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Case Study:  Why chronic multiple-ejaculation in one day can cause sexual exhaustion symptoms with post-ejaculation pains in the testicles, penis, groins, perineum, tailbone and even whole body for sexual destruction and no more sexual orgasm
Reader: 11/02/2005>
lately i've been having a problem. whenever i have been having sex (usually one day a week maybe more) i have been ejaculating twice (two sexually sessions). actually there are times i go for a second round but do not ejaculate but i find that harmful because i get sore testicles following that activity. am i doing damaging ejaculating twice? or since it's only one day a week am i fine regarding recovery.
Dr. Lin: 11/02/2005>

Yes. After the 1st ejaculation, prostaglandin E-2 is released from the prostate, urethral and bulbourethral glands due to the ejaculation expansion and abrasion; meanwhile, the testicles are starting to work for restoration of testosterone and DHT level. If your testosterone and DHT level become too low to suppress the prostaglandin E-2 release, you will experience pain and aches in the testicular tissues, vas deferens and cremaster muscle and fascia, or entire body. If you feel pains in the erection for the 2nd run, it implies your DHT level in the tissue becomes low enough to trigger excessive prostaglandin E-2 production for the pain. The 2nd ejaculation will make the situation even worse.
DHT is a double-edge sword. At the optimal level 40-70 ng/dl, it helps suppress the prostaglandin E-2 production and enhances prostaglandin E-1 for health bones and muscles and powerful erections. Once it becomes too low or too high, you will experience pains due to excessive inflammation prostaglandin E-2 release and your testicular function overworks.
On the other hand, an excessive prostaglandin E-2 release in the testicles and in the brain tissue will kill the testicular function and causes headaches, respectively. This is why over-ejaculation destroys the pituitary-testicular axis.
A large amount of DHT release will cause a huge erection (a bigger penis!) and uplift the testicles during sex. This induces the 2nd stage penile erection or the so-called penile ballooning effect. When the penis is erecting to explode, your penis becomes numbed if your penile tissues produce enough prostaglandins E-1 and E-3 to overcome the inflammation and ejaculation-induce hormone prostaglandin E-2. Then, when prostaglandins E-1 and E-3 start to run low and become too low to overcome the erection-induced stress, the erectile stress and strain will induce a large amount of prostaglandin E-2 for ripening the prostate ejaculation control valve for ejaculation. If the prostaglandin E-2 release in the prostate and penile tissues continues in the post-ejaculation state, you will experience pains and inflammation in your prostate, pelvis, perineum, anus and even tailbone/groin area. If you want to have a 2nd ejaculation without penis, you must have enough DHEA/androstenedione to be converted into testosterone and DHT, and enough GLA and EPA to be converted into prostaglandin E-1 and E-3 with a sufficient support from your liver systems and a stable brain's acetylcholine, serotonin, GABA and dopamine nervous function.
If not, you will experience sexual exhaustion symptoms if you practice multiple-ejaculation in one day very often.

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