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Case Study:  Extremely drug abuse and over-ejaculation resulted in destruction of his nervous control, body pains, persistent sexual arousal, ejaculation urgency, frequent urinary urgency with peeing difficulty, precum flooding and prostate enlarge for no sexual orgasm!
Reader: 2/18/2006>
Dear Dr.Lin,

I have a lot to say and an extensive history, so I'll try to keep it as concise as possible. 
I am a 29 year old male. I became very sexually aware at a very young age, was very sensual and started masterbating very early. From a young teenager I started masturbating compulsively, anywhere between 1-2 to 10-12(sometimes,with no exageration) a day. I had complete control of my body, being able to control my orgasm for hours for maximum pleasure. When I started having sex it was the same, sex being the most important thing in my life and taking great pride in my sexual prowess. I would have sex for hours and be hard again within 5mins after orgasm, compulsively having sex many times a day. There would be periods where I would have sex almost non stop for 48hrs with brief breaks in between. I was also an alcoholic and smoked marijuana regularly. I continued to masturbate compulsively while having compulsive sex with my partners and as I said seemed to have a natural yogic ability to control my body.

I became addicted to the drug ecstacy which at first heightened sexual pleasure
but it is after consistant use of this drug that I started to notice the first problems, more with my bladder function than anything else. At this point I was around 18 and having sex/masturbating an average of perhaps 5 times a day, sometimes more sometimes less. 

I then became addicted to cocaine which for me was more a sensual than sexual drug. There were times in my teenage years, either using speed or acid where I would have sex for many, many hours without reaching orgasm. This could often happen without the use of any drugs.

I then found heroin. This became, along with crack, my drug of choice for the next 10years and was a conscious relief from my obsession with women and sex. Opiates, as I'm sure you know, kill the sex drive and leave you desiring nothing other than more opiates.

It was after I first started getting clean, about 8 years ago, that I first noticed a huge difference. I started ejaculating almost instantly on arousal, which is normal when detoxing from heroin, but things haven't been the same since. 

Over the last 6/7 years I have swung between secreting pre-cum almost instantly on arousal and having an urgency to ejaculate almost immediately, needing to urinate constantly, and not being able to ejaculate at all(I am talking now of times when I have been abstinent from all drugs and alcohol). There was a period when I lost almost all pleasure from sexual orgasm and at the time was terrified that I'd lost it forever! However it has come back slowly, not like it used to be but better nonetheless. I continued to have compulsive sex with multiple partners and to masturbate compulsively always trying to limit my sexual activity, but still ejaculating anywhere from 2-15 times a day.

How things stand now:
I'm in a relationship with a woman I love very much and am very attracted to. I am faithful to her. We have sex an average of twice a day now (before perhaps 3 or 4) although I am a far more sexual person than she is. I need to urinate a lot and have difficulty emptying my bladder, and my flow is poor. Sometimes it feels that this need to urinate is what makes me ejaculate quickly. I get aroused by her incredibly easily and often but I find it difficult to sustain a full erection, when in the past my erections where very hard. I sometimes feel the pressure in the head of my penis rather than at the base. I don't know if my pc muscle has become weak? I have read that excersising this muscle can strengthen your erection and stop premature ejaculation. Is this true? I also have leakage for a while after each time I urinate. Also I still masturbate compulsively on occasion when I'm away from my girlfriend, for example a few weeks ago I masturbated about 15 times in 36hrs. 

Sex is my primary addiction and I try to work on having a healthy sexuality as I do with abstinence from drink and drugs. These periods of compulsive sexual behaviour are slips, and have become less frequent.

I have been seeing a urologist, my prostate is enlarged and I've had a flexible cystoscopy showing nothing other than my urethra is a little tight around my prostate.

My penis used to be completely straight. However now it is completely bent to the left hand side from chronic over use and I have ridges on the right hand side. Is this what they call broken penis? I believe I may have abrasion of the prostate and urethra.

I have suffered from insomnia since childhood and sex is what I've always used to relax me. However, as with all things used compulsively, it stopped working fully in this way many years ago.

I have pain in my groin sometimes and in my prostate. I believe I have a hernia on the right hand side, I don't know if this is relevant or not.

When having sex with my girlfriend I either feel the need to ejaculate very quickly ( sometimes worse than others, but it never feels quite right) or do not, but loose my erection. I have heard of something called Vigrx, does it work? What do you suggest? I forgot to say that sometimes I seem to ejaculate twice, it feels like it comes in two halves instead of one whole orgasm.

Suffice it to say I love sex but am often unfulfilled and dissatisfied as the pleasure has become less and the quicker I ejaculate the less of an orgasm I have. I am sorry I've written so much but I wanted to relay all the information without leaving anything out, although I'm sure I have. I'm sure my hormones, glands, brain chemicals/receptors plus my nervous system are all very messed up because of my chronic drug abuse and living on adrenalin for so many years.
Please help, Yours Sincerely
Dr. Lin: 2/18/2006>Since you have abused so many drugs and ejaculation so often, your brain/nervous systems are completely burned down and your prostate and urethra are inflamed. It seems your tissues everywhere produce excessive prostaglandin E-2 to give you pains and sexual arousal.
I don't know if there is any drug or method to save you.
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