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News updated:

Case Title:   He said ' Her urinary incontinence has almost completely disappeared. Her doctor was very surprised, because his prognosis was that she may always have some degree of problem. She was able to stop taking the medication that she was on to treat this problem, which didnít help the condition very much anyway. To sum things up, Dr . Lin, I am 100% convinced that you are correct about this. Dog sex provides an effective therapy for at least some of the underlying causes of female urinary incontinence.' for restoration of sexual orgasm with Dog Sex (Biofeedback Heat Therapy)!  On thermal and bioelectric beneficial effects of the penis and semen on the female continuous orgasm, vagina/urethral health, vaginal tightness and  urinary continence
Reader: 8/11/2005>
Dr Lin,
I am 55 years old and my wife is 39. I have enjoyed your site for many years
now. My email is in reference to your case#12137, concerning canine
beastiality where you stated, and I quote, "I believe, sooner or later, the
medical society will "discover" this new treatment for female urinary
and bowel incontinence with dog sex.". I would like to thank you for
posting that rather sensitive topic, because it has made a great
difference in our lives. I would also like to report additional beneficial
effects for your consideration. My wife recently had a bout with serious
urinary incontinence after the birth of our last baby. It turns out that this
is not uncommon after childbirth, but usually subsides quickly. It was
accompanied by vaginal looseness. And it also resulted in making it very
difficult for my wife to have orgasms during intercourse. She would get
only moderately excited through intercourse, even when using your high
angle of attack positions, but the only way I could get her to orgasm was
through oral, your level-1 scale. The incontinence went on for much longer
than her doctor felt it should, and nothing, including kegel exercises,
seemed to help. I discussed your theories regarding dog penis therapy
with my wife. Out of frustration, she agreed to try it, even though it
was extremely disgusting to her. The first 3 weeks was marked by
inconsistent outcomes, as it was a training period for the dog, and also
my wife. I have a 4 year old mut, half Lab mixed with some kind of larger
breed dog. After that training period, he was mounting accurately and
consistently, and we have had no problems ever since. We always
use the doggy position, as this is the most natural for the dog. During
the last 3 months, my wife has had 42 intercourse sessions with our
dog, averaging 3 to 4 nights per week. The results are remarkable.
Her urinary incontinence has almost completely disappeared.
Her doctor was very surprised, because his prognosis was that she
may always have some degree of problem. She was able to stop
taking the medication that she was on to treat this problem, which
didnít help the condition very much anyway. To sum things up, 
Dr . Lin, I am 100% convinced that you are correct about this.
Dog sex provides an effective therapy for at least some of the
underlying causes of female urinary incontinence. I also believe
that our case gives credence to the possibility that dog sex can
be an effective therapy for post-partum vaginal musculature
weakness or damage. I think that it makes sense that these two
conditions, plus the symptomatically related sexual problems
would be linked. Of course, this all could just be a coincidence,
but much of my comment is related to the fact that her progress
has been so much better than her doctorís prognosis. Thank you
for your excellent and thoughtful commentary to all your
followers here on this site. 

-From: A Grateful Husband

Dr Lin,
I think that the above actually is sufficient and appropriate
to support your dog sex theory for the treatment of female
urinary incontinence. Below, I will lay out the exact techniques
that I used for my wifeís apparently successful treatment. It
will be more graphic and frank, so I am not sure that you
would find it appropriate for your site. But if you believe
that it could be useful to your readers, you can attach it to
the end of the above. It is quite long, so I donít know if your
email server will accept it.

