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Case Study:  Dog's sex as Biofeedback Heat Therapy for urinary incontinence and its limitation
Reader: 9/22/2005>
Dr. Lin,

I am an avid reader of your cases and have integrated many of your suggestions and products into my sexual relationship with my wife. Recently, after hearing of my wife's complaints with urinary difficulties, I suggested we consider buying or adopting a dog because you had recommended biofeedback heat therapy for a woman's urinary incontinence. Because I knew it might be tough to sell her on the idea of coupling with a dog, I approached the subject gradually. I did not mention to her that we might use the dog for sexual therapy at the time we went to look for a dog. As far as she knew, we were looking only for a pet.

We discussed different breeds of dogs, and because I had read about success with labs in your other cases, I suggested a lab. My wife was agreeable with that idea, and we went to the local dog pound. Upon arriving, my wife was drawn to a small poodle. I tried to discourage her from this because he would have far too small of a member for her to receive. I then saw a lab mix in another kennel and brought my wife toward it. We liked the lab, but I quickly discovered that it was a female. Again, this would not work, so I tried to distract my wife from the lab. We needed a medium sized male dog in order for me ultimately persuade my wife to try biofeedback heat therapy. I was eyeing a dalmation across the hall when I heard my wife exclaim that she'd found the dog that she wanted. Dr. Lin, it was the largest Great Dane I had ever seen. It looked like a small horse. Reluctantly, I walked over to my wife who was petting the large animal. From having been married twenty-four years, I knew there was no point in trying to dissuade her from the Great Dane. As the officer released "Goliath" from the cage, I walked to his side and looked under him. Sure enough, he had a terribly large member. I started to question whether I would suggest biofeedback heat therapy to my wife.

Needless to say, we took Goliath home. He became a vital part of our family very quickly. We are empty-nesters, with both of our daughters away attending college, and it was nice to have another presence in the house, albeit a very large presence. I looked for signs of my wife being physically open with Goliath and would sometimes use subtle encouragement for her to find comfort with Goliath. Once, when we were giving Goliath a bath, I suggested that she bathe his genitals while I finished his feet. She took to it and without hesitation lathered him up and massaged the soap onto his penis and testicles. And my goodness how his member grew! I thought it would be large when erect, but I must say it was like being in the presence of a horse. I estimated that his member must have been around thirteen inches long, with wide girth.

My wife laughed at his erection and continued scubbing him. I said, "I think he's enjoying your touch," and she replied "nothing a boy likes more than having his dick stroked." I was somewhat stunned by her bluntness, but she laughed and I laughed with her. We chuckled for quite a while, staring at each other, when it occurred to both of us at the same time that her hand had been continuously stroking and masturbating Goliath for some time now. Goliath was shifting his weight from foot to foot and licking his lips, giving intermittent barks. I told my wife that I didn't think Goliath would like it if she took him this far and didn't finish the job. She looked at the large member in her hands and said, "you may be right." She then applied both hands and gave Goliath a virgorous stroking. Goliath got too restless, however, and she had to stop.

Without a doubt, that experience created a sexual spark between all three of us. My wife and I immediately made love after the Goliath bath incident, and it was terrific and we both agreed that it had been very exciting to see her stroke Goliath. At that point, I explained to her that the same "Dr. Lin" whose advice had brought so much happiness and sexual satisfaction into our bedroom had actually recommended that a woman's urinary incontinence could be aided by the heat of a dog's penis, and by the hot seminal liquid that a dog produced. She misunderstood and thought I was suggesting we milk the seminal fluid from Goliath and then have her consume it orally, as from a glass. I gently described in more detail that it would involve the dog mounting the woman from behind and performing sex on her.

She slapped me. My wife and I did not speak the rest of the evening. I felt embarassed for having made her uncomfortable on a sexual issue, and I decided I'd let her bring it up again, if it was to come up again. I awoke from deep sleep late in the night to find, much to my surprise, that my wife was licking gently at my genitals. When she saw my startled look, she said, "I guess if I'm going to work up to taking Goliath's dick inside me, I'd better start preparing by working with you." She brought me to erection, continued her oral pleasuring of me, and then crawled on to her hands and knees. She said to me, "Okay Goliath, hop on." I got behind her and gave her a vigorous thrusting until I came mightily inside her. We slept very well in a cuddled position that night.

The next day, which was a Sunday, she asked me to show her your case studies on biofeedback heat therapy. I pulled them up on the computer and showed them to her. She read with great intensity, with what I began to see was a sexual appetite. After reading your cases, we talked at length about the health benefits to be gained by allowing Goliath to penetrate her and come inside her. We then talked over the logistics of arranging this mating. Bending her over the bed would put her too low for his entry point. Her on her hands and knees on the bed was too high, and a little awkward. We finally found that her leaning over the dining table would put her at about the right height. We then talked over how we would try to make Goliath's entry as slow as possible to allow her vagina to accommodate it. I worked at putting padded socks on Goliath's front paws to prevent him from scratching. My wife removed her clothing and practiced bending over the table to take a rear entry from our dog. I led Goliath to her and she began petting him. She asked that I try to hold him still while she stroked him. Slowly and gently, she began massaging his testicles and penis. She took a wet cloth with anti-bacterial soap and cleansed his member. She then continued stroking him, using the seminal fluid leaking from the end of his shaft for lubrication. Then, much to my surprise, she took him into her mouth! I had not been expecting that she would do that, but it seemed to please both her and the dog, and I knew that it would help ready them for the treatment.

