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Case Title:  He said ' Dr. Lin, i've taken the time to look up many of the compounds you put in your products, and i'm extremely impressed. No wonder my sex drive is so high, and i feel so healthy.' for more healthy life and sexual orgasm. On safety and benefts of red wine, coffee, Aspirin and CLA.
Hey Dr Lin, how's it going yet again.

I'm pleased to say again that your products are working wonders for me. I've cut down a bit now because i'm a little low on money with all the bills adding up, but my dad would like to try your products now.

So what can you recommend for my dad?
He's a type 1 diabetic for about 20 years. He's about 5'5", and 145 pounds, he's got a good diet and everything. But he has problems with nerve damage in his toes and fingers, so he feels tingling there. He also has cramping, and arthritic problems. I told him to get a higher amount of omega 3's, to help reduce inflammation. His muscles also easily tear, he just woke up one day and his back was sore. He notices i take all these supplements, and my health feels great, so he'd like to try. He's also had problems with depression, and i believe he was taking lorezapam, very much like diazepam for anti anxiety. He also has cracked skin on his hands and feet, it's very dry. He doesn't have sex at all, and i honestly don't think he even masturbates. I'm thinking the mix of diabetes, pot smoking, drinking, and smoking killed his sex drive, thus ending the marriage to my mother. Oh well. He doesn't have any bad habits this day, but still. What can you recommend for him???

I think i remember Viagrowth IV, Moodmax, and Detoxia was the right formula for diabetics?? I'm not sure if it was type 1 or type 2 diabetes, so i just wanted to confirm with you. Also, would you recommend adding 5-HTP, and ginseng 4x+(for neural health)??? Once again, he doesn't have any form of sex.

There is also one thing i'd like to mention, i'm a little embarassed that this is a sex solutions site, and i know that the instructions sheet you send says "WARNING CHRONIC MASTURBATION CAN MAKE YOU IMPOTENT AND CAUSES PENILE SHRINKAGE". I'm wondering if you can not put anything that relates your products to sex in this order.

Also, i have a few questions that i would like your opinion on.

1. Red wine? Good in moderation, yes or no? It's got polyphenols, alcohol, and resveratrol in it. Currently, i'm just drinking grape juice. I'm just curious, because i really don't want my liver looking like swiss cheese.

2. Coffee? Good in moderation, yes or no? This heart surgeon says it is good for you in moderation and can prevent dementia in later life. I'm thinking that's why my 80 year old granny still has a personality like she's still 40.

3. Aspirin? Good or bad? Once again, that same heart surgeon says 2 baby aspirin a day can work wonders for the body. I also heard my pharmacology prof telling me good things about the works of aspirin and the prevention of so many types of diseases. But what i fear, is that while it reduces prostaglandin E-2, does it also reduce prostaglandin E-1? From what i got out of my lecture, it reduces all the prostaglandins since it's a cox inhibitor, but i'd like to double check with you. My dad also takes 2 aspirin everyday.

4. CLA? Conjugated linoleic acid? Good or bad? This omega 6 fatty acid has proven to be one of the most powerful anti-carcinogenic fatty acids discovered, reduces the size of fat cells, a powerful antioxidant, and has a handful of other benefits. I learned about this from my nutrition prof, who's doing research on how to increase the CLA in the anaerobic guts of cattle for more of this in dairy products. I've been taking these supplements, and i was also wondering what you think of CLA?

Dr. Lin, i've taken the time to look up many of the compounds you put in your products, and i'm extremely impressed. No wonder my sex drive is so high, and i feel so healthy.

Well, just tell me your thoughts on this e-mail, and recommend something for my dad. I'll confirm processing the order as soon as i get your recommendation. Also, you can hear from me again in about 2 weeks time as i will be reordering my own personal products.

Thanks again for your words of wisdom.
A very satisfied customer,

Dr. Lin: 5/26/2005>Yes, he should take ViaPal-hGH-S and 5-HTP to help him out.
We can enclose a special instruction for him without mentioning sex.
That warning was issued after a 55-year old man, who had continuously had sex 3 times a day for 3 weeks after taking ViaPal-hGH-P, claimed that the products failed to support his unlimited sexual desire and life style with ejaculating 3 times every day. There is no way for any miracle products or drugs to guarantee each individual sex life like that.
1. Red wine - alcohol is bad for the brain and liver, but polyphenols is good. You can cock red wine with chicken to reduce the alcohol level since alcohol starts to evaporate at 78 degrees C (or 172 degrees F). Cock it with a uncovered pot to let alcohol escape. Grape juice is too sweet, too much sugar. You can turn grape juice into red wine (turn sugar into alcohol)!

2. Coffee - you have 1 or 2 cups a day if you don't have a high blood pressure. Actually, Caffeine triggers epinephrine release for a high cardiovascular output and blood pressure responses. A high dose of Caffeine (from coffee and soda) will make you become addictive and change the phenylethanolamine-N-methyl transferase gene expression for hypertension and anxiety. Coffee contains more than caffeine. There is plant sterols that helps fight cancers. You can get the plant sterols from other sources without drinking coffee.

3. Aspirin - it is blood thinner and COX-2 inhibitor. If his blood is too thin, reduce the dosage. This is because if his blood vessels internally break, there is no way to stop the bleeding. His doctors can give him a blood test to decide the dosage.
I have a friend taking aspirin experienecd the internal brain bleeding, resulting in losing her balance. The most common side effect is ulcer. Aspirin is a double-edge sword, for better or worse.

Fish Oil (EPA) and Borage Oil (GLA) with our products can help him improve the quality of his blood vessels and nerves.

Aspirin thins blood; a lack of semen production and its prostaglandin E-1 causes blood ejaculation, prostatitis and urethritis for no more sexual orgasm

4. CLA is the precursor of GLA which becomes DGLA as an immediate precursor of the healing/housekeeping hormone prostaglandin E-1 under COX-1 expression. If COX-2 is over-expression, DGLA will be turned to the inflammatory prostaglandin E-2. To solve the COX-2 over-expression problem, I prefer using Fish Oil (EPA) to consuming COX-2 for the production of prostaglandin E-3 that helps maintain or repair your heart and blood vessel tissue, to taking COX-2 inhibitors that reduces the prostaglandin E-3 synthesis.
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