So, I will list my observations here now, in case they may be
helpful to other readers with the same problems. I am not
going to cover the issues of training a dog, but I donít mean
to minimize that. It takes some time and effort to get that
done. I have a 4 year old Lab mix. His body size is larger than
an average Lab. His penis measures 8.25Ē from the
tip to the back of the knot(bulb). The knot is just under 4Ē in
diameter. Although my dog is 8.25Ē from tip to back of
knot(bulb), when the knot swells up behind my wifeís pubic
bone, it pulls in another 1.5Ē or so, hence in total, my wife
has to take well over 9Ē of penetration. For those not
aware, once a male dog is inside a vagina, he doesnít move, 
his swollen knot merely locks his penis inside until he is
finished ejaculating. As Dr Lin had mentioned in his excellent
above referenced case study, I believe that the high temperature 
of the dog penis is the secret. Once the knot(bulb) is locked
inside my wifeís vagina, I have her contract her vaginal
muscles as hard as she can and hold it for 5 seconds, then
relax the muscle for 10 seconds before starting again. I have
her do this until the muscle is totally fatigued. At that point,
she will rest for a few minutes, with the dog penis still buried
inside her. Then, she will start the alternating contraction/relaxation
cycles over again. In this regard, it is very much like kegel
exercising. The difference is that kegels are passive exercises,
contractions performed with an empty pussy(unless a
kegel machine is used). Regardless of whether the kegels
are done with or without a kegel machine, there are two
missing factors provided by a dog penis knot. Heat(101F-102F),
and very evenly distributed pressure on all walls of the vaginal
tube. My dog will remained locked inside my wifeís pussy
anywhere between 3 and 20 minutes, I measured this across
42 sessions of intercourse during the 3 months we have been
doing this(averaging 3 to 4 nights per week). The average duration
of the sexual intercourse sessions has been 11 minutes, which
gives plenty of time for enough kegel contractions to completely
fatigue my wifeís vaginal muscles. Added heat is supplied by the
massive amount of semen that my dog pumps into my wife. The
big knot acts as a plug that holds most of the hot semen inside
the vagina. As Dr. Lin can attest, water-based liquid(as semen is)
has a very high specific heat. This allows very effective heat
transfer from the penile shaft and knot directly into the massively
stretched and challenged surrounding vaginal muscle walls. 
The big knot effectively compresses the front vaginal wall, thinning
it severely enough that heat flows into the urethera as well. In
short, the entire muscle area contributing to urinary control gets
heat treated while it is being alternatively contracted and
relaxed. Just thinking about this will make sense to any of you
that have been athletes.

My dog is a pretty large breed dog, Most readers, if they have
dogs, will be smaller than this. My thoughts on this are that the
biggest knot that your lady can comfortably handle is best. But
you have to go with what you have. With my dog, when my
wife relaxes her vagina, the dog will not slip out. If your dog
is smaller, you will have to push on his butt a little to make sure
he doesnít slip out.Remember that if she is having the same
problem as my wife, her vagina will be very loose, and all the
surrounding muscles will be weak. The object is to really
challenge those muscles with the stretching heat that a firmly
embedded dog cock can produce. I recommend getting your
wife very sexually hot before letting your dog mount. This is
especially important if you dogís penis is very big, like mine.
She needs to be fully tented inside before entry, because entry
will be swift and brutal. I use a lot of oral, plus Dr Linís finger
plier method to gradually get my wife built up to the point that
she is begging for it. This technique not only gets her vagina 
well prepared, but she will sometimes have an orgasm during
entry if the dog is particularly aggressive on that night. The
action of the kegel exercises with my dogís penis
inside is really quite erotic. When my wife relaxes her vagina, I
can see the knot trying to pop out. But it is too big, so it doesnít
quite make it out, Then when she contracts, the knot is pulled up
inside her about an inch. That inch of travel massages her G-Spot
and vaginal front wall with the stretching pressure of the huge knot.
Also, the extra inch of penetration forces my dogís blunt shaped
penis head deep into her epicenter. You can kind of visualize what
is going on here. When she is really turned on, she will be
contracting and relaxing as fast as she can, which moves
the dog penis and knot in and out of her pussy with deep, 1 inch
strokes. This creates a situation were she is actually fucking
herself as she alternately contracts and relaxes. The result
gets her very horny after several minutes, and she has had many
level-7, body quaking orgasms during this therapy. I will be
working over her clit with my fingers during this time.

