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Case Title: A story about the chronic over-ejaculation induced penile shrinkage and erectile dysfunction (going limps) for no sexual orgasm; when she wanted him to go deeper, he could not make it!
Reader: 2/13/2005>
dear dr;
gender: male
i'd like to give you a history of me first and then explain my problems or issues. please be patient as it a bit long. i appreciate any of your comments after you read this.
The first time i was aroused was approximately at age 11. but i didnt know why the penis became erect etc. anyhow i used to masturbate since then. at age 18 i ejaculated or had orgasm for the 1st time whilst mastrubating. at that point in time only a few thoughts or looking at female body used to cause an erection easily, during school classes or anytime that i felt like it. thus by 18 i knew what sexual intercourse is.
Once i was shown adult movies by uni friends, i had become quite aroused and for about 1 year (around 24 years of age) i used to watch adult movies frequently. I also masturbated every night 3 times and sometimes during the day also(just had the urge to - couldn't not stop). about 1998/99 (i was 22/23) one night i masturbated quite excessively and felt that my penis and testis temperature to be quite highor burning sensation. after that i could not get erection for a week, for either phsycological fear that i may have done some damage or that i was too tired. after a week or so i regained erections. in the mean time i am balding since age 17. doctors have said its hereditery balding(androgenic alopecia). i took propecia(finistride) on and off for say 1.5 years to stop hair falling out. i stopped taking it in october 2004. 
In the last 4 years i notice that my erection is one which doesnt last unless i masturbate vigoursouly and as soon as the manual stimulation is stopped the erection subsides. i have read in many articles that an erection once gained lasts for upto 1 hour to allow penetrative sexual intercourse. I used to have morning erections daily till 1.5 years ago. i have only had about 5 or 6 morning erections in the last year and that also not hard. And actually none of my other erection has ever been as hard as the morning erection that i used to have earlier. Erections never lasted without diffiuclty for more than 30 seconds. its as though i have to continuously flex or put pressure on the stomach muscles, heart to fill it with blood and then it goes away within seconds of me relaxing.
recently i fell in love with a girl, we are married now. we were both virgins and thus had sex for the first time when we got married. i love my wife very much, when we had sex i took levitra to get an erection because i did not know how to tell her this problem i have- my doctor told me my erection issues should go away when i am with a girl. i am not sure what my problem is. my penis only stays erect whilst i watch porno and that too when i am masturbating it. in 30 days we had sex only 1 times after the initial few times because of pain to her vagina (virgin) and that too whislt i took 1/2 tablet dose of levitra (20mg tablet). my wife was aroused and beginning to enjoy sex by our 4th love making session. in that session she was able to accept a full thrust of my penis without pain and started moaning. after a while i thrusted faster as i needed that to maintain erection. in that time my wife was fully aroused and asked me to go deeper. i didnt know how to do that since i 
was already fully in, she seemed to yearn for a deeper penetration than what i could do with my 4 to 5inch penis. i was fully in (missionary position) but it seemed that after the very first thrusts that she experienced as a virgin, she wanted a deeper thrust which i could not achieve with my penis size. i have a penis which measures 4 inches to 5 inches(maximum) when erect and just under 4 inches circumference. the ansell condom which fits me somewhat is the nominal width of 49mm, the one with width of 52mm is quite loose. so that gives you an idea of my penis size/girth.
after that i did not have levitra tablets. i got excited at times when we wanted to have sex but my erection would subside by the time i would wear the condom. it seems that only when the glans is touching something like my underwear or finsing some resistance that my penis stays erect and as soon as i move away it starts subsiding dramatically, not even allowing me time to wear a condom. surely this cant be correct. why is that penis must always keep moving to stay hard.
please help me in some way if you can understand what i have written. and please also tell me what can i do to get a deeper penetration that my wife wants now that she has tasted sex for the 1st time.
i feel helpless.
Dr. Lin: 2/13/2005>
You have sexually exhausted your parasympathetic and sympathetic erectile nervous function and you testicular function for testosterone and DHT, and burned out your hair with excessive trapped HDT where orgasm/ejaculation induced stress neurohormone epinephrine boil your blood and also constrict your blood vessel for a poor blood circulation. Chronically excessive orgasm and ejaculation result in a constant dopamine-norepinephrine-epinephrine conversion in your brain and adrenal medulla and in a frequent release of prolactin from prolactin for the sympathetic nervous fire - Flight (erectile dysfunction, impotence or going limp) in your case. Since your penile arteries is constricted by the sympathetic alpha-2 receptors gene due to the binding of epinepehrine, your penis shrinks and fails to erect, and your penile testosterone and DHT receptors are shut even if your blood is boiled with excessive DHT and epinephrine. Your over-heated blood with excessive DHT and epinephrine, in turn, burn your hair and swollen your prostate.
If your prostate and seminal vesicles are still producing semen, the sympathetic nervous fire or prostate abrasion due to over-ejaculation will also trigger the Fight responses for premature ejaculation.
When she wanted you to go deeper, her cervix/uterus and vagina were tenting up and her erectile tissue in the Epicenter, between the cervix and bladder, was erecting, sensitive and itchy. That is, she was in the heat during that time. You must make her achieve orgasm to release this erectile pressure and cool her down with a release of prolactin.
You will need ViaPal-hGH-J and 5-HTP to improve your erection size and semen quality (for fertility too).
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