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Case Title:   Pot chemicals finally got him with sympathetic nervous Flight ( erectile dysfunction and going limp) and Fight (premature ejaculation in 1-2 minutes), downgraded from 30-80 minutes, for no more sexual orgasm, but breaking up and bad sexual relationship, even with a low dose of marijuana and a low ejaculation frequency.
I used to be an excellent lover. I smoked pot in very small doses, (maybe 1 hit a day) for about the last 10 years. I've quit that, but depending on who I was with I was able to sustain an erection and have sex for 30-80 minutes often. I broke up with a 4 year girlfriend 6 months ago and met someone new about 1 month ago. We've barely had sex twice. I get hard all the time around this beautiful women who treats me well and is great in bed. However, as soon as my underwear comes off, I lose the erection. After laying together and letting my thoughts calm down, we're able to have sex, but it's only last a minute or two at most. I know the problem is in my head. I'm sure if I can get past the first problem, I'll be able to sustain as well.
How can I relax my thoughts to sustain an erection with this women who I am very attracted to? 
Dr. Lin: 5/13/2005>

Reader: 5/13/2005>OK. After reading many of the articles on your site. I'm just about sold. I'll provide some more info in the hope that you can recommend specifically what I may need so I don't make any mistakes.

I'm 31 now and I smoked pot for about 10 years - mostly in very small doses, my ex-girlfriend of 4 years smoked as well and though she was not very active in bed, I was able to get and sustain erections sometimes for 60+ minutes. We had sex maybe 2-3 times a week up till the last 6 months of our relationship when it dropped to 2-3 times a month or less. In my teens, I masterbated about once every other day or less unless I had sex instead. In my twenties, I masterbated 2-4 times a week or less, unless I had sex instead. I've always tried to be aware of how often I masterbate for fear of the reprecussions. I quit smoking only a week ago, but had slowed down a lot, a couple months ago after meeting a great woman who doesn't smoke and doesn't know I did. 6 years ago I got puppy and have gone hiking, biking and jogging with him ever since. I can walk for miles and miles and never really get tired. I don't drink much (maybe a few beers on the weekend) and haven't smoked cigerettes for about 9 years (didn't really smoke more then 3-4 cigarettes a day when I did). I still hike and bike a lot. Even with the pot smoking I managed to attend vocational school and remain at the top of the class. I've been a top employee in my office (I work in computers and interact with exectives daily who never had any idea of my lifestyle). With this new girl, we can be sitting on the couch and cuddling and I'm ready to go. As soon as I penetrate, I lose the erection. If we cuddle for a while I get hard again, and we start to have sex, then I'm done in a minute. Since I was able to keep it up for my ex-girlfriend while I was smoking, I'm sure part of my problem is in my head. However, I know that I will eventually lose this new girl if I can't perform and that makes me even more anxious. I mean, she bought me a toothbrush for her house (sort of inside joke between us), so I know she cares and wants to keep me around for a while, and I want to make her happy. Please advise as to what I need to purchase to help with this. If you need more info, please let me know. I'm eager to try anything except the extremes like Viagra (not at my age anyway). Note that I do recall that after my teens (I had slept with about 14 girls in my teens and done very well with all but one or two), I had similar problems even when I wasn't smoking pot except every few months. It was when I got with a girl and didn't feel enough emotion for her that I had the same problem. At 31, I'd like to be able to perform well, even if I'm not "in love" with the girl. I do have feelings for this current girl, and believe my problem to be both mental and physical. If you can help with the physical, I'm sure I'll be more cofident to deal with the mental side (of course, if you have advice for the mental side as well, I'm very open to anything anyone has to say.). Please help, I miss being able to please a woman.

Thank you!
Dr. Lin: 5/15/2005>Before pot (or drug) chemicals took over your brain and nervous system, the pot or drugs chemicals gave you extra sexual steam by superimposing their excitation power over your original, good brain and nervous function. Once they started to take over your brain and nervous systems, you would be no longer yourself. At this overtaking stage, pot smokers or drug abusers commonly start to experience the sympathetic nervous fires - Fight or Flight response, including anxiety, stress, depression, fatigue, premature ejaculation and erectile withdrawal (going limp during sex). In addition, they start alternating the gene and enzyme expressions for physiological and psychological disorders (brain/nervous), chronic sleeping disorder (pineal gland gene expression disorder in response to ligh), and body pains, via the excessive conversion of stress neurohormone epinephrine from dopamine/norepinephrine and its induced over-expression of COX-2 and Protein Kinase C (PKC).
The pot chemicals taking over your brain and nervous function is relatively slow in comparing with other pot smokers' since your pot dosage is low and your ejaculation frequency is very low too. But, you still experience the sympathetic nervous Fight or Flight responses (premature ejaculation or going limp) during sex.
You can detoxify your brain/nervous function and excite your NOergic and Oxytonergic nervous system better sex with a low dose of ViaPal-hGH-P (3-010) and 5-HTP (2-001) and extra 500 mg L-Arginine 3 times a day.
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