In our case, our dog is actually a little too big for my wife.
She is asian, barely 5 foot tall when in heels, and isnít quite as
big inside as the average caucation woman. This made the first
few fully penetrated intercourse sessions extremely challenging
for her. Be prepared for your lady to panic a little on her first try.
Dogs are not known for their gentle love making, Entry is swift
and brutal, and their goal is to fill her up as quickly and deeply
as possible. If I may be blunt, male dogs do not make love.
They fuck. My wife intially had a fear of the huge knot, but
she actually struggled more with the length. Our dog is 8.25Ē
to back of knot, but there is actually more penis behind the
knot. I hold the dog penis at the base to limit the penetration
during mounting and entry. After the knot swells up inside,
and she does a contraction, the inward travel penetrates over
9 inches up her cunt. This was the biggest problem for my wife,
the excessive length. A penis that is too long will not allow
the dog to get the knot in deep enough to lock, and my wife
is indeed very close to that limit. However, and Dr. Lin
please comment on this, I believe that very deep penetrations
into the epicenter greatly accelerates what you call the epicenter
component of stimulated female orgasm(components being
clit, G-spot, and epicenter gap). I have noticed another factor
that Dr Lin has refered to, namely, the effect of the heat of the
ejaculating semen into my wifeís fully stretched and penetrated
epicenter gap. I position my wife in the doggie position with
her vaginal opening a little lower than the dogís penis as he
approaches from behind. This results in it being more likely
that his penis will move in along the front wall of her vagina,
thereby inceasing the chances of his penis tip lodging inself
into the epicenter gap(and also missing a direct hit on her cervix,
which can be very painful). This is not an exact science, though,
since penis entry is so frantic by the dog. Sometimes, the
tip will fuck itís way up into the posterior fornix. But when it
does lodge deeply into the epicenter gap, the effect of the hot,
copious ejaculations right into that nerve rich little zone drives
my wife wild. And unlike a man, the ejaculations just keep going
on and on throughout most of the intercourse session. This
effect is so pronounced, that I have taken steps to ensure that
my dog can deliver large quantities of semen into my wife. That
is why we do not do this every night. We let the dog rest
between sessions. I read up a little on reproductive technology
for animals. It turns out that most breeders of all animals will
use false mount techniques to increase semen volume. So, when
my dog starts to mount, I will push him off before his penis
contacts my wife. I will do that a few times before
I let him enter. (Donít do this when you are training the dog
though, as he may get the idea he shouldnít be mounting).
This getís the dog really crazy with sexual desire, which
apparently, pre-loads more semen into the seminal vesicles.
If you choose to use this technique, be advised that your dog
will get very wild. Make sure your wife is prepared, because
she is going to get fucked with rape-like intensity.
Using these techniques, my dog will generally ejaculate
up to a quarter cup of hot semen up into her epicenter.
This occurs over the entire duration of the intercourse session,
which can be up to 20 minutes if my dog is particularly horny
that night. When that happens, my wife will have many
multiple orgasms. Generally, at least one will be a level-7.
I believe that the intense vaginal muscle contractions of these
high level orgasms are a big part of the treatment. One thing is
for sure, my dogís penis enjoys the sensations of my wifeís
strong orgasmic contractions clamping rythmically around
his manhood(or doghood, lol). It seems to spur him to
stay hard longer, and do a better job draining his big testicles.
One night, after one of his few 5 night rests, my wife happened
to be just starting her first ovulation after the childbirth. So,
they were both particularly horny. I forced a dozen false
mounts that night, and after each one, he licked my wifeís
vulva. She was literally begging for entry. His mount was
unusually deep and effective. Since my wife was so hot,
I decided to give my dog more leeway. I usually grab his
shaft right behind the knot to limit his initial penetration.
This time, I let nature take itís course. The fucking was
brutal and deep. I know that he took her over 10 inches
during the sub-2minute thrusting phase. She screamed
at the depth, but as soon as the knot swelled, and he stopped
thrusting, the shaft went to itís normal 9 plus inch penetration,
and she came in a shuddering orgasm. I mention this to illustrate
that you may be surprised at how much penetration your wife
can take. I know I was. He spurred her on to 7 orgasms
during that 20 minute sesion.. Two were level-7 body shakers.
I had to steady her after the second of those as she almost
fainted. And her cuntal contractions milked him good that night.
I had a pan down under the scene of the crime. A third of a
cup of his semen drained out of her after he finally pulled
out. I mention this not only to protect your carpets, but to
illustrate how mutually fullfiling sex between a human
female and a male dog can be.

Most women can handle a very large dog knot if it locks
inside, and isnít forced through the outer third of the vaginal
tube. Especially women that have just had a baby. A very
important thing is that you do not let your dog pull
his penis out of your wife until his knot goes down.
Hold his butt against hers so that he can not do that. Hold
his front paws so that he does not try to dismount. Sooth
him with gentle talk. Donít let anything startle him. Turn
off the TV and telephones before you start. Better to
do this very late at night so that the door bell does not
ring. That gets most dogs very excited. Very nervous
dogs are harder to control, obviously.

