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Case Study: His horrible vasectomy (mechanical castration) experiences for no more hard erection and sexual orgasm
Reader: 10/22/2005>
The biggest mistake i ever made was to decide to have a vas, I was 52 years old at the time has a 32 year old partner, BEFORE the vas, I would get rock hard [she called me "REBAR"] and go 5 times in a row with her on a regular basis. I was like a gattlin gun! organisms were terrific! i could almost pass out from the pleasure. my eyes would roll so far back in my head i didn't think they would ever come back around. I knew i didn't want another kid I had 2 from a previous marriage.[2nd biggest mistake]
so i talked to some guys i knew and they all said "sure, no problem 3 days of ice and a jock strap you,ll be fine , no change in anything after that" Those lying sons o bitches!
I went to a "specialist , who our state magazine did a story on stating he was one of the 10 top urologist in the state,and is a vas specialist. wow how could I go wrong, I opted to have my surgery done in the hospital under general anesthesia, fearing getting cut in a non sterile environment I thought it would be better; plus how do you lay still when another man is going to stick a needle in your balls? well i did it, the ice for 3 days the bag of frozen pees ,the ice packs, the swelling, THE PAIN!!!!!!!!!, WELL THE SWELLING WENT DOWN, i didn't need ice anymore after a week, but the pain NEVER left! i went to the "specialist for 4 months after complaining I cant work, I cant have sex, its a chore to even walk, he gave me shots in my butt, and pain pills and kept giving me 
viagra, i told him i don't need viagra I still hurt ! no response, I went to another doctor who checked me and asked "who did this to you? When i told him he put his hands up in the air, like i had a gun asking for his wallet, and said , there nothing i can do for you. seems that the operating dr, was a big man in town and no one was willing to follow up on his work.
I left the county and drove an hour south to find another urologist. he put me on the pain killers, after a year and a half I had enough and wanted different treatment. he recommended steroid injections in my groin, sounds pleasant don't it! no thanks i said how about corrective surgery? he said he could perform a epididiomity which takes out whats inside your sack,[didn't want to be a unick either] i said we took out enough let start putting back. I want a reversal. the original vas cost 1500 dollars
a reversal cost 6 thousand dollars and 2 hours, after 18 months of constant pain and not being able to enjoy getting laid i went for it. well 5 1/2 hours of surgery and 12 thousand dollars later im out. with about an 80 % reduction in pain[its 2 years now and i still hurt a little] which i could live with. as far as sex goes, im now like a musket, single shot only, and im only semi hard. ejaculation feeling is back but not as strong as it used to be. things they don't tell you, my sack used to be a nice neat little nut sack,but after the surgery it hung down about 4 inches lower, got in the way and felt uncomfortable even when walking.man o man did i screw up! if you have a choice DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!I ruined my life, its not worth it, the best thing to do as you get older not to get her pregnant is have lots of sex, thats right 2 to 3 times a day so your sperm count don't build up, as you age your count goes down anyway and as she ages her body does not accept sperm so ease ally as when she was a teenager, . DONT RUIN YOUR LIFE LIKE I DID, STAY AWAY FROM THE KNIFE and the LiERS!!!!!!!!
Dr. Lin: 10/22/2005>

Thank you for your true, horrible story. Actually, I have collected a lot in this link -
The testicles hang low when the cremaster muscles and scrotum tissues (all the testicle suspension tissue) are lack of testosterone, DHT, prostaglandins E-1 and E-3, while DHT, prostaglandins E-1 and E-3 are the basic support of a harder, bigger, more prolonging erection with a uplifting and tightening scrotum as shown in

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