I must admit I felt arousal as well at seeing my wife take this monstrous penis into her mouth, with semen dripping from the sides of her mouth. After she readied the dog, she walked around in front of him and leaned over the table. I asked her if she needed any stimulation to work up her body's natural lubrications. She said, "you tell me," and spread her legs for me to touch her. I touched her vagina only to find it so wet with moisture that my hand dripped as I pulled it away. "I guess you're ready," I said.

I helped align Goliath behind her and again felt trepidation at allowing such a monstrously large penis enter my wife. But she was a real trooper and only encouraged its entry. I gripped Goliath and brought him on top of my wife. Slowly and deliberately, I guided his swollen member toward her vagina. Goliath was a bit jumpy, but I focused on bringing his penis to her gently. I swabbed the entry of her vagina with the end of his penis and saw that she was still dripping with moisture. I heard her moan and then say, "let him in." Goliath began thrusting even before he was inside her. It made it awkward to guide him, but I did guide the head of his shaft to her opening, and thrusting and convulsing, the large tip of his penis entered her. Then I let him push in further, still violently thrusting. My wife moaned with pleasure and said "Let go." Shocked, I looked at her to confirm. She nodded. I let go of his throbbing member and stood back to watch. Goliath immediately shoved at least ten inches of his shaft inside her, pumping madly. My wife let out a scream and gripped the tablecloth. I darted forward to take him out of her but she said, "No! Let him finish!" I stood back and watched as my wife took hard and violent thrusts from a very large Great Dane. I had no idea that her vagina could handle such a large penis. I got closer to watch the actual penetration. Goliath had apparently gotten his knot inside her and was completely buried into her. Semen was dripping down from her vaginal lips, down her legs. After some time, Goliath seemed to give some final, mighty thrusts and then pulled off of her, with his penis sliding out flacid, like a long, wet snake. My wife lay forward on the table catching her breath. Her vagina was bored open, and I could still see a good two or three inches inside by peering between her lips. Her vaginal walls slowly closed in the absence of the swollen thirteen inches from Goliath. I asked her if she was okay. She looked up at me dreamily and said it had been very erotic, very hot, and that she enjoyed having so much semen inside her. When she stood up, semen poured out of her and onto the floor. She felt sore for a few days, but she's ready to take on Goliath again.

So, Dr. Lin, I first wanted to thank you for introducing us to this technique. We look forward to reporting on the progress of her urinary incontinence healing through this therapy. Second, I have two questions:

1) My wife did not experience orgasms with Goliath thrusting into her, as was reported in your other cases. Did we do anything wrong? Is he too large for her to climax?
2) Are there any adverse affects to my wife consuming Goliath's semen? She believes that prepping him with her mouth is an important step in preparing him for performing sex.
Dr. Lin: 9/23/2005>1. No. When she experiences urinary difficulty or incontinences, her parasympathetic and serotonin nervous function in her urethra and bladder is too weak. The parasympathetic nervous function is also responsible for the urethral/vaginal tissue erection, associated the vaginal tightness. Since the parasympathetic nervous transduction and the sensory nerves rely on the common neurotransmitter acetylcholine and the resting potential (DC voltage), a weak parasympathetic nervous function also implies the insensitivity of the the sensory nervous circuits in the vagus, S2-S4 and L1-L2 nerves. This means that the sensory nerves can not relay sufficient action potentials from her vagina/cervix/urethra/clitoris to trigger her pituitary gland to release sufficient oxytocin for uterine/vaginal orgasmic contraction. She should avoid excessive sex and vaginal abrasion, so that her vaginal/urethral nerves have a chance to rejuvenate themself. The Biofeedback Heat Therapy is to use Heat to promote the prostaglandin E-1 release from the vaginal/cervical/urethral tissues to achieve healing. The healing process is slow and it may take couple weeks.
Instead of letting the dog to thrust her, she should slowly contract her low abdomen and vaginal muscles against the dog penis in an attempt to grip it. Do it several times as many as she can.
Please note: in a severe situation where she has a low serotonin nervous function and excessive epinephrine/sympathetic nervous fires in the bladder/urethra, it will require ViaPal-hGH-M or -E to help her out since the Biofeedback Heat Therapy won't increase the serotonin nervous function and decrease the sympathetic nervous fires.  In a lot of conditions, urinary continence is caused by deficiency of serotonin and excessive stress neurohormone epinephrine, hysterectomy,  vibrator abuse, drug abuse or medication drugs. 
2. The dog semen is safe and virus-fee as long as the dog is disease-free.
Let the precum clean the dog's prostate and urethral tract (ejaculation duct) first.
Massaging the dog's penis and testicles will induce the precum release to flush his ejaculation duct.
In the good days when I was a farm body, we extracted pig semen for artificial insemination in this way.

