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Case Title:   Even quitting Chronic Pot (marijuana) smoking for 5 months, he still experiences headaches, eye strain, tiredness, sleeping disorders, digestive sympathetic fires, throat inflammation for no more sexual orgasm
Hello Dr. Lin,
I stopped smoking marijuana about 5 months ago. Before, I've been smoking every night for approximately 1 year. After I quit, I noticed that I was going through some serious withdraws. It lasted at least 2 weeks with mild headaches, feeling down/bad temper, severe eye strain, extremely tired. Some of the symptoms are hard to explain. I remember having lunch with my parents this one Saturday, and I was just suffering in the restaurant. During the ride home, I felt like throwing up, and the day light was just too bright for me. As soon as I got home, I jumped straight to bed. It was also hard for me to fall asleep, as my eyes were straining so badly. I had trouble sleeping throughout the first 2 weeks of quitting. 
I usually smoke marijuana during the night when my parents are sleeping. That's usually 11-12pm. I'd smoke it from a pipe taking a good 4-5 hits each time. Eventually, I smoked more and more as the effect was not as good. Each night that I smoked marijuana, I would masturbate. The ejaculation was extremely powerful, and I have to admit it was a lot better than having intercourse with my girlfriend. I'd sleep approximately 3-4am when the marijuan started to get me tired. However, approximately 6 months later, I started not to be as aroused as much. There were times when I started masturbating, and my mind would just stop focusing. I couldn't ejaculate sometimes, or either the ejaculation was not such a good feeling/satisfying. There were also times in which I would smoke and not masturbate at all having this feeling that it wouldn't work. That's when I started to become worried that my life would be in danger. After New Years, I decided to stop smoking pot indifinitely. That's when all the withdraw symptoms started to hit me as mentioned in the first paragraph. After 2 weeks of withdraws, it starts to calm down significantly. However, I started to produced the feeling of choking whenever I feel this lump in my throat. This lump in my throat feeling, plus choking also triggered a little bit of a headache. I was starting to be able to sleep a little better after 2 weeks of withdraws. Then I started checking the internet about the lump in my throat with choking. It brought up a lot about anxiety/depression, so I went to see my existing pychologist for treatment. Up until today, I have not told him about my marijuana smoking. This existing pychologist was from my treatment of attention deficit disorder, which I was taking Rittalin. Forgot to mention, during the time I was still smoking pot, taking Ritalin would make me get this feeling of choking also, but not the lump in the throat though. Anyhow, the doctor prescribed me some alprazolam/tranquilizer medication. This medication does work 
pretty well. Whenever I get the lump feeling, the medication would take it away. Eventually, the doc started to have me take anti-depresants Lexaprro, and currently, I'm still taking it. The anti-depresants don't seem to help for some reason. I do get some days in which the lump and choking feeling is not there at all. Those are the days I think the medication is working, but then the next day, it'll start happening again. As soon as I wake up, the feelings not there. About a few hours later, the lump and feeling of choking starts. It's usually from the afternoon until dark. It comes and goes. Anyhow, Dr. Lin I'm so sorry to take up all your time. What can you recommend for me? I'm starting to worry so much, and afraid to see a doctor. I keep worrying that I might die soon, having some cancer or something. I noticed that you recommend a lot of medication for system cleansing/detoxification. Are they safe? 
Dr. Lin: 5/17/2005>You have experienced deficiency of acetylcholine, serotonin and GABA in your brain and nervous systems, with an excessive dopamine-norepinephrine-epinephrine conversion, resulting in psychological and physiological disorders including stress, anxiety, depression, bioplar, sleeping disorder, inflammation, headaches, pains/clamps, or other epinephrine-induced COX-2 (prostaglandin E-2), Protein Kinase C (PKC) and histamine-receptor gene over-expression. The pot chemicals have taken over your brain/nervous function and caused your semen production disorder and orgasmic dysfunction.
You need a long-term brain/nerous/liver detoxification and rejuvenation with ViaPal-hGH-J(3-015), 5-HTP(2-001), and DeToxiA (1-017) , plus extra L-Arginine 500 mg 3 times day (if you don't have herpes or kidney disorders), Borage/Fish Oil 1000 mg 3 times day with meal, and Calcium(400 mg)/Magnesium (200 mg)/ Vitamin-D (200 IU).
For more information, please read -
How to treat pot smokers' common problems for restoration of sexual orgasm
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case12583.htm  
How drugs take over your brain and nervous system and how to detoxify your brain and nervous fiber/synapse for restoration of sexual orgasm.
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case11500.htm  
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