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Case Study:  On the effects of testosterone and DHT on hair growth and loss; taking finasteride without checking the androgen hormones will give you body pains/weakness, testosterone deficiency, semen production disorder and brain/nervous disorders for no  more sexual orgasm
Reader: 4/13/2006>
Dear Dr. Lin,

I am 21 year old man. I started to lose my hair when i was 19 because of stress (i am engineering student!). Foolishly started taking finasteride at 20 but then quit after being on it for 6 months.

It has been 10 months after I quit the drug and I still have erection problems. My erections are range from 60%-90%. If I withhold ejaculation or masturbation for more than a 5-6 days I reach 90%. The days after ejactulating however, are bad: erections go down to 60%, dry skin, tiredness, rigid joints, and empty cheeks... i always look much older the day after ejactulation.. all the youthful puffyness in my cheeks is gone, my cheeks look saggy and my skin looks dull.. colour is gone..its almost like all the water from my cheeks is gone. 

also my semen 10% white. it use to be 50-60% white when i first quit the drug but now it it has slowly decreased, especially in the least few months.

i also have other sideeffects like slow healing: i bruised my wrist and it took 2 weeks+ to heal. also earlier i use to have lots of spasms but thanfully they disappeared. 

but i still have a 'hot neck', when i study or concentrate on my work after 15 mins my neck becomes hot and i can feel the heat. esepcially in my rear neck. it pains if i massage it but i massage it everynight before i go to sleep, started this 1 month ago. 

i do get REM sleep and i do get morning erections although not very hard ones. i can also get spontaneous erections from just talking to girls, but not hard/hot/strong ones.

i have seen a doctor and a urologist who got my blood tests down and everything came back normal so they say nothing is wrong and that everything is ok.. and that it is ok to have transpartent semen!! he said don't worry everything will get better with time! 

dr.lin, i have spent many hours reading on your website. it has helped me become a great lover. i have outmost respect for you not only as a doctor but has a human becuase u helped so many people and didnt give up on them. 

i see u as a teacher and i am as a student. i studied your anal/tailbone breathing month and practiced it for 7 months now. i am good at it and it makes me last 20 mins+ but seems like my tailbone only gets hot sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. if i don't have sex for 4 days then i try sex with tailbone then i can feel my tailbone is hot. but the day after ejactulation i cannot feel it is hot and i also don't last long in sex. 

i have also disciplined myself to hold ejactulation to once a week, even once every 2 weeks sometimes.

i also run every other night before i go to sleep for 30 mins to sweat out adrenaline and increase testosterone maybe.

i also drink soy milk (50mg isoflavones) everyday and eat vegetable and apple everyday. i also eat chicken daily and salmon everyday 2 days and try to stay away from beef. i also take salmon oil twice a day and evening prime rose oil twice a day. i also take saw palmetto 160mg a day to help with my hairloss...

please see the results of my blood tests as follows:

Calcium mmol/L [2.23-2.58] 2.34
Magnesium mmol/L [0.74-1.03] 0.85
Phosphorus mmol/L [0.76-1.53] 1.14

ALK Phosphate U/L [32-92] 107H

FSH IU/L Male 13 - 70 [1.4-18.1] 2.8
LH IU/L Male 20 - 70 [1.5-9.3] 4.0

Prolactin ug/L Male: Normal male [2.1-17.7] 9.2

Testosterone nmol/L [8.4-28.7] 14.7

dear dr.lin... please help.. i don't know what is wrong with me, and the western doctors don't know anything either!! 

please tell me what to do. thank you for your time, advice and attention. thank you so much. 
Dr. Lin: 4/13/2006>Your testosterone level is too low! It should be above 18 nmol/L to for your body and semen production to function properly. At your age of 21, your testosterone level should be around 24-28 nmol/L
I suspect your original hair loss is caused by a low testosterone level prior to taking finasteride.
This is because testosterone grows hair while DHT burns hair. The hair loss and regrowth are dynamically balanced by the level of testosterone and DHT.
The main problem is from your low FSH level. It is too low to stimulate your testicular function for testosterone production. Finasteride can further weaken your liver and testicular function for the testosterone deficiency in your case.
You will need ViaPal-hGH-J(3-015) and ArgiNOx(1-018) to help you gradually rejuvenate your neuro-endocrine function for healing.
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