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Case Study:  Pot smoking, pre-puberty masturbation, SSRIs antidepression drugs killed his 18 years old brain, liver, prostate and penis for premature ejaculation and underdeveloped penis - for no sexual orgasm
Reader: 3/24/2006>
Dear Dr Lin,

I would like to start with letting you know how much i appreciate all the time you have taken to write back to all the people that have e-mailed you, and posted the information on your site. I have read many cases and they have been extremely helpful. It looks like you spend a whole lot of your time reading and responding to peoples personal e-mails. I admire that. As for me, i have been experiencing a few problems, and im sure you can help. I have been masterbating since i was about eleven with ejaculation, at this time i was very nieve and didnt know that masterbating alot could hurt you. I did it a WHOLE lot. I have also been on Proozac and Bussbar since i was about 8. When i was 14 i started smoking marijuana everyday. During this time i also masterbated excessivly. When i was 16 i matured enough to realize that i was hurting my body. I quit smoking marijuana, and stopped masterbating. The funny thing is at this time i got a girlfriend who was a very sexual person and orally pleased me almost everyday. I became worried about my penile and overall body size a bit later because i hadnt grown much since 13. I was quickly reassured by my father that this was normal for our family and he didnt "Bloom" until once he was out of highschool. Well, i am now 18 and not alot has changed. I still have the same girlfriend who i am having sex with at least 3 times a week but i ejaculate very quickly because my body has trained itself to flex the PC muscle whenever i am aroused, i still dont smoke, and dont masterbate. And, i still havnt grown. I understand that i may be just a late bloomer and im sure that i will still grow but i am looking for a way to fix what i have possibly done to my body and speed up the growing process. I also had my first wet dream a few mornings ago wich i think is a good sign. After reading countless cases on your site, i feel that SSRI's arent doing my body any good. I have decided to try and get off them so i have begun weaning!
myself down. I have been weaning for about a month now, and i feel a bit sad and moody. I was wondering if there was anything natural that you could reccomend instead of the SSRI's. I am also trying your balloning method, but it is very hard to get a 3 o' clock erection without any stimulation or flexing the PC muscle(with stimulation i can get an extremely hard, 3 o' clock erection easily). I am looking into getting Fish Oil and Borage Oil from my local health food store to help out my penile growth. I will be trying your anal breathing technique soon, and hopefully that will correct my premature ejaculation problem. I was also wondering if any of your products have side-effects? Overall my body is a bit messed up :( but i am ready to fix the damage that i have done when young and stupid. I understand that this is an extremely long mail, with many issues to address, but if you could just take the time to write me back i would be more than happy to pay you for your help. I really think that the only way to fix my body is naturally and i should start while i am young and still have the support of my hormones. 


PS. I have been using your finger plyer method after i ejaculate to get my girlfriend off. AMAZING! Thank you so much for your outstanding help!

Dr. Lin: 3/24/2006>
First, we don't sell our products to the underaged persons.
You have to ask your doctors for help.

Pot smoking + Over-masturbating before puberty are very destructive, as described in
They destroyed and took over the neuro-endocrine functions, induced parasympathetic/serotonin nervous disorders, and alternated the COX-2 and phenylethanolamine-N-methyl transferase genes for chronic anxiety, stress, depression, and inflammation. Chronic over-ejaculation causes nervous disorders, prostate abrasion and inflammation, as given in
It also over-trains the prostate/PC muscle nervous reflexion for a quick release of semen, even without a orgasm contraction.
Premature ejaculation is a typical product of chronic anxiety/stress/and inflammation, prostate abrasion, prostate/PC nervous reflexion and parasympathetic/serotonin nervous disorders.
The resulted psychological disorders forced you take the SSRIs antidepression drugs.
The SSRIs can disable the pituitary-testicular function, reduce hGH( Human Growth Hormone), oxytocin, testosterone, and DHT release and castrate the liver and brain.
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