OK, so that about covers the treatment aspects of the issue.
I would just like to mention a few additional comments not
relating to the treatment of the physical condition. I am
referring to the sexual part of this. In some ways, a dog penis
and a womanís vagina seem almost made for each other.
The knot is just in the right place to effectively pressure
and stimulate the nerve laden G-spot. The dog penis stays
hard for very long periods of time. The penal motion is
intense, but for a very short period of time. This disadvantage
is overcome if your lady is brought to within an eyelash
of orgasm before entry. And then, as I mentioned, the
dog penis and semen are very hot, and vaginal pleasure
centers seem extremely sensitive to heat. A pretty interesting
coincidence for the open minded. My wife went into this
with no desire for it. Even to this day, she claims that she
doesnít really want to do it for the enjoyment. But I suspect
that she is just saying that for the benefit of my ego. I happen
to have a very small penis. With Dr Linís techniques, I can
give my wife good orgasms (or could before her problem).
But itís pretty obvious that the effect of the thick, long
dog penis on her G-spot and into her epicenter has been
very effective in pleasuring her. I have no problem with this
emotionally. I definitely would have a problem letting
her have some well hung man. But my dog? No problem.
In fact, it is very erotic watching the little thing get
aggressively copulated by my big dog. This is definitely
not for everyone, but if you and your wife have the
tolerance for it, you may find it helpful for these post-pardum
problems. I believe it may be possible that great orgasms can
have an positive effect on post-pardum depression in women.
What do you think, Dr Lin?

As of this writing, the treatments have resulted in tightening
her vagina significantly. Before the dog treatments, I could only
give her level-1 orgasms through oral. My small penis could not
feel much at all while inside her. Now, I can get very pleasurable
stimulation during intercourse. I can now occasionally get her
to about level-3 with intercourse. Maybe once every 4 or 5 times.
So, we are definately making progress. The great news is that the
incontinence is almost totally cured, with her off the meds. 

And, just for the record, I have read that many people view
this as animal cruelty. That is just a bunch of BS. If you saw
my dog, you would know. He doesnít do anything obnoxious,
like try to mount my wife during inappropriate times. But, he
has this cute little thing he does. We have this room that we
always go to when he gets to mate with my wife. He will
sometimes very gently take my wifeís hand in his mouth,
and try to lead her to that room. It is really cute, but the point
is, does that sound like an abused dog? Take my word for it,
he now lives for my beautiful little wifeís vagina.
Dr. Lin: 8/11/2005>Thank you for your input.
I think we should use the term "Biofeedback Heat Therapy" in stead of "Dog Sex", for this special medical application. You need a open mind to accept this therapy.
Hopefully, people won't feel offensive when they read this link - http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case12137.htm or http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case12757.htm 
Yes, based upon our more than 33 years experiences of practicing Screwing Sex ( http://www.actionlove.com/love/screw.htm ) , I have discovered a hot penis and hot semen can trigger instantly female orgasm with no effort, treat the vaginal/urethral nervous disorder, and boost the vagina/urethral prostaglandin E-1 synthesis for restore vaginal tightness and urethral continence; on the other hand, a hot vaginal secretion fluid (with a lot of prostaglandin E-1) can help the penis erect harder and last longer. A high volume of hot semen can stimulate the Epicenter/cervix nerves for orgasmic contraction without any mechanical stimulation on the other part of vagina. Each ejaculation pulse produces one orgasmic contraction.  
Prostaglandin E-1 heals the damaged tissues, nerves and blood vessels and maintain the urethral/vaginal blood circulation.   My Screwing Sex can help women restore vaginal/urethral vaginal blood flow and prostaglandin E-1 synthesis for vaginal tightness and urinary continence, and stimulate the vaginal immunity, if she can feel the heat  from your penis.  

