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Case Study:  acne drug killed his health and sex  for no more sexual orgasm .
Reader: 11/14/2005>Hi Dr. Lin howís it going. I came across your website and I was very impressed with the copious amount of beneficial information that you offer. Iím sending this email to you because Iím extremely desperate to get myself better. I am a long-term sufferer of the acne drug Accutane living in the central part of the United States. Here is my story, Iíll try to keep it short and brief for now, but I can certainly give you a more detailed explanation of it some other time. I have lots of other alarming information on Accutane that I could share with you some other time if you desire. Iím a 25 year old male and I took a 5 month course of Accutane back in mid 1998 before the dermatologists were warning patients about the permanent and severe side effects. During my dermatologist visit, he conveyed to me that special caution must be used when prescribing Accutane to female patients, but that Male patients had ďnothing to worry about.Ē Throughout my course of treatm!
ent, the idiot also told me to ďtough outĒ the side effects because then my skin would turn out better. So I listened to him because I was 17 and he was a medical doctor. Biggest mistake of my entire life. It is now seven years later, and I live a life of pain and suffering day after day after day. I am now living out a real life horror story that has become the ultimate test of my inner mental strength and willpower. 

The amount of vitamin A derivative in Accutane is estimated to be the equivalent of taking 75 to 100 times the recommended daily intake of vitamin A (5000 IU) for 5 months, the time period for a typical course of Accutane treatment. Infact, if you examine the side effects of Hypervitaminosis A and Accutane, they are virtually identical. They both ravage the body with severe dryness (skin, eyes, lips, mouth, nose, genitals, internal organs, ect.) and they both can unpredictably cause adverse side effects in every organ system and tissue in the entire body. The chemical structures of Accutane and Vitamin A are practically identical which explains why they both have the same toxicities.

What Iím suffering from right now is like nothing I couldíve ever imagined. My entire body has been ravaged with systemic severe dryness (skin, eyes, lips, mouth, nose, genitals, internal organs, ect.) These symptoms have gotten progressively worse over the years and they continued to intensify even after stopping the Accutane. I estimate that I have suffered from about 50 different side effects from taking Accutane, talking about all of them in detail would take up too much space, so Iíll focus on my worst problem right now. 

Iím suffering from permanent painful intercourse and horrible erectile dysfunction. Iíve tried several different topical products that have not helped that much at all. This has had a profound impact on me psychologically and at times has made me suicidal. The texture of the skin on my penis is extremely abnormal and upon close examination it is extremely dry and cracked, similar to the pattern of a dried out cracked riverbed. My penis wonít expand as easily as it used to because the skin and tissue has lost its elasticity, so it tightens up. It is very shriveled and wrinkled. Itís like having extremely bad shrinkage from cold exposure, but for me, this shrinkage is there all the time even when the surrounding temperature is 80 degrees. (Accutane has been shown to destroy collagen and elastin in the skin) I cringe with discomfort during the day because most of the time my penis is so tender and painful it feels like there is a sheet of sand paper in my pants that is!
constantly rubbing up against my genitals. 

If you look at all of the FDAís adverse drug reaction reports from Accutane on Congressman Bart Stupakís website, there are several people who have reported severe sexual side effects (loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, painful intercourse). These reports span all throughout the 1980ís and the 1990ís. To this day, a warning about severe permanent sexual side effects does not exist on Accutaneís package insert. I think I already know the answer why, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. This is extremely appalling because Accutane is probably the only drug that has the ability to induce permanent sexual side effects (the same way it can induce permanent remission of acne). I was born in 1980 and itís disturbing to think that throughout my life growing up, people were getting sexual side effects from Accutane, and I was oblivious to it, but then I finally fell into the trap when I took the drug in 1998. These people had suffered in silence from the rest of society because they canít t!
alk about it with anyone, therefore the true incidence may be far greater than anyone suspects. Iíve also read several reports on the internet that bare an uncanny resemblance to my case. There is a prestigious MD on the internet named Kevin Pezzi, who talks about severe sexual side effects from Accutane, check out what he has to say at his website. Here is the link http://www.erbook.net/accutane.htm 

Because of everything that has happened to me, Iíve become a reluctant expert on Accutane, Vitamin A toxicity, Hoffman/LaRoche, and Alternative Medicine. Iím really desparate to try to get better. Iíve tried a lot of stuff to get rid of my side effects, some things have helped out, but Iíve found nothing super significant. I have no doubt that there is something out there that could possibly help me get better. The problem is that there is no fucken concise explanation as to why Iím still suffering these side effects 7 years after finishing the drug. How can you attempt to cure something if you donít know exactly whats wrong in the first place? Hoffman/LaRoche has all the research and they know the ďexact mechanism of action,Ē but they will not share it with anybody because it will incriminate them. I know that there exists an exact explanation as to why Iím still suffering from severe symptoms of dryness 7 years after stopping Accutane, and I am determined to find ou!
t what it is (I think I might already know what it is) But my side effects appear to be incurable and theyíve gotten worse as time goes on. Iíve been holding out for a while thinking the side effects would improve over time, but this has not been the case. Iíd really like to correspond with you and discuss Accutane and have you share some of your knowledge on Accutane with me. I know that I probably have some male sex hormone deficiencies but I was wondering which product you would recommend on your website that could potentially make my erections better and less painful. 

Virtually nobody in America knows the full story surrounding the drug Accutane. This drug has caused more pain and suffering than any other drug in all of history. Accutane is among the top four drugs attracting the most reported adverse side effects on the FDAís database. This statistic becomes even more alarming when it is recognized that the drugs in front of Accutane have sold billions of prescriptions whereas Accutane has sold approximately 9 million. You need to start warning as many people as you can about the dangers of Accutane, especially the permanent sexual side effects. 
Dr. Lin: 11/14/2005>

Let you know that my studies focus nervous and liver/kidney detoxification and rejuvenation with natural products.
Your skin, hair eye balls, breath, tongue, face and urine reflect your health - particularly your heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, adrenal glands, pancreas and testicles.
Sexual function is a gift of your healthy body, reflecting your healthy conditions.
You have to restore your health to have sex.

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