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Case Study: antidepression drugs killed her sexual orgasm.
Reader: 10/16/2005>
Dear Dr. Lin,

I'm a 44 year old woman. Until the last 3 or 4 years I've had a high libido and have been able to orgasm consistantly, although not from intercourse alone. I also have a history of depression and have taken a variety of drugs to help with depression and fatigueover the past 10 years. Every time I've taken an SSRI I've completely lost my ability to orgasm.Until recntly, each time I've stopped taking the drug (usually Proozac), my ability to climax returns within aprx. a week to 10 days. 

In the past couple of years my libido has dropped dramatically. I've guessed that this is due to perimeopausal hormonal changes. By the way, I also have a history of extremely bad PMS. The PMS has increased the severity of my depression a lot. In addition, it appears that I didn't begin ovulating until age 16. I know this because the first few times it happened I got so violently ill that I had to be taken to the emergency room to be treated for vomitting and severe abdominal pain. It was only after this happened month after month that my gynocologist figured out that ovulation was causing my reaction. Putting me on birth control pills to stop ovulation stopped the problem. This indicates to me that my body is highly sensitive to it's own hormones. Until the last 2 or 3 years, I often felt like I was 'in heat' during ovulation - something I no longer feel. I'm still ovulating but it doesn't feel at all like it used to (once it stopped making me ill). Now, even when I go off !
the Prozac, it is nearly impossible for me to have an orgasm. Sometimes it doesn't happen at all, other times it takes an hour or more of direct clitoral stimulation. As you can imagine, my husband and I are both losing our patience. I know that having an orgasm is not extremely important to all women, but it is to me. It helps relieve stress and provides me with much needed pleasure.

I've tried using Ginko and some pro-sexual herbal blends. It seems like they helped at first but not long-term. Testosterone cream does seem to help but causes me to get deep pimples around the mouth area. My gynocologist doesn't seem to know much about how to deal with this problem. 

I know that many Doctors think that these things are psychological but I know in my case, the problem is physical! Even when I've been in my worst depressions, I've been very sexual and able to orgasm (I think it takes longer for me to 'cum' than most women - about 20 minutes when I'm functioning normally - sometimes it takes less time than this, but I think this is the average for me). 

If you have any suggestions about how to deal with extreme fatigue, I would appreciate them. I have gone so far as to consider getting cocaine just to cope with how tired I am. Resting a lot is not an option for me - I do physical labor and work very hard. This fatigue combined with loss of sexual appetite, arousal and climax is very disheartening.

I hope you can help.

Thank You,
Dr. Lin: 10/16/2005>

Ok. You need a low dose of ViaPal-hGH-P (3-010) will power up your brain's dopamine and acetylcholine nervous systems to drive your hypothalamus-pituitary axis for libido, nervous sensitivity and orgasm.
For the side effects of the antidepression drugs, please read -
; for PMS, please read http://www.actionlove.com/extra/pms.htm 

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