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Case Title:  Intensive physical training resulted in body pains /cramps and impotence for no more sexual orgasm via body/mind/nerves/blood detoxification - Solutions.
Reader: 9/01/2005>
Dear Dr. Lin,

I am writing about a condition I have had for 9 years. I think my problems are to do with inflammation - some of the below is unrelated to my sexual problems, but gives you a good background to it. If you have any supplements that can reduce nerve pain, increqse blood flow, and encourage healing, i would REALLY apreciate it. Below is narrative i have sent to a Pain Clinic, but it should give you good information.

Current Symptoms:

Pain in Abdomen/Lower Back with acute testicular/groin numbness. Partial Impotence.

Cramps/Massive Tightness in Abdomen when walking and feeling that one leg is longer than other (see below)


In 1996, I undertook a very intensive running program � a run 5 days a week with two days twice daily. At the end of six months I started getting horrible numb cramps and pain in the testicular region. The sharp pains continued for around one year and subsided into numb pains/aches, as they are now. This caused total impotence.

I have had back/neck problems (not major) since the age of around 18. Seen various osteopaths and one thought I may have Spondylolithesis (this is being investigated now via MRI/X Ray).

Where there is no Numbness/Pain in abdomen/lower back/groin, completely normal sexual functioning occurs (very rare). This is without doubt causing the problem.

Recent Treatment �

Osteopath refered me back to Doctor with the following:

My right leg is 15mm longer than my left, (it can be very uncomfortable walking � seems to start cramps above the hip bone that spreads). Osteopath believes Psoas muscle/gasroseleus reduced length could be causing leg length discrepancy, or vice versa. Osteopath believes I should have MRI/X Ray to eliminate the possibility of Spondylolithesis, Spondylosis, Spinal Stenosis. In addition, slight curvature of spine. Osteopath believes that the Psoas could be causing Groin/Abdomen pain.

Past Treatment:

I saw many urologists, and prostate problems were ruled out. 
Took antibiotics for possible infection � no effect. 
I have had an operation for Varicocele which was performed via a laparoscopic ligation in both sides of my abdomen, as this was thought to be causing the pain- this didn抰 work; the anaesthetic, however, completely cured the problem two or three days after the operation with the pain returning with the anaesthetic wearing off. All of the urologists didn't understand what was causing the pain.

What makes the Pain better?:

Anaesthetic!!!! Two days after operation for Laparoscopy, completely normal sexual functioning. My abdomen was completely numb, so there must be a link between the Impotence/Inflammation and reduction in inflammation by the Anaesthetic.
Freezing Cold Water. E.g, Lake/River.
For my back, being curled into a ball.
Sitting very still for long periods (10-15 hour coach trips?!!!). Strange.
Stretching for Lower back helps a little, but no stretch can get rid of the muscle cramps in Stomach Groin.
Anti Inflammatories help a little.

I now think that my back and its musculature are the reason (like the osteopath) behind these symptoms, and not Urological symptoms. I have had lower back/neck problems previous to these current symptoms that started after my running program in � 

Dr. lin, Any help you can provide will be really appreciated. What you do is such a good service to people in need.

Dr. Lin: 9/02/2005>Yes, your body produced excessive stress and prolactin under the intensive physical training which affects the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal and -testicular (-ovarian) axis
I have addressed this problem in

You need Vacuum-cupping massage to decongest your body  (too many hard collagen tissues/scars compressing your nerves) and take ViaPal-hGH-M and our prospect new product ArgiNOx to de-stress your brain and neuroendocrine system, to detoxify the blood (remove excessive epinephrine and prolactin), to excite the oxytocinergic nervous system, and to boost your prostaglandin E-1 and Nitric Oxide production for improvement of the blood circulation. You will have a lot of blue or dark blood congestion spots under your skin!
ArgiNOX will be released soon.
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