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Case Title:  Pot smoking caused this 19-year old man's health and sexual disorders for no sexual orgasm
Reader: 8/23/2005>
Hello Dr. Lin, I'm writing to you in hope for some suggestions. I'm only a college student without a job, and basically living through financial aid currently. Most of 2004 and beginning of 2005 I've been smoking pot every night. When I became very high, I would masturbate. It felt like the best masturbation you could have, and I think this is what kept me on pot. A little over a half year later, I noticed that masturbating was not as good of a feeling as before. At times I would have trouble ejaculating, plus my penis was not so hard; it would take a long time masturbating with the outcome not satisfying either. But then some other days I could ejaculate well again. I notice that when I get the feeling of a lump in my throat, it affects my masturbation. But eventually though, this had gotten worse, and sometimes I would even not think about masturbating when I smoke up. It's quite depressing Dr. Lin. I'd say I've smoked for a total of approximately 1 yea!
r. I smoked through a pipe with the screen type to filter out the ashes. But anyhow, I'd smoke quite a bit every night starting at midnight, and I would masturbate ever single time. After masturbation when the high starts to drop, I would eat plenty of food/sweets. It's really bad because I sleep after eating. Towards the end of January of 2005, I've decided to quit smoking in fear that I'm becomming impotent, and have been clean ever since. I remember suffering seriously after quiting for the first 2 months. I guess that was called drug withdraws. For some reason, most of my friends that smoked just as much as I did, suffered no kind of problems like me. The first month was worse as I was getting severe headaches, eye problems, lump in the throat feeling, feeling of choking. I remember during Saturdays when I went out with my folks for lunch, I would desperately want to go home. And when I got home, I would jump in bed during the early Saturday afternoon. I remember having trouble sleeping also, because whenever I closed my eyes,
it was still straining to me. It was like my eyes were still open. That's why I complained about eye problems too. A feeling of choking constantly was quite often. When I press on my tyroid area it would become worse. My masturbation stopped as well. I guess it's because I was scared that I can't ejaculate. I don't become easily turned on either, even after watching pornography. My penis is not as hard as before.

Having quit for a little over a half year now, trouble sleeping, headaches, and eye strain is no longer the case. I still have the lump in the throat feeling ocasionally off and on, but then again it's not so bad like before. I still have the ejaculation problem, and it's also gotten better. At least I can ejaculate not, but not like I'm completely satisfied though. I remember after 3 months of quitting, I started to get my good ejaculation back. I thought it was all back to normal, but I was wrong. Lately, it's been bad again, but not getting worse like before thank god. Although it may take a while to ejaculate, but unlike before I just wouldn't ejaculate at all. Still I don't get very turned on like before though when I watch porno. I could go through days without masturbating, and I don't like it. I just don't feel turned on for some reason. I notice that when I get the feeling of a lump in my throat. 

Dr. Lin, what can you recommend for me to take in order to get this lump on the throat feeling away forever, and for me to get my masturbation back to normal. I love to masturbate, and it's very depressing not to be able to like before. Like I mentioned earlier, I'm just a college student without that much money. I can't afford too much medication. What can I take that'll work without spending too much money Dr. Lin? 

Dr. Lin: 8/23/2005>I don't know exactly what your throat limp is.
You should see your school medical doctor to give you an examination. It should not cost you too much.
I can solve the drugs-induced health (brain/nervous and sexual) disorders, but not diseases or tumors/cancers.
If your throat limp is an inflammation (for examples, due to excessive prostaglandin E-2 or stress neurohormones), instead of a disease or tumor/cancer, I may be able to help you.
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