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Case Study:  Incest or Family Sex must be prohibited - not for sexual orgasm!
Reader: 3/18/2006>

I appreciate this question might be relevant more to the mental/emotional side of "love" than the purely physical/mechanical aspects with which your site seems concerned, but thought I would ask it anyway.

I was surprised to see no link to incest or family-sex or suchlike in your side-bar as my 'problem' or question relates to this.

I am male and now 42-years-old. As an adolescent I experienced a severe stammer when under any kind of pressure - I wanted to speak so much that I couldn't, it seemed. This was particularly so in the presence of girls, whom of course I very much wanted to speak to and impress. They, on the other hand, found it and therefore me embarrassing and difficult to deal with and, realising this, I began avoiding them and keeping to myself.

The result was that at 17 I was not only still a virgin, I had never even had a 'girl-friend', and as the desire to have one grew stronger the stammer grew even worse.

One night, frustrated beyond belief with all my friends at a party and, I knew, having sex afterwards, I broke-down before my mother who was divorced and living alone. She of course comforted me and finding myself closer to any female than I had been probably for years, was unable to resist touching her sexually - 'innocently' at first on her breasts and then, as she did not reject that, more intimately leading to our kissing and then having sex and intercourse.

Naturally this took a little sorting out afterwards but Mum reassured me that she had not done it merely out of 'pity' for me and felt no shame, and indeed that having a 'young buck' between her legs again had been a great joy to her. She told me she was more concerned that I might feel any guilt or shame about it which, it must be said, I found it hard to do as the orgasm I had experienced in her, being my first non-masturbatory one, had been out of this world as far as I was concerned

As a result I began 'sleeping with' my mother and she gave up having the occasional 'man-friend' she had taken since her divorce, being content merely to have sex with me. Quite a lot of it, it must be said, as I had a couple of years worth at least to catch up on!

Another result was that having broken through the 'glass roof' of sexual experience, and indeed being sexually satisfied if not sated, much of the stress that had afflicting me simply disappeared and I was able to begin talking to girls with reasonable ease, although my tongue could still freeze in other stressful situations such as public speaking or at important interviews.

Indeed it was only about six-months after that first act of intercourse with my mother that I was able to have intercourse with a 'girl-friend', but I am sure it was only the former that had made the latter possible.

I had regular, frequent and very satisfying sex with my mother for six years, at which time I met the girl I married shortly after. Sex with my mother then ceased by a kind of mutual, unspoken agreement for nearly eight years while I was 'faithful' to my wife and our three children came along, but I was always aware of a kind of 'itch' to have sex with my mother, even when I was having it with my wife. Eventually, with my wife having had our third which put a stop to our sex for over a month, it 'drove' me to ask Mum if she would be willing to let me have sex with her again - not in so many words, it was actually a kind of seduction that led us to that moment where you either part and go your separate ways at the end of the evening or go to bed together.

Mum was reluctant - she was concerned about the effect on my marriage and she was by then 54-years-old and no-longer, as she put it, in the prime of youth! I guess she was saying that she recognised she was no longer a natural object of lust tho' she wasn't bad looking, in my view. 

However I persisted, she gave in and having intercourse with her that evening I experienced what I felt were the most powerful and intense orgasms that I had in years.

Mum is now 64, yet I still experience in her vagina more intense orgasms than with any other woman. My wife, I am sure, doesn't suspect a thing and I have a 'good' sex life with her. I also have the occasional 'one-night stand' and even go with a prostitute now and again, yet I have to be careful to ration my visits to my mother to what most people would regard as 'reasonable' and I know that because of her age she doesn't enjoy sex the way she used to. I know, too, that she is embarrassed by her 'old' body and is troubled by my desire for her as she can't understand why I should want to have sex with her at her age, but she doesn't refuse me even though I have to be gentle and careful with her, use extra lubrication &tc.

I'm troubled, too. I love and respond sexually to the bodies of my wife and other younger women much more than I do the body of my mother now, yet there seems to be something in my mother's vagina that stimulates my penis far more than those of younger women, giving me a far more powerful erection, more 'stamina' and a far more intense ejaculation and orgasm. I know it is nothing chemical, nothing physical, (or can't think that it is) but the effects are physical and for me highly desirable.

Too, it cannot go on much longer. Because I know Mum is reluctant to have sex with me I am having to limit my 'advances', although not my visits, to longer and longer intervals. However the consequence is that when I do take Mum to bed the orgasms I have in her are even more intense and I know it is only because Mum is aware of the power and scale of these and that they are genuine that she consents to it at all - she still experiences the occasional orgasm (or pretends to) but sometimes does nothing but lie there and think of England, although I'm sure she doesn't resent it or me in any way!

I can think of no way forward. No other woman can be my mother yet I am sure it is the fact that I know that it's my mother's body that I'm penetrating that gives such 'power' to my penis and such intense orgasms. In comparison sex with other women seems dull and flat, like eating something bland and uninteresting when you're hungry rather than enjoying a sensational meal. My wife even complains that I'm only giving her 'quickies' even though I'm doing my best.

Any thoughts or advice would be gratefully received.
Dr. Lin: 3/19/2006>
Mother is men's first emotional lover, but unfortunately you have to turn the emotional love into the "physical" love.
A good orgasm requires both emotional and physical loves.
The emotional love is very critical for penile erection and vaginal lubrication via the oxytocinergic nervous system.
As women get older or have never had frequent sex for a long time, their pelvis and vaginal orifice shrinks. As a result of vaginal shrinkage, you may experience a tight fitting of your penis into her vagina. A tight penis-vagina fitting with enough vaginal lubrication can give men and women for pleasure and erection. This is what you have experienced.

Incest or Family Sex must be prohibited. For this reason, I don't offer any advice.
In this past, I have received couple e-mails about the Mom's masturbation on her pre-puberty son in order to help her son grow a bigger penis. I have published the consequences of the sexual abuse in

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