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Case Study:  Why flu can trigger the sympathetic nervous Fight responses - sweating, shaking, body pains/aches/cramps, frequent urination, urinary difficulty/pains, bowel movement, diarrhea, semen production disorder, and erectile dysfunction for no sexual orgasm - solution
Reader: 10/04/2005>
Dr.Lin ,Everything was perfectly normal until about 1 month ago. I had a a bad flue type symptons, Was sweating bad, shaking and real sick feeling one night , next day or two it was painful to urinate, not like Vd, just a strange deep inside pain, it started to go away a by 3rd day. #rd night though my wife was in pain and could not stop urinating. So bad we went to emergency room at 3 in morn.They told her she had a urinary tract infection. I went to my doc the next day, Urinated in cup ,he told me nothing wrong with me. I had nothing in the urine. I got better as days went on .he gave me antibiotic to help in case. The week of taking the pills though right after feeling sick my wife got better, but I felt fine but could not urinate correctly. If I pushed as usualy trying to pee it would not come out ,I would have to totally relax then it would just drip out!! would take about 5 minutes to urinate in morning.Got easier as day went on, This lasted about 2 weeks . Finally got more normal. still not as strong og flow when i urinate. Plus since that first time being sick, when I ejaculate. It is now only clear fluid. Not white and thick as usuall.My penis does not seem as hard and not as intense when I ejacualte either. Now I have been masterbating about once a day or every other day for some time. but never had any problems until I got sick and couldnt urinate good last month when I went to the doctor he said nothing wqrong.. any ideas?? I just ordered your ViagrowthIII, Moodmax and Dophrin, not sure if the correct items for me and when and how much to take.. Thanks ..
Dr. Lin: 10/04/2005>When you got flu, your adrenal medulla reduces a lot of epinephrine (adrenaline) for the sympathetic nervous Fight in an attempt to defend your body. When the excessive epinephrine flows in your bloodstream while the on-fire liver can not support the synthesis of the neurotransmitters acetylcholine and serotonin, your digestive tract, kidney, bladder, prostate and urethral tract experiences panic responses and their tissues release too much inflammation hormone prostaglandin E-1 and proflammatory factors for pains/aches/cramps, excessive sweating, frequent urination, peeing difficulty and pains, and frequent bowel movement.  At the same time, your dopamine nervous function becomes too weak to power your pituitary-testicular axis for semen production and oxytocin release.
You will need a low dose of ViaPal-hGH-J (or ViaPal-hGH-P) and 5-HTP to help you out; she needs ViaPal-hGH-M.
Please note that 5-HTP/serotonin plays an important role in controlling the sympathetic nervous fires in the digestive system, kidneys, bladder, urethra, prostate and anus.
Take 1 MoodMax in the morning, 1 DopaFibra at noon, and 1 ViaGrowth-III and 5-HTP after dinner.
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