Reader: 8/12/2005>
Dr Lin,
Thank you for your fast response. Like you, I have an engineering
background, so pardon me for this follow up. It's OK if you
can't respond, as I know you have many others to answer.
I have observed very carefully the effects of my dog coupling with
my wife, as one would an experiment. I found it very strange at
first that only hot semen jets into the epicenter could cause
powerful level female orgasmic contractions without other
mechanical stimulation, but I have some data in support of you on
that. On the particularly hot night I described toward the end
of PARTII, my wife's sixth orgasm that night wasn't a high
level, but it seems to kind of discharge her for about 3 minutes.
What I mean is she seemed totally sexually satisfied from what
had transpired. She was relaxed, content, and exhausted. But,
of course, the dog wasn't finished with her. With my hand on his
tail, I could feel the constant pulse..pulse..pulse of semem as he
continued his relentless ejaculations. At that time, her vagina was
relaxed, and I observed that the big knot was about one third of
the way outside her vaginal opening. Now, since he is 8.25" from
tip to back of knot, and his knot is almost 4" in diameter, one
third of the knot outside would mean that she only had less than
7 inches of penis tip penetration up into her epicenter at that time.
It also meant that the knot wasn't pressuring her G-spot quite as
effectively. And, at the time, I had stopped massaging her clit
manually, The point of all this is that she wasn't receiving near
as much mechanical stimulation as normal during the Biofeedback
Heat Therapy. However, the penis tip was still lodged into
the epicenter, and it was pulsing away with hot jets of semen.
After about 3 minutes of her being "spent", I was just waiting
for the dog's knot to subside so that we could painlessly get
him out of her for the night. But all of a sudden, she went from
content to highly excited and started another intense orgasm. I am
not kidding, the rise time of this orgasm was maybe 3 seconds
from her moans starting until it hit her like a ton of bricks. The
point is, I believe that with the relatively low mechanical
stimulation at the time, it was indeed the pulsing hot semen
jets into the sexual nerves of the epicenter that triggered the
orgasm, exactly as you have observed over the years.
This is what I believe happened, in theory:
1) There was a very low component of clit and G-spot
mechanical stimulation factors at first.
2) Semen jets were hitting her deep to the epicenter
3) Her previous orgasms had her sexual circuits drained
but recharging over the next 3 minutes
4) The continuing jets kept hitting until she reached
some recharge point, as a capacitor.
5) Finally, the hot semen was too much, and she started
a Level-4 uterine orgasm.
6) Her first vaginal contraction clamped around the
knot and drove it across her G-spot, and drove the penis
tip from 7" to over 9" up her cunt and deeper into the
epicenter, intensifying the epicenter pleasure component.
At the same time I started manual clit stimulation
7) The resulting mechanical effects on her clit and G-spot
deepened her orgasm quickly to a level-7.
The result was maybe a tuned system with positive orgasmic
feedback between the dog penis and my wife's sexual system.
Dog ejaculations and wife's vaginal orgasmic contractions almost
exactly 180 degrees out of phase
Something like the following:
Dog ejaculation jet Wife effect System Effect
t pulse - Epicenter stimulation
i contraction Drive tip and knot deep.
m clamping excites dog.
e pulse - Epicenter stimulation
contraction Drive tip and knot deep
clamping excites dog
The above occurred for between 25 and 30 cycles(I lost
count). My wife reported your "volcano" effect, with heat
seemingly coming out of her head, and she almost passed out.
Like you mentioned, one utero-vaginal contraction per hot
dog semen jet, intensified by the short stroke "fucking"
action caused by her vaginal contractions around the trapped
dog cock knot. My wife admitted that this was the most
intense orgasm that she had ever experienced. So much
so that it started to scare her a little after she got to about 15
orgasmic contractions. After that intense session of sexual
intercourse, her vagina was so exhausted that it remained
paged open for a long time. That was a very erotic thing
for me to see, but it panicked her a little. However, during the
following days, she was very relaxed and content, with
little signs of stress. There is absolutely no doubt in my
mind that her mental outlook is positively affected by
these very intense sexual intercourse sessions with
my dog.

This was the only time that I noticed your effect of hot semen
impact around the uterus actually starting an orgasm. Other
times it may have happened, but I couldn't notice it as
obvious as the time. It is sometimes hard to seperate the
combined effects I think. Recall that the situation this time
was that the dog had been resting for 5 days, and my wife
was starting her first ovulation since the birth of the baby.

1) Is the epicenter area more sensitive around ovulation?
2) Is there higher levels of prostaglandin E-1 in vaginal
fluids around ovulation time?
3) You mentioned that prostaglandin E-1 can cause a
penis to get harder and last longer. I wonder if a dog
penis is effected the same way by a human vagina?
(He lasted for 20 minutes, and ejaculated a third of
a cup of semen, so the sex was obviously great for him).
One thing is for sure, my wife was really horny, and
her cuntal contractions were very powerfully
massaging the dog's big penis. He was wimpering more
than usually, so I know he was enjoying my wife's
hot, wet sex tube. And, after he took his penis out of
her, he licked her pussy lips and clit a lot. I read that
this is a way a male dog shows his appreciation to
the female. So, do you think my wife's prostaglandin
E-1 could have a sexual effect on my dog's penis?

