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Case Study:  He said ' I enjoy using your products and I'll tell you that sex with them is better than sex without.... and my girl says she feels like im getting bigger inside her,..' for more sexual orgasm; on the principle of the Penile Ballooning for penile enlargement.
Reader: 9/26/2005>
Thank you for your response. I enjoy using your
products and I'll tell you that sex with them is
better than sex without. I'm gonna take your advice,
but I'd like to know if I should start practicing the
penile ballooning method. I was never concerned about
penis size, but if i can do it I'd like to try. I
noticed in the past that sometimes when i masturbate
and i hold it for a long time my penis looks and feels
bigger, i thought it was all in my mind tho. Also when
i have sex sometimes i get so hard i can barely feel
my dick and my girl says she feels like im getting
bigger inside her, is this the ballooning that you're
talkin about? Thanks, alot! 
Dr. Lin: 9/27/2005>Yes. That is the ballooning effect which requires an erection with 30 minutes or longer.
The ballooning effect and lasting longer mutually enhance each other until the erectile stress and strain trigger the prostaglandin E-2 release in the prostate and bulborethral glands to over-ride the prostaglandin E-1 for ejaculation. Once your penis is starting to balloon up, your erection can be expected to last longer than 60 minutes without backing down. And your partner can enjoy 2-4 round orgasms.
If you balloon your penis every time you have sex, your penis will continuously grow. The ballooning penis enhances the erectile size about 120-140% from the natural erection in the initial stage, becomes extreme hot (due to DHT in the penile blood), and can be used for the Biofeedback Heat Therapy, as given in this link -
" He said ' Her urinary incontinence has almost completely disappeared. Her doctor was very surprised, because his prognosis was that she may always have some degree of problem. She was able to stop taking the medication that she was on to treat this problem, which didnít help the condition very much anyway. To sum things up, Dr . Lin, I am 100% convinced that you are correct about this. Dog sex provides an effective therapy for at least some of the underlying causes of female urinary incontinence.' for restoration of sexual orgasm with Dog Sex (Biofeedback Heat Therapy)!
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case13627.htm "
She will feel exciting about to orgasm with the ballooning,  big and hot penis when the vagus, S2-S4 and L1/L2 nerves in her G-spot and Epicenter senses the heat that induces more prostaglandin E-1 and oxytocin flooding. 
That is, a ballooning penis can treat women's incontinence- the bonus of lovemaking!.

Holding your erection longer than 30 minustes and as long as you can let the erectile tissues to get enough DHT to grow. DHT is responsible for penile cell multiplication.
Please read the comments in http://www.actionlove.com/extra/enlarge.htm  - 
"Penile Enlargement essentials: the superhormone DHT grows your penis and stimulate your penile cells to multiplcate; neurotransmitter acetylcholine and its derivative Nitric Oxide (NO) constantly dilate the penile arteries for a constant penile blood circulation to supply testosterone/DHT, oxygen and 5-alpha reductase enzyme to the penile tissue; Prostaglandin E-1 allows your penile tissue, nerves and blood vessels to expand and stretch without inducing collagen release; Oxytocin stimulates the testicular function to produce more testosterone and DHT; the cardiovascular system has to work harder and pump more blood into your penis. "

There is no physical penile exercises involved.
The penile stimulation or massage is to emulate the vaginal stimulation on the penis for a maximum penile expansion, and to have one and another one more expansion at the point-of- almost-ejaculating. When you are about to come, your penis is expanded to an extreme, hold there, and stimulate again to the next extreme expansion. Generally, penile expansion can numb the urethral nerves from the glans penis to the prostate. The continuous penile expansion can finally exert a pressure on the prostate and bulbourethral glands to trigger the release of precum and then ejaculation. Even after you ejaculate, your erection won't back down for 5-10 minutes since DHT still biologically work on the penile erectile tissue cells.
The principle was explained in
but, understand the principle first -
What are the differences between the Penile Ballooning and Penile Exercises/Jelqing/Milking for penile enlargement?
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case11114.htm 
Mechanism of the Penile Ballooning for a better sexual orgasm - on the the 2-stage penile erection theory for Penile Enlargement.
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