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Case Study:  Chronic over-masturbation killed her clitoris and G-spot and enlarged her vagina for no more sexual orgasm.
Reader: 10/15/2005>
Hi Dr. Lin!

Your site has so much information! WOW! lol :) I'm impressed. :) You've devoted a lot of time to your products and helping people.. And that's wonderful! Thank you in advance for your help! :) 

Okie dokie, on to my problem...

I'm a 21 year old female.. I'm still a virgin, as in, never having been kissed, touched or had any kind of sexual experience (even oral sex) with anyone... But I do have a serious problem with masturbation. I masturbate anywhere from 1 to 10 times a day.. Sometimes I only stop, because my arms get tired or my hands & forearms start cramping.. I can achieve orgasms.. I started masturbating when I was 12, broke my hymen via tampon when I was 14 (that was no fun).. And from then, I began experimenting with toys...

I used to be very, very tight... Now I'm loose... And I don't like it. At all... I'm getting married in January, and I'm worried that my future husband won't like how I feel. He's got a lot of previous sexual experience & likes tightness.. He's Korean, I'm a caucasian American.. I'll be moving to Korea to be with him... He is older than me (he's 45, and I'm 21)... He had asked me to get him something to help with keeping his erections longer.. He says he can last a long time, but, he knows that I have an extremely high sex drive & wants to be able to satisfy me everyday.. He works long hours, and is often very sleepy.. When we masturbate together on the phone or computer, he gets very sleepy right after he orgasms, and I have yet to cum when we do that together. He doesn't like me using toys & made me get rid of them... Which I'm glad, really.. But, I can't orgasm with just clitoral stimulation... So... I dunno. I lie & tell him I came.. LOL But I'm worried about that, too!!!
I want to have orgasms when he and I finally do it, after we're married...

Anyway... From the vibrators & my own ignorance, my clitorus has gotten a little less sensitive.. But that doesn't bother me too much. I know how to stimulate myself. I'm just concerned with the tightness of my vaginal opening.. I get turned on and wet very easily and I have an extremely high libido.. Even when on my period... I can't seem to stop masturbating... But because of excessive masturbation and toy useage, I have gotten loose, and I don't enjoy masturbation as much.. I think I do it so often because I feel the need to orgasm.. And it's gotten harder for me to climax...

Is there anything I can do???? And is there anything I can get for my fiancee, to help with his erections & stuff???... His penis isn't the problem.. It's me. I'm a nympho & have gotten loose.. He's not used to having someone want so much sex from him & he's worried about pleasing me.. He's also seen Korean doctors say that men should only orgasm once a day, but should make love with their wives 12 times... Then on the 13th time, they orgasm. (weird, isn't it??).. They said that men lose too much energy when they cum. - I dunno. What do you think?.. And is there anything we can do? Please let me know, ASAP! :) Thank you in advance!!!!

All the Best,
Dr. Lin: 10/16/2005>

Your chronic over-masturbation causes clitoral/G-spot erectile tissues, nervous and blood vessel damage; and then the fatigue tissues chronically release excessive inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E-2 to inflame your damaged nerves for craving more sex. Even if you use a high power vibrator to trigger your orgasm, you won't feel satisfied; instead, the inflammatory sexual nerves in the vagus and L1/L2 outflow will force to crave for more sex in couple hours.
You need ViaPal-hGH-J (3-015) and 5-HTP (2-001), plus Fish Oil 1000 mg 3 times a day and L-Arginine 500 mg 3 times a day in an empty stomach to boost your nitric oxide, prostaglandin E-1/E-3 for repair of the damage and to reduce the inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E-2 release
You must through away all your toys.
and ask him to give you a finger pliers massage when you need sexual pleasures.
Why the Finger Pliers stimulation can make her achieve sexual orgasm, but his big penis cannot?
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case13048.htm 
Again, if you can not achieve sexual orgasm, you must have a live vagina, and he must have to hold a hard erection for at least 30 minutes during lovemaking.
For vaginal tightness, you must restore your vaginal erectile function first -
He has been sexually exhausted by chronic over-ejaculation.
You need ViaPal-hGH-P (3-010) and PinealTonin (2-002) plus L-Arginine 500 mg 3 times a day, Fish and Borage Oil(1000 mg each meal) to help him out. He can only ejaculate no more than 3 times day although he can have sex evey day or as many as you want. He must learn sexual kung fu to control (eliminate) his ejaculation during intercourse.
Sexual Kung Fu requires a self discipline of ejaculation control with pre-requirement of a hard erection and healthy prostate.

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