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Case Study:  Girl's over-masturbation and excessive sex for a dead vagina, and excessive estrogen for vaginal ejaculation without sexual orgasm, and excessive progesterone for vaginal dryness and white discharge for no sexual orgasm
Reader: 3/04/2006>
Please forgive the long email, you are my last hope.
I was reading different peoples inquiries on your website, and it looks like many people have over masterbation/sex problems.
I do not know what you consider too much sex that causes problems but I will tell you my symptoms.

For about 4-5 months, I would have sex quite often. It was often vigorous, and if my boyfriend would be fingering me, he would do it hard, and most of the time, I would have "watery pee" come out of me, but the gspot stimulation felt good, so I ignored the strange fluid that came out of my vagina. However, I never actually felt I had an orgasm.Could this watery ejaculate be problems related to sex and hormones too? I never felt those amazing incredible feelings people talk about, i only felt release of fluid which felt good bcuz of gspot stimulation. I never felt I would regularly ejaculate, but I never understood why my body always had that urge to "pee". After sex, before sex, during sex if we stopped, i could always release SOME urine. It's almost like the hard penetration caused weakness inside vagina.
AS time went on, in about 3 months I was getting on and off yeast infection symptoms, but they would be cleared up with a little over the counter monistat, but infections would always return. I was also noticing that the way I felt during sex, and sexual acts wasnt always feeling perfect.For about two months, I felt pretty good during sex, but I had tons of white stuff coming out. I still continued to have sex, thinking it will go away. It is now FIVE months later, and i can no longer have sex. The white stuff (which smells sour) and is sticky, and ITCHY all the time took over. I can still get wet if horny, but it mixes with the sticky white stuff and ofcourse is HORRIBLE for sex., The way inside my vagina is, is like a penis would not even be able to push through the sticky discharge. My boyfriend cannot feel the friction. I am so depressed.

On some days it would be MUCH less discharge, and we would try to have sex. here is where I was SHOCKED.I cannot feel him inside me, and this has been going on for months. It’s like the back of my vagina which used to be my favourite thing-penetration...is dead. I dont know what to do. And even when we try to do clitoral stimulation, I am horny and excited (even though white SHIT is coming out of me) but I can't seem to orgasm still. I get to a point where it becomes too much, and no release.
I also have strange significant back pain in the very middle of my lower back. My overall health is horrible. I always feel sick all over. And I am missing my period for almost two weeks which never happened before to me.
For 5 months I have been going to doctors back and forth and they say everything is fine. All my tests are normal and negative so they are sending me home. This is ruining my life. I have read about your formulas, and looked at ingredients, and it looks like many contents have large milligram amounts in a vitamin/mineral. For somebody like me, if I take a Via-hPH…formula is it going to be too strong?? I am very sensitive to everything. I have rashes all over my body constantly from things I intake, even when eating the most natural, raw food, diet. Keep in mind I just turned 19 in January.
Please doctor, if you are out there, recommend something for me, and please tell me how to use it so that it won’t harm me. What are the chances your formula will work for me? I am so depressed and out of hope. What is the chance, in your opinion, that your formula will work for me. How long would you say doctor, would it take to see changes in feeling good inside vagina. (my boyfriend is already going crazy that its 6 months without)

Thank you very much for your website, because it gives people HOPE. I appreciate you taking the time and answering my questions. You are my last hope. I wish to have kids one day, and make love to my husband…if only I could feel him. 
Dr. Lin: 3/04/2006>Over-masturbation or excessive sex abrades the vaginal tissue and nerves for excessive inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E-2 and protein collagen release, leading to nervous damage and vaginal scar tissue growth for a dead vagina, although prostaglandin E-2 can give you persistent sexual arousal as given in http://www.actionlove.com/extra/psas.htm 

 In your first 1/2 cycle (between your menstrual onsetting and ovulation), you have too much estrogen in your uterus, cervix and vagina for internal swelling (fluid trapping) with excessive prostaglandin E-2 and sufficient prostaglandin E-1 to produce "watery pee" from your vagina during sex; In the last 1/2 cycle (the luteal phase between your ovulation and next menstrual onsetting), you have too much progesterone in your uterus, cervix and vagina to give your drier vagina with the white discharge. A continuous white discharge while missing your period indicates your progesterone level is persistently high if you are not pregnant.
The vaginal nervous sensitivity and orgasm responses require a certain level of testosterone/DHT in the clitoris and G-spot, orgasm hormone oxytocin release during sexual arousal, and the action of the neurotransmitters acetylcholine and dopamine/norepinephrine/epinephrine on the body.
I suspect your birth control causes your problems. When your bloodstream have a high dose of estrogen and/or progesterone without free testosterone and DHT (excessive liver enzyme SHGB binding testosterone in the bloodstream), your pituitary won't release oxytocin during sexual stimulation and, therefore, you won't get any vaginal sensitivity and orgasmic responses, although a high level of estrogen in your uterus, cervix and vagina can produce excessive prostaglandin E-2 for your persistent sexual arousal.
Change your birth control first. If you still have the same problems after that, you can take a low dose of ViaPal-hGH-J to boost your pituitary oxytocin release and testosterone level for better sex. It will take about 1-2 months to correct the problems.
For your orgasm, you should also read
Again, if you can not achieve sexual orgasm, you must have a live vagina, and he must have to hold a hard erection for at least 30 minutes during lovemaking.

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