DHT conversion for the Fight abd Flight responses.
The condition becomes worse if you over-masturbate or your ejaculate yourself.  Sometimes, Sex and hardcode training or exercises can not be mixed.
Under the stress conditions, any testosterone supplements won't increase your testosterone level but jump up your DHT level. 
DHT and stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine will boil your blood and also drive up the liver 5-alpha reductase genes at the expense of the liver P450 detoxification and urea cycle!!!  They also causes Hair loss.
In this regard, I suggest you to take 5-HTP and ArgiNOx. 
However, you can try your Testosterone Booster for 1-2 months first.
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