Reader 9/25/2005>
Dr. Lin,

My wife was very pleased at your prompt reply to our email about her wanting to be certain that it was safe to swallow dog semen, and your advice for her to experience orgasms with the dog. Although she is engaging in biofeedback heat therapy for the purpose of healing her urinary incontinence, she wants to enjoy this therapy with the dog as much as possible. And she wants the dog to enjoy the therapy too!

Since we received your email, my wife has spent much time following your procedure for using the dog's precum to expel any bacteria in his penis. We are also washing the dog thoroughly before she engages in oral stimulation of his penis. My wife spends a great deal of time sucking the dog now. I hold and pet the dog while she performs oral sex on him. As I mentioned, he is a very large Great Dane, and my wife is quite taken with taking such a large penis into her mouth. Although she was always good a taking my 6 inch penis all the way into her mouth, or "deep throating," she is challenged in this way with the dog's 13 inch penis. But she is trying. She says she enjoys feeling the hot penis and hot ejaculation deep in her throat. In fact, she believes her sinus congestion has improved since taking regular doses of Goliath's hot cum deep in her throat. Is this a coincidence? Or can hot dog cum heal sinus congestion in the same way that drinking hot tea can clear sinus cavaties?

Although you suggested that she avoid sexual intercourse and vaginal abrasion, my wife has said she has become accustomed to and comfortable with the dog's penis fully inside her. I never knew my wife would enjoy a dog's penis so much. My wife has found several positions in which she is comfortable taking his penis. We started with the traditional "doggy style," with her bent over the kitchen table. She now also finds she can take him when she is laying on her back on the table. But she prefers doggy style and jokes that she enjoys being Goliath's "bitch."

The dog, incidentally, is enjoying this very much. He produces a lot of semen and is frequently sexual with my wife when she is not working. As soon as she comes home from work, Goliath finds her and his penis begins to harden as he gets behind her and pushes her. Her routine is to let him take her whenever he wants, and that is quite frequent. Even coming home from work, she will quickly drop her panties, lift her dress and let him penetrate and squirt his semen into her. I usually arrive home an hour after my wife, and we've been pleased to find that she is able to engage in sex with Goliath without my assistance. When I come home, she lifts her skirt to show me that she is not wearing panties and that she is dripping with dog cum. She enjoys keeping it inside her and takes some pride in the fact that she is able to please both of the "men" in her home. This has awakened a sensuality in my wife that had been dormant for some time. Although my wife is still good and regular at making love with me, I often masturbate while watching the dog penetrate my wife with that huge penis.

Our only concern now is that our girls often come home from college on the weekends, and we are wondering if we can keep Goliath from being sexually overt with my wife while they are here. We believe one of our girls, the 20-year old, is sexually active and might likely catch on to the overt sexual tones of Goliath's affection for my wife. Our 18-year old is, we believe, a virgin. We are concerned that her seeing the dog wanting to have sex with my wife might be a cause of confusion for the younger daughter.

We have the following questions for you:

1) Can hot dog cum really remedy sinus congestion, as my wife suggests it has?

2) My wife occasionally enjoys me having anal intercourse with her. We use plenty of lubrication and take it slow, but she has a good control over releasing her sphincter to allow penetration. My wife is really wanting to feel Goliath's penis in her anus. If we use a lot of lubrication, can we try sliding Goliath's large penis into her rectum? Of course, we would exercize her rectum first by me slowly stretching her opening, first with a finger, then two, then my penis, and ultimately by sliding my hand in her anus. We realize this negates the benefit of biofeedback heat therapy, but my wife is very anxious for feeling Goliath's hot penis and hot cum deep in her butt. Is it okay if we do this?

3) Can you recommend any way for us to calm Goliath's sexual urges toward my wife when our daughters come home, or when we have other guests in the house? We hate to have to leave Goliath outside while we have our daughters here, since he is an intimate part of the family, but he is quite overt in his desire to have sex with my wife. It is possible our older daughter might enjoy the sexuality of the large dog. She was always very sexually open and is a bit of a free-spirited nudist. But we do not want for her to be confronted with a somewhat "taboo" concept like dog sex unless she first suggests an openness to it. Our other daughter probably would have no interest in it.

Once again, thank you Dr. Lin. You have restored sexual vitality to our marriage through your advice. My wife experienced her first orgasm with Goliath last week and has been experiencing multiple orgasms with him since then. We are grateful for your professional guidance.
Dr. Lin: 9/25/2005>
1. I know the dog's semen is very potent, but I don't know if it can help sinus.
Frequent orgasm may help improve her sinus.
2. My main concern on Anal Sex is given in
Particularly, a 13-inch penis can penetrate deep into her rectum.
If the dog semen contains more prostaglandin E-1 than prostaglandin E-2, it is Ok; but we don't know.
In the good old days, it is said that dog's saliva can resolve unwanted skin disorder.

3. This problem is associated with sex in a private room (bedroom). Your wife should know how to handle it.
You can calm the dog's sexual urgency with a low dose of SSRIs antidepression drugs.
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