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News updated:

Case Title: Chronic over-masturbation/over-ejaculation or excessive orgasm can result in cardiovascular disorder, in addition to losing concentration, tiredness, stress for no sexual orgasm.
Reader: 3/22/2005>
Yes hi! I'm glad I found your site because I'm going absolutely insane! 
my problem is that for the last 6 months I have had CHRONIC heart palpitations and I mean chronic, also had very bad nerves/stress/anxiety as a result of this. Been to the doctors and they say my heart is perfectly fine had all the tests etc (even though when it gets bad enough it can skip every 3rd beat for up to 5 - 10 mins)

Anyway.. I believe this has all been caused from masturbation after reading this site.. however I do not suffer from all the symptoms.. the ones that stand out for me would be lack of concentration, tiredness, anxiety, stress, and the MAIN symptom is definately heart palps.

since probably 11-12yos of age I've been masterbating, and probably close to at least once per day or every few days. To start off with it was great, tremendous feeling, no heart problems etc.. but after a few years my heart started to skip a few beats but only after I had ejaculated (I also found it hard to do any sort of physical exercise after masturbating as it would make the palps 10x worse)

I am now 22 nearly 23 years old and have not properly masturbated in several months and its driving me nuts!!!!!!! I have palpitations with me every day now and if I masturbate at all palps come straight away even without ejaculation and they will be bad for the next few days and puts physical restraint on me. Is it possible that all this is caused from too much masturbating?? as I said I've had all the tests with the cardio clinic at hospital and they reckon my heart is fine but I seriously think something is wrong, could your herbs help me? 

I am 99% positive masturbation IS the role in this. Has there been any other cases like this?

when i say chronic im talking up to a hundred or several hundred palpitations a day depending on certain situations.. also when I take nerve herb tablets it seems to help my palpitations significantly which also implies that masturbation has perhaps destroyed my nerves thus causing this to happen.

Please get back to me! (sorry for the long post but is neccessary)
Dr. Lin: 3/23/2005>Yes. Chronically excessive ejaculation or sexual orgasm, excessive exercises or overworking, street or medication drugs, or/and caffeine which induce phenylethanolamine-N-methyl transferase gene overexpression can result in the cardiovascular disorder.
You will need a normal dose of MoodMax (1 tablet twice a day) and a high dose of 5-HTP (1 tablet 3 times aday), plus L-Arginine 500 mg 3 times aday, Fish and Borage Oil(1000 mg each meal) and calcium (200 mg)/magnesium (100 mg)/Viatmin-D(100 IU) to boost the prostaglandin E-1/E-3 and NO synthesis for couple months to stabilize your cardiosvascular function first.
And then, add DopaFibra and ViaGwoth-III to boost your sexual function.
Please also read -
High blood pressure can result from chronically excessive sexual orgasm, street or medication drugs, or/and caffeine which induce phenylethanolamine-N-methyl transferase gene overexpression
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