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Case Study: After a lot of penile pumping and enlargement jelqing and stretching, his penis quits although he wants a lot of sexual orgasm
Reader: 3/14/2006>
Dear Dr. Lin

I've been reading the emails that your readers have been sending you. I can relate to most of them. I'm 32 years old and I've been experiencing impotency for a while now. I can think back as far as maybe 92 or 93 of having this problem off and on. Now it's mostly off when it's time to have sex. I have this great desire to make love, but can't get an erection or if I get one and when it's time to put on the condom, it's gone and it takes a while to get it back. Once I get the erection and penitrate my partner, here comes my climax and I'm thru. I can look at girls or guys with nice round shape bottoms and THIS IS WHAT I LIKE (Im a curvatious man) and want to get an erection but cant even get it from what I love. Its like your hungry and there is food in front of you, but you can't eat it. I can get an erection when I masturbate and even ejaculate, but I can do all this in 2-3 minutes. I think I have trained myself over the years to climax really quick because when I do make love or masturbate, it's too quick and I think it's pretty sad when you think to yourself, "Your too fast and haven't even totally satified your own desire". Im always horny 24/7 and want to make love, but cant. I've went to a Urology who told me that everything is fine after spending lots of money for tests. I feel like I'm giving him money to tell me I'm fine, whereas I know there is a problem. I use to mastibate alot, but I was always told thats a good thing and now I'm hearing that it's not. I've started taking different types of vitamins to help me out as I was reading your response to the readers about the parasympathatic nerves, etc.. As of 03/03/06 I'm taking NOX 3000, 3 pills two times a day, Phosphatidyl Choline Plus 960mg 2 capsule daily, DHEA 50mg a day, and vitamin B6 200mg once a day. I'm doing the kegel exercise that you've stated and I'm still going thru the same problems. I don't know if I'm missing something or need to focus on another area. I'm not totally please with my penis size I'm long but not as long as I would want to be and thick. I've tried everything to straighten that out to include a penis pump. I don't know if these things work or not. I know it stretches my penis and makes it the size I want for about 30 minutes and then I'm right back to my normal size. I WANT AN ERECTION LONG ENOUGH TO SATISFY ME AN MY PARTNER. This have really taken a toll on me for years. Wanting something and wanting it bad, but cant reach it. I'm just soooo horny all the time, even after reaching a climax after masturbating, I'm still horny, but when it comes down to performing, I can't get there. Oh let me also mention, that even during masturbating,30-40% of the time I can't get an erection although I want to. I've notice if I do get an erection when I'm masturbating and if I quick jacking off my penis will slowly go down. I've specifically look for hard on in the mornings and I don't even get those when I wake up. If I do get one as soon as I wake up its gone at the blink of an eye. and I am tired of worrying will I have this problem for the rest of my life. PLEASE HELP ME Dr. LIN. What should I do? Like right now, I am sooo horny that I want to masturbate, but wont. and there were times that I didn't masturbate for a few weeks and tried to make love with my partner and when I get it I'm just tooo horny and I climax within 5 minutes or during playing with myself to obtain an erection. HELP ME!!!!
Dr. Lin: 3/14/2006>since you did a lot of penile pumping and enlargement jelqing or stretching, you should read the following links to understang the internal penile nervous damage -
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