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Case Study:  Why her ejaculation fluid contains urine, but without sexual orgasm.
Reader: 3/07/2006>
Hi Dr. Lin,

I am 36 years old and I have never experienced an orgasm (to my knowledge) during sex. I have been sexually active since I was 14. I rarely masturbated when I was younger and I rarely masturbate now. The few times I have knowingly orgasmed was when I masturbated with a vibrator. All other times when I masturbated manually, I would just quit before I would orgasm because I felt it was taking too long. My husband has a penis that curves down and I must say that he gives more pleasure orally and otherwise than any other lover I've EVER had. I was wondering if the curvature of his penis could be the reason for that. Sometimes I do experience some sharp pain when he enters me too deep and I have to keep my hips angled just right all the time when he's on top. Although I have learned to relax more and not try to be a spectator of my own sexual performance, I still find it hard to orgasm. When I do relax and let go, in certain positions, I will eject this fluid at the height of my pleasure, sometimes several times during a lovemaking session. I am confused because I ALWAYS make it a point to urinate right before sex. When I smell the stain later on, I think I do detect a faint urine smell. How can this be if my bladder is emptied before sex? Does the bladder refill with urine during sex or could it be my imagination? Does a female ejaculate stain after an elapsed time develop a scent? There is so much debate over female ejaculation and frankly I'm confused. I read so many different things about it. Some things say that there is no such thing and that it's urine, others say that the fluid is supposed to be clear and odorless, others say that it could be ejaculate mixed with a tiny amount of urine. I'm personally embarrassed over it, but my husband believes that I'm squirting him and he loves it when I do it. I must admit that it does feel SO good when I do it. Am I making too much of this?
Thank you for your time and I look forward to reading your response. I love your website. It is very informative.

Dr. Lin: 3/07/2006>
People under stress will have to pee very often even if their bladder is empty, since the stress hormones epinephrine and cortisol over-excite the sympathetic nervous function and overpower the serotonin/parasympathetic nervous control in the kidneys, bladder, urethra or even rectum for incontinence. I have collected these cases in
Sexual arousal can instantly induce stress hormone epinephrine release from the hypothalamus for headaches and from adrenal medulla for premature orgasm and incontinence.
A heavy G-spot/urethra stimulation can trigger urinary urgency for ejaculation, or bowel movement.
If you have sexual play for 30 minutes, your sympathetic nervous function can stimulate the kidneys to release a lot of urine into your bladder. Therefore, your ejaculation fluid will contain urine although some ejaculation fluids come from the Skene's and Paraurethral glands (the degenerated female prostate and seminal vesicles) . The ejaculation fluid released from the Skene's and Paraurethral glands is crystal clear. colorless.
The female ejaculation phenomenon is given

Caffeine can increase the urinary release from the kidneys to the bladder!
Sexual orgasm requires vaginal/uterine muscles contraction to send the sexual energy (electric acting potential) back to the brain via the vagus sensory nerves in the clitoris/ G-spot/urethral/cervix/uterus.  Once you are approaching to orgasm, your breathing pattern and moaning pattern will suddenly / involuntarily change to synchronize your uterine contractions at a period of 0.8 second per cycle and you will lose control of your body during orgasm. After orgasm, your conscience returns and you can still feel the after-shock uterine contraction in your pelvic cavity -

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