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News updated:

Case Study:  Birth control pills killed her libido and sexual orgasm.
Reader: 2/24/2006>
My girlfriend is on a birth control pill and it kills her sexual desire. She has no other issues except for lack of sexual desire (2 times a week max) and she got this way the moment she started on the pill. She doesn't get horny until I start to eat her out. Kissing her lips/neck, etc doesnt arouse her - i have to go right to it. This makes it difficult for us to be intimate unless she is completely in the mood as I have no ability to make her horney via kissing or other non X-rated sexual contact. I want to be able to kiss her neck and lips and other non-x rated body parts to get her horny, similarly how she can do that to me, and it would instantly give me an irrection - and hence i would then be excited to be intimate. 

It looks like you sell products that can counteract her decreased sexual desire due to birth control pill side effects. I looked on your site, and found PeniSOS and others, but had questions:

1. Which of these products is the right product for her to take based on the secnario.
2. How quickly do these products take effect?
3. It seems that the Orgasmic Tea could be a good option - can It be taken 1-2 hrs before intimacy to temporarily repel the negative effects of the pill so that she will get horny before i go down on her? I.e. her and I could drink the tea an hour or two before we intend on being intimate?

Can you reply directly to my e-mail address listed above?

Dr. Lin: 2/24/2006>

The birth control reduces her oxytocin and free testosterone level and then de-sensitize her sexual nerves after blocking her hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis and overloading her liver.

1. Yes, she needs a low dose of Heat Tea or ViaPal-hGH-J to help her out.
2. She has to power her pituitary for oxytocin release, re-sensitize her sexual nerves and rejuvenate her liver to reduce the SHGB proteins release for 1 week at least. Then, the products action is very quickly.
3. Heat Tea is a very good choice. She can take 1 PeniSOS in the morning and 1 ViaGrowth-III before diner every day, and then drink the mixture tea with orange juice 30-60 minute before sex.
You can use Heat Tea too.

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