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Case Study:  What you expect from Over-ejaculation + Marijuana + Hash , mushrooms + LSD and then antidepression drugs and blood pressure medication drugs - No more semen production, no more erection and no more sexual orgasm.
Reader: 2/23/2006>
Dr. Lin here is a breakdown of my medical problems, im hoping you could explain what has happened to me and if there is a way to fix this or decrease my symptoms. Your advice would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.

1996-During high school years binge drinking on weekends along with drug use. Marijuana, Hash , mushrooms and LSD. Masturbated frequently about 4 to 7 times per week. Always had a hard time of finishing orgasm with partner.

1996- College- Same easy going person with no stresses until one bad trip on mushrooms. Fainted during episode. Watched other people faint while on the same mushrooms. Was feeling heart rate just before I fainted. Days following that episode I thought I was going crazy constant panic attacks that would last for days(didnít no what a panic attack was at the time, just thouth I was going nuts). Drugs like marijuana just brought on paranoia and major uncomfortable feelings. Was diagnosed with panic attacks/anxiety/depression and put on zooloft. Lose dose but it had no effect. Months later was put on Pax!l at 30mg. It helped with panic attacks but could still feel some physical symptoms. Never liked marijuana or any drugs since episode, except for alcohol. Believed for the longest time the mushroom never lefted my system and were messing me up still. Never had any problems up until then. Traveled after school overseas and began getting paranoid about somebody putting something in my drink like mushrooms. Became paranoid for awhile.

2000- Diagnosed with very high Blood pressure, some readings were in the 180/120 range. Had many tests done that all came back negative, but I always new it was the same thing that was cause all my anxiety and paranoia issues and feelings that something wasnít right inside me. Still heavily drank on weekends. Medication is very high. Zestorect!c 20/25mg. Currently b.p is lower, I belive its cause I eat healthier and lost some weight, along with no drinking anymore. Even though currently it spikes at certain times usually in the evening.

2004- Started coming off pax!l. Noticed extreme withdrawl symptoms. Electric shocks. Shortly after began getting skipping heart beats. I am wondering if paxil did more damage than good ?? Had heart checked out but it never skipped while it was being checked. One moring after drinking lots of wine, woke up very agitated and heart started skpping every beat for over half an hour. Made me very scared. Began doing my own research. Read many books and articles and subscribed to Dr. J Wright. Started seeing a naturapath who thought many of my problems stemmed from my liver. Began treating that. Milk thistle. Felt like It helped but didnít get to the root of the problem. I was taking a multivitamin months before this test. I ordered my own mineral hair assay. Came back with everything extremely low but magnesium. I was taking a 125mg mag/cal because of heart palps. So assumed that was why and stopped taking it because I thought possible magnesium induced malabsorttion. Natural path asked me to check stomach acid for levels. And that where I left off with him. Shortly after I bought a blood glucose monitor to see if I have any weird sugar problems and the number always come back ok.

2005- Completely off pax!l with the same feeling I had dating back to college. Very moody, cant handle any stress without getting upset, cloudy head, poor memory, weird vision, agitated very easily, cant do normal operations in my head(math) scared easily. Constant feeling of worry and that I have serious problems. Alcohol used to be my only out but now im scared to drink it cause of the heart palps. Tried to drink some and always get a racing heart beat, double resting beat. I have a fast heart rate to start with, and I again believe it is because of whats wrong with me Eating big meals (sometimes makes my heart beat very fast and hard along with skipping heart beat donít believe its an allergy because been eating the same things for years. (Taco bell and pizza) That also now brings fear into me when I eat big meals. Started getting muscle injuries that wouldnít heal like shoulder and lower back problems. Physio didnít help but physiotherapist said sometimes I had hypo and hyper reflexes. Currently off work for a bad shoulder, but its not responding to any treatment, physio, cortisone shots. Days after cortisone shotg I began having muscle twithes throughout my body. Shoulder becomes numb and tingly sometimes. the back of my head. Last couple of days I have had constant muscle twitches throughout my body which has caused me not to sleep which is making everything else worse. I have been seing a naturalpath with very slow results with homeopathy, magnesium, and diet changes along with a candida diet and supplements. I have had different tests an amino acid test which I could email you but it only showed some small things and that magnesium was low along with gaba really low. A food allergy panel which didnít show anything real bad.Most of my blood work is normal except for what I have included. cholesterol low, low ck(54), very low myoglobin (15), high aptt (40), high esr (25) and low testosterone. All these things with weird heart beat when doing anything. On top of these things I also smoke half pack a day and want to quit but just am having so many problems I cant tackle that yet.

Hard to finish(ejaculate)
Erection doesnít last long
Leakage before ejaculation
Lumpy and yellow ejaculation
And varying size of penis sometimes small and sometimes normal.


I am willing to doing anything to get back to where I was before so I donít have phsical and mental problems anymore and I no it will be long and difficult but I need to do something. The only thing that scares me is taking supplements on the meds iam on now and with having heart arrymithias along with very high blood pressure sometimes. I am currently on ce!exa 10mg(anxiety) zestorect!c(20/25mg)(Blood pressure) multivitamin magnesium(400mg) and digestive enymes. With my problems and the medications Iam on what would be your advice on what to do now. I have read your website and find you knowledge to be of great value and only wished you lived closer so I could see you in person. Also is there any other tests that you would recommend so I could figure out more pieces to my medical puzzle so I can help it more. Thanks for all your help.

Dr. Lin: 2/23/2006>
medical puzzle? No! it is normal to have a broken nervous system from the drug abuse. This is nothing new! You are no longer yourself after the drugs took over your nervous system. In the initial stage, the drugs gave your a lot sex and orgasm to empty and burn out neurotransmitters in the nervous synapses and neuro-muscular endings or joints while they destroyed your liver, adrenal and testicular function in supporting the syntheses of neurotransmitters/androgen hormones and the ultimate nervous transmission. 
The fact is: the street drugs have destroyed your nervous functions and alternated your gene expression! They have shut down your sexual function!!!

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If you take medication drugs, please go to http://www.actionlove.com/extra/drugs.htm

Reader: 2/24/2006>
I no I have done damage. I havent used any drugs for over 9 years and have been changing my life for the last 2 with diet and trying to learn about my problems. I have read all your articles and belive they can help me. I would like your advice for which of your products i should start with to began my process of repairing my nervous system and getting my sex drive back. I no this will be a long road and i might never get back to a 100% but i have to try. What would you recommend taking along with the medication i am already on? Zestoretic 20/20mg celexa 10mg? I would greatly appreciate your advice. 
Dr. Lin: 2/24/2006>

You can try the nutritional therapy with ViaPal-hGH-E(3-011) and DeToxiA (1-017) , plus L-Arginine 1000 mg 3 times a day, and FishOil(1000 mg each meal), CoQ-10 100 mg a day, Acetyl-L-Carnitine 500 mg a day and Lecithin 7-10 grams a day to help you gradually rejuvenate your neuro-endocrine function and boost your prostaglandin E-1/E-3 and Nitric Oxide production for healing.
It will take couple months at least to rejuvenate your nervous functions.
You can not take SAMe at this stage due to excessive dopamine/norepinephrine-epinephrine conversion in your hypothalamus and adrenal medulla, although SAMe is a dopamine/norepinephrine booster.

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