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Case Title:  Causes (street/medication drugs, birth control and excessive tissue/nervous abrasion) and solutions of the clitoral, vulva and vaginal abrasion, pain and numbness, and penetration pains ( Vulvodynia  vestibulitis and VAGINISMUS) - restoration of a dead clitoris and vagina for sexual orgasm.
Reader:  2/08/2005>
I had vaginal pain (upon penetration) and severe burning with semen contact that lasted for two years. The doctors said I have no infections. It went away two months after the person and I broke up. Since then I have been pain-free for 5 years. The pain started again (sensitivity to touch around vulva) and since then has spread to my clitoris. it hurts when sitting down, etc. there are shooting pains through my clitoris and the whole area is numb and sensitive, including the vulva. I suspect that is due to nerve pain due to excessive masturbation, several times a day. I don't touch the clitoris anymore but the pain is there. Sex makes it worse but it still seems bad regardless. Does marijuana make this worse? Will it ever heal on its own or is there something I should be doing? I have tried kegals and it doesn't help. the doctor has me on 5 mg of elavil. i can't even touch the clitoris or near it. Maybe I'm insane but it feels like it is nerves in the clit that travel down toward the vagina as well. Is it too late? It feels numb with pins and needles everywhere with the pain throbbing in the clitoris. Thank you Dr. Lin.
Dr. Lin: 2/09/2005>

The initial condition of your problem is due to a lack of prostaglandin E-1 synthesis in the clitoral/vulva/vaginal/urethral tissue due to a lack of serotonin/melatonin, acetylcholine and androgen hormones in the local receptors, or due to an excessive epinephrine binding into the sympathetic alpha-2 receptors. 
Street drugs such as Marijuana, Cocaine, ecstasy, medication drug, and birth control chemicals can initiate the deficiency of the prostaglandin E-1 synthesis. A lack of prostaglandin E-1 causes inflexibility and rigidity of the local tissue, nerves and blood vessels, leading to touching pains and the abrasion of the local tissue and skin-deep neuromuscular endings upon experiencing friction, vaginal penetration, and tissue-vibrating. Then, the tissue abrasion induces the COX-2 over-expression for excessive prostaglandin E-2 synthesis in the tissue. Excessive prostaglandin E-2 triggers inflammation in the clitoral/vulva/vaginal/urethral tissue for constant pains. Semen's prostaglandin E-2 also induce the 2ndary production of prostaglandin E-2 by the vaginal and cervical tissue. Please note that prostaglandin E-2 is an immune suppressor that disable the immunity of the clitoris, vulva, vagina cervix, uterus and urethra. It also helps the cervix enlarge its opening for sperms to swim into the uterus while disabling the antibiotic agents produced by the vagina and cervix.

Numbness is a result of lacking acetylcholine in the sensory nerves and their endings and an abrasion of the neuromuscular endings with a formation of a layer of collagen scar. Generally, drugs, birth control chemicals and vibrator use will result in clitoral and vaginal numbness, the death of the clitoris and vagina.
You need a long-term clitoral, vulva and vaginal rejuvenation by enhancing the prostaglandin E-1 synthesis with a low dose of ViaPal-hGH-P (3-010) and a high dose of 5-HTP(2-001), plus extra Fish and Borage Oil(1000 mg each meal) and calcium (200 mg)/magnesium (100 mg)/Viatmin-D(100 IU). 

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