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Case Study:  Chronic over-masturbation (sexual exhaustions), pot smoking (brain/nervous destruction/overtaking) and penile breakage during sex can end your sex life easily for no more sexual orgasm
Reader: 10/04/2005>
Thanks Dr. Lin for your creative passion on linking people to what they seek so conviently. As all men and women to some extent are trying to be sexually infomred, because of your efforts, so many will contribute alot less efforted time seeking the reference they need.

I too have a question about a broken or fractured penis. I am a 20 year old male, havent had any sexual problems untill recently. I was engaging in sex with my girlfriend when thrusted to hard and didnt make it into the vagina. i heard a loud poping noise, and i could feel my penis deflating, but in the heat of the moment i stayed errect. This has happen to me befor, and after a few seconds or minutes i felt fine again, but this time it seemed alot worse. I feel like my erections arnt as full now, and this happened only two days ago, but im worried. It feels like some regneration is happening, and not real hard lumps or scarring seems to be occuring, and my first instinct besides searching the internet for refference was to massage it, and that helps. MY real question is, how serious should i take this, i have no way of getting medical attention, and im in fear for my sex life and ego. 

I masterbate or have sex at least 3 times a day, i was wondering what i should do to maintain healing. My penis feels like it has a bend in it, bending downwards, and once i get a full erection, any pressure on the penis seems to take the erection away. When flacid, my penis apears longer than ussual, and there are no lumps or scar tissue, jsut what internal feels like "cold veins" inside of my penis. This scares me. There doesnt seem to be any pain, just sorta "sore veins", not any big veins, but what might feel like smaller blood vessels.

I read alot of your replies, but im still not sure if i should refrain from geting my penis erect, the thought of it not being erect, or broken has driven me to a constant penis check up, where i am seeing how much of an erection i can get, how quickly, and how long i maintain it, i see it leading me to exsess masterbation. i seem to origasim fine. Im jsut worried if masterbating and TRYING to have sex is good or bad for it, how long do i leave it to heal for. i read somewhere in your replyies, to do it no more thann 3 times a week for proper healing. sex is hard to maintain because of pressure deflating penis.

And as far as massaging goes, do i massage it when its errect, flacid, or both, and how often if im not supposed to stimulate my self more than 3 tiems a week.

This happens to most people when a 100+ lb women lands on the penis the wrong way, i feel as if damage might have been spared, as i did the thrusting and breaking all on my own. and the fact that i have thrusted to hard and iv heard the pop noise befor, but no discomfort or impairment took place, can i feel confident that in some time, months or so, i should be better? OR is the fact that its even this severe mean i should be worried. Whats the worse case senerio, being extreme damage, to minor senerio.

its also hard for me to pinpoint where the fracture acctualy took place, im assuming its right where my penis seems to droop, even during semi erections, full erections seem to solve this, but it feels like it deflates there, or cant hold as much pressure, is this the key area to massage, or what other massages can i include to insure better regenration.

I figure man wasnt ment to break his penis and be impaired from procreation forever, there must be healing properties, and probably some of the best that can be offered by the human body, reside in the penis. I was also hoping for some kind of time frame, where if my penis doesnt show natural improvment by X amount of time, should i begin to worry and seek medical attention as my only resort.

YOur herbal combinations, in my heart, i know, are probably the best science even has to offer, but as i am not in the possition to purchase them, along with basic western medical attention, all natural remedies would be apreciated. I have also been smoking marijuana more than once, every day since i was 15. Would me ceasing smoking help the healing process? Its very soothing on the ego and phisical body to space out and forget about my damaged penis, but chemicaly, would thc interfere with the healing process? IM sure that the tar and carcingenic properties play a huge role in blood flow, im thinking i should refrain from usage to improve healing.

on a side note, i was wondering if there are an benificial properites to the libido from marijuana. i dont personaly see marijauna the same as i consider other drugs, it is deffinetly a natural herb, i think society has alot to do with its misunderstanding, and lack of proper research. and i think phisicaly burning the material into a smoke for purpose of injestion is very unevolved. As far as your research goes, have you learned of any healthy moderate usage? And if so, would u consider it less harmfull if injested it by food rather than screening out carcingenic toxins with my lung tissue and blood. I think its ok to like pot, just like its ok to like chocolate.... but to eat chocolate or depend on its ussage for proper dopamine release could deffinetly be threatening to a naturaly healthy body. Your replies on marijauna have been concidered, im just wondering how much concern you have put into this herb, its effects and properties, if your one sided on the subject or have u truly tryed to understand all stand points. I my self find it easy to stick up for this plant, but am very open minded to its effects, please dont let this comment patronize your stuidies and replies, as i have high regards to all oppinions, exspecialy those based on science and studies.

Your time and attention for my post and all other posts is highly respected at least by me, i would like to send my energy and blessings to everything u have done and will ever do, i send my love to you and the entire universe.

Thanks Dr. Lin
Dr. Lin: 10/05/2005>

You have combined 3 big problems into a supper, big one - penile breakage, sexual exhaustion and the brain/nervous destruction and overtaking by drug abuses (pot smoking). I am afraid that you don't have too much healing force.
The first step is to detoxify your brain/nervous and liver system to restore your parasympathetic/serotonin nervous systems and reduce your sympathetic nervous fires, so that your penile tissues can produce prostaglandin E-1 and Nitric oxide to heal your penile damage.
You need ViaPal-hGH-J (3-015), DeToxiA(1-017) and 5-HTP(2-001), plus L-Arginine 500 mg 3 times aday, Fish and Borage Oil(1000 mg each meal) and calcium (200 mg)/magnesium (100 mg)/Viatmin-D(100 IU) to boost the prostaglandin E-1 and NO synthesis.
After you regain your erection, you will see where your penis was damaged, and then you can use VIP Cream to massage your penis.

Please also read -
How drugs take over your brain and nervous system and how to detoxify your brain and nervous fiber/synapse for restoration of sexual orgasm.
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case11500.htm 

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