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Case Title:   He said ' I have wonderful news! My spontaneous erections are returning here and there throughout the day and my semen is thick and white! ' with ViaPal-hGH-J, 5-HTP, Borage and Fish Oil, and L-Arginine for restoration of pot smokers'  sexual orgasm and impotence; how to improve  the curvature of a crooked penis induced by erectile drugs and over-masturbation..
Reader: 1/24/2005>
Dear Dr. Lin, 

Please help me. I'm so worried.

A little background about me: I am a 23 year old male who has masturbated daily, sometimes a few times a day, since I was eight years old (as strange as it sounds I would orgasm before puberty without ejaculating). My sex drive has always been enormous, I could have ejaculate then become erect within minutes after orgasm and have sex again. Also, I have smoked marijuana daily for the past three or four years. 

About six nights ago, I had my first sexual experience in two years. During foreplay, I would become erect and then would become flacid as we took breaks during foreplay. A large about of precum was also disposed in my undershorts. By the time we were about to have sex. My penis was erect, but would go soft within about ten seconds. Frustrated, my partner and I both tried to stimulate it with both of our hands & she even performed oral sex on me, but this produced no results. We did this for over an hour. In the morning, I masturbated in the shower to obtain an erection and I couldn't get one. It felt as though my penis was a chunk of "numb meat." 

Since then, I haven't been able to obtain an erection on my own. However, two mornings ago, I woke up with a massive, sustainable erection. My family thinks that it is just nerves because it has been awhile since I have had sex, but I feel desensitized to pornography which has always involuntarily given me an enormous erection. My best friend masturbates even more than me and smokes more marijuana, but it doesn't seem to effect his sex drive. Also, my brother has smoked marijuana daily for over sixteen years with no effect on his ability to obtain an erection and orgasm. 

Two days ago, I commenced taking the lowest dosage of #3-014 (1 MoodMax in the morning, 1 Via IV at noon, and 1 (5H12??) in the evening). I have also stopped all drugs, alchohol, and caffeine.....have started exercising and have improved my diet....and also stopped masturbating. I would like to have your unbiased opinion as to whether DeTox would be optimal as well. Is this the most effective remedy for my problem?? How long should it take for me to regain my sex drive and get full erections again?? Given that this seemed to creep up on my all of a sudden six nights ago, is there a chance that I could become permanently impotent?? I'm so confused and would really appreciate your help. Thanks, Dr. Lin. 
Dr. Lin: 1/24/2005> Your time is running out for impotence and premature ejaculation while they still have few months to reach your state.
You have to gradually reclaim your nervous systems back with ViaPal-hGH-J, 5-HTP and DeToxiA.
You can stay with ViaPal-hGH-M, but add DeToxiA.
It will take few weeks to recharge your erectile nervous function back.
limit 1 ViaGrowth-IV a day, although you can take a high dose of MoodMax and 5-HTP.  Please also read " How to treat pot smokers' common problems for restoration of sexual orgasm
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case12583.htm   "

Reader: 2/23/2005>
Dear Dr. Lin,

Just ordered Viapal-J, replacing Viapal-M, which I have used for a month now. Will continue to take 5HTP and DeToxiA, but adding DopaFibra too. I believe my condition is worse than I thought. While I am able to get an erection with maximum strenth Ciaalis and Viaggra, my ejaculation came extremely quick and was thick and YELLOW!! After reading on your site, this must mean that I am not producing semen. Penis feels colder than usual. This is caused by over-masturbation and marijuana abuse. This happened the last time I tried to ejaculate which was two weeks ago. I don't want it to harden in my body and destory my prostate. Any suggestions?? Will this repair with extensive herbal treatment?? How often should I ejaculate to balance out flushing the old out and healing myself?? 
Dr. Lin: 2/23/2005> Chronic use of the erectile drugs can cause the fibrosis spreading for developing a curved penis -
Yes, you need an extensive treatment for this problem.
please add plus extra Fish and Borage Oil(1000 mg each meal) and calcium (200 mg)/magnesium (100 mg)/Viatmin-D(100 IU) to help you improve your nervous function and semen quality.

Reader: 3/15/2005>
Hi Dr. Lin,

About two months ago, you told me that I was impotent due to pot smoking and excessive masturbation. I've been showing improvement since then, but still need more time to heal all the way. Currently, I'm taking the following:

Morning: 1 MoodMax, 1 DopaFibra, 1 5HTP, 1 DeToxiA
Afternoon: 1 ViaGrowthIII
Evening: 1 MoodMax, 1 DopaFibra, 1 5HTP, 1 DeToxiA

Also, I am taking 1000 Fish and Borage Oil every meal.

Here is my problem. I've noticed a small curvature developing when I erect my penis with 100mg of Viaggra. It is on the right side right below the glans, where I have a small bruise. To balance out the effects of the calcium and Vitamin C in your supplements, I have been taking 2000-3000 IU of Vitamin E daily. My father thinks that this could hurt my liver and could cause a stroke, but I read that that only happens to women. I want to fight fibrosis and any possibility of Peyronie's Disease. Will this much Vitamin E hurt me? What is the optimal dose of Vitamin E that will outweigh the calcium and Vitamin C that I'm taking that builds collagen and scar tissue? 

Also, I have replaced the 3000 mg of Lysine that I've been taking everyday with 3000mg of L Arginine. This Arginine also contains calcium carbonate, so I've also been concerned about this causing calcification the damaged area of my penis.

Sorry for the long email, but I really appreciate your help! Thanks Dr. Lin!

Dr. Lin: 3/15/2005>
Boy, too much Vitamin E is not good. Limit to 400 IU a day.
To fight fibrosis, you need prostaglandin E-1 and Nitric Oxide (NO).
Add L-arginine 500 mg a day to boost your NO level.

Reader: 4/07/2005>
Dear Dr. Lin,

I have wonderful news! My spontaneous erections are returning here and there throughout the day and my semen is thick and white! I've been taking ViaPalJ, 5-HTP, Fish and Borage Oil for about two months. Added extra Ginseng and Arginine, and my erection has been given a tremendous boost! I still have a problem with the "fight-flight" though, because my erection sometimes deflates quite rapidly. If all this has been working, is it possible for me to go back to the way I was before? If I have a slight penile curvature that I've had for three years, is it too late to reverse this curvature? Thanks so much! You ARE the man!!!!
Dr. Lin: 4/07/2005> You just reach the first step of the brain and nervous rejuvenation.
It will take few months to correct the gene expression of the Dopamine D2?D1 and phenylethanolamine-N-methyl transferase in the brain and adrenal medulla .
Correcting both gene expression will eliminate the sympathetic Fight or Flight responses.
You can add 1 more 5-HTP before going to bed or after lunch.
Boosting the prostaglandin E-1 and NO synthesis the penile tissue will help soften/disolve the collagen scar/fibrosis for improve the penile curvature. It will take a few months to deal with the problem. Over-masturbation and Chronic use of the erectile drugs can cause the fibrosis spreading for developing a curved penis -
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