4) Previous to the Biofeedback Heat Therapy sessions,
my wife had some slight past-pardum depression, especially
after discontiuing breast feeding of the baby. Sex between
her and me resulted in only Level-1 orgasms for her, and
did not help her minor depression symptoms. Now, as
she gets to experience high level orgasms with the dog,
those symptoms have dissapeared. I am just wondering
if you have any data on the effect of intense female orgasms
on post-pardum depression?

5) Do you think that childbirth makes the nerves in the
epicenter more sensitive to sexual stimulation?

Again, sorry this got so long,

Dr. Lin: 8/12/2005>
Hot Semen, like a lava, is a powerful orgasm stimulator due to the thermal effect and the swelling hormones prostaglandin E-1 and E-2. Ejaculating Hot semen into the cervix and Epincenter can trigger orgasm without mechanical stimulation. Then, when the hot semen lava flows down to the G-spot, it trigger the G-spot orgasm to superimpose onto the Epicenter orgasm; when the hot semen lava flows to the vulva, it iginite an extra orgasm in the clitoris and urethral orifice to superimpose (intensify) on the previous G-spot and Epicenter orgasm. Her vagina/urethra/clitoris become an orgasmic resonantor, like a laser resonant tube with two reflector on both ends! This is why she experienced a volcano-type orgasm with internal earthquake, a supper Level-7 orgasm, without effort.

OK. Here are my answers to your questions:
1) Is the epicenter area more sensitive around ovulation?
Yes! The elevetion of androstenedione and testosterone make women in heat during ovulation.
The vulva, clitoris, G-spot, Epicenter and vagina/urethra are swelling during ovulation.

2) Is there higher levels of prostaglandin E-1 in vaginal
fluids around ovulation time?

Yes. Both prostagland E-1 and E-2. prostagland E-1 causes healing erection/dilation; prostagaldin E-2 induces inflammation.
Both produce a huge vula swelling.

3) You mentioned that prostaglandin E-1 can cause a
penis to get harder and last longer. I wonder if a dog
penis is effected the same way by a human vagina?


(He lasted for 20 minutes, and ejaculated a third of
a cup of semen, so the sex was obviously great for him).
One thing is for sure, my wife was really horny, and
her cuntal contractions were very powerfully
massaging the dog's big penis. He was wimpering more
than usually, so I know he was enjoying my wife's
hot, wet sex tube. And, after he took his penis out of
her, he licked her pussy lips and clit a lot. I read that
this is a way a male dog shows his appreciation to
the female. So, do you think my wife's prostaglandin
E-1 could have a sexual effect on my dog's penis?

Yes. It is a mutual interaction between the vagina and penis during sex.

4) Previous to the Biofeedback Heat Therapy sessions,
my wife had some slight past-pardum depression, especially
after discontinuing breast feeding of the baby. Sex between
her and me resulted in only Level-1 orgasms for her, and
did not help her minor depression symptoms. Now, as
she gets to experience high level orgasms with the dog,
those symptoms have disappeared. I am just wondering
if you have any data on the effect of intense female orgasms
on post-pardum depression?

Yes. Frequent Orgasm can cure depression due to the frequent release of oxytocin and endorphins if there is no much vaginal abrasion and a limited stress hormone epinephrine release (that is only the conversion L-Dopa => Dopamine=> norepinephrine without phenylethanolamine-N-methyl transferase gene over-expression).
Orgasm induced by Hot Semen produces this type of benefit without stress.

Please also read: 
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endometriosis and sexual orgasm
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5) Do you think that childbirth makes the nerves in the
epicenter more sensitive to sexual stimulation?
Yes. the uterus and cervix drops down a little back. Under this condition, the swelling of the Epicenter and Cervix by either prostaglandin E-1 or E-2 will induce constant sexual arousal and orgasm, as given in
Prostaglandin E-1 or/and E-2 can be produced by the local tissue or come from semen.

Reader: 8/14/2005>
Dr Lin,
You are so nice to continue this dialog. I feel that I am imposing, so please do not feel bad to stop answering when you have had enough of me. I am an electrical engineer, and find this topic so fascinating. Science applied to sexuality. I have some thoughts that I would like to bounce off you. See me comments below your previous answers. See <Husband> ->

PS, do you have any products to shrink the prostate? My doctor says that mine is enlarged, but PSA levels are normal. I am 55 years old. (Wife is 39).
Dr. Lin: 8/14/2005>
Yes. our products ViaPal-hGH-P and PinealTonin( or 5-HTP ) can do it well in dealing with the prostate problem (inflammation due to prostaglandin E-2) -
I think I have already answered this question in the <Husband> section somewhere. The orgasm are a constructive superimposition of the electric signals in the neurosynapses ( the summation operation amplifiers and amplitude modulation amplifiers) from every nervous sensors and fibers in the epicenter/cervix/urethral/vaginal/clitoral erectile tissue.
Without a high-pressure resonant stimulation as described in http://www.actionlove.com/love/resonant.htm , orgams can be triggered by a thermal effect induced prostaglandin E-1 and E-2 synthesis and its stimulation on the vagus nerves in the Epicenter/cervix, where the vagus nerves outflow from the brainstem and project into the front body and all internal organs (lungs. heart, liver pancreas, spleen, digestive systems, adrenal glands, kidneys and so on) and down to the clitoris, bladder, urethra, uterus, cervix and vaginal/urethral spongy tissues (from the G-spot to the Epicenter). The clitoris and cervix/epicenters are the two major endings of the vagus in the deep south, like a south pole., where the cervix/epicenter site is bigger than the clitoris. The thermal effect on this Epicenter/Cervix vagus nerves was reported by my wife, with a persistent, continuous orgasm for many hours after my hot penis reached the Epicenter and the ejaculated my hot semen into the site. 
The Level-7 orgasm is a composite orgasm, a constructive superimposition response of multople nervous sensors.
My wife told she felt orgasm waves running up from her uterus along her central front body once my hot penis got into the spot. If my penis was not shinny and red hot, she would not feel that thermal effect and then it would take a while to heat up my penis and her vagina. Once the thermal effect was kicked in, her inner vagina/cervix sucked up my penis to induce a powerful ejaculation for a full body orgasm, then my hot lava flow down to her G-spot to induce another orgasm to orchestra the Epicenter Orgasm, and finally, when the lava flew down to her urethral orifice and glans clitoris, she got extra clitoral orgasm to synchronize the other two orgasmic sequences, util her body becomes very soft. However, the orgasm aftermath continued, she could continue to feel her uterine contraction which sent the "Chi" up along her Conceptive vessel (or the electric pulses along the vagus nerves in the central front body). My wife described her continous orgasm experiences like a deep-water solitions (a solution of the nonlinear Schrodinger equation by the inverse scattering method ( http://wwwmaths.anu.edu.au/~brander/solthesis.pdf  ) ; The KDV equation for the shallow-water solitons - the clitral orgasm) as given in http://www.actionlove/image/soliton.jpg , so that I "invented" the biofeedback heat 'thermal" therapy with the penile and semen heat and the prostaglandin E-1 in semen after I observed her vaginal tightness like a virgin's., where her vagina can sucks up my one finger and there is no way for 2 fingers to get into her vagina, while my penile diameter is about 1.8 inches, tightly fits into her vagina with her vaginal self lubrication.
This is how I invented my biofeedback heat therapy theory which was derived from my Crewing Sex technique. We practiced screwing sex daily, so that I could use my pens' heat to recondition her vagina/urethra after childbirth. And It worked very well.
Afterward, I realized the dog body is warmer than the human's by 4 degrees and therefore, the dog's penis and semen must be warmer too. When you put the dog's penis and/or semen in the vagina, the vagina/urethra/cervix/bladder/uterus are like being soaking in a 101-102 degrees warm solution with a lot of prostaglandins, androgen hormones, and minerals calcium/magnesium/Zinc, which in turn, supercharge the local sex nerves.
You can not underestimate the healing power from the delicate nueonutritional solution - hot semen.
A continuous orgasm, even without stress stimulation on the nerves, causes excessive dopamine-norepinephrine conversion and trigger the flooding of prolactin to shut down sexual responses and libido. Thermal stimulation gives women more relaxation, so that they can enjoy longer and more orgasms, in comparison with mechanical stimulation on the clitoris, G-spot or/and Epicenter.
Mechanical stimulation can cause tissue and nervous abrasion for pains, cramps and incontinence. We prefer using thermal effects to supercharge the sex nerves.
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