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Case Title:  Why Over-masturbation or/and Over-ejaculation cause sexual exhaustion, chronic fatigue, inflammation, eyefloaters, ear buzzing no more sexual orgasm -why?
Reader:  1/08/2005>
How do you do Dr. Lin

As I was reading over the symptoms of people facing problems regarding over-masturbation and your replies to their requests, I, Baatar, 20 years old, male student, am wishing to ask you several questions about the current condition of my sexual life and perhaps some words of advice for my future life. 
Although your web site posts everything so open to the public, I still think it is better for me to tell all details of my condition to have better explenation from you. 
I have been masturbating since 13, almost everyday. There were times when I had done the "job" for several times a day. By and by I cut the number to masturbate once every two days. I have never thought that masturbation could actually result such severe side effects. I haven't been facing any problems, but as I recall, after reading over the symptoms of people on your page, once in a while I've had my ears ringing right after the masturbation. The ringing doesn't last very long but my first question is that in your proffesional opinion is my situation very severe? Am I over-masturbating. I also checked some web sites regarding masturbation, even took those survey tests, but they said that my problem is not too bad, the only thing I should do is to reduce the number to 3-4 times a week. 
The other issue is that, since I am a right handed person, I use my right hand to masturbate and if you calculate the number of times I have done it you can get the idea that there must have been a physical change to the figure of my penis and it certainly has. The front end of my penis is bent to the left by about 2 mm from the centre. My erection is OK. 
I haven't been in sexual contact with a woman since I was 17. That was the only time I had sex with a person, though it did not last long and ejaculated. 
I haven't had any of the severe symptoms that were stated by people from the web including: fatigue, headache, eye blurring and etc. 
I don't use any drugs nor cigarettes. 
So, if you'll please send me any proffesional advice regarding my current condition (whether I over masturbate or not), it would mean a lot to me. 

Dr. Lin: 1/08/2005>Chronic fatigue, eye floaters and ear rings indicate chronic over-masturbation has excessively burned the acetylcholine and serotonin and GABA nervous transmitters in the brain to suppress the Dopamine D2 expression and enhance the Dopamine D1 expression for excessive sympathetic nervous fire with a constantly dopamine-norepinephrine-epinephrine conversion and prolactin flooding. The gene expression disorder forces autonomic nervous system to disable the parasympathetic nervous restoration and healing action. Under the flooding of the epinephrine and prolactin in the bloodstream, the tissue produces less and less housekeeping/restoration hormones prostaglandins E-1 and E-3, but more and more prostaglandin E-2 (COX-2 over- and mis-expression) for inflammation of your tissues, nerves, blood vessels and organs. This causes the chronic health problems - the sexual exhaustion symptoms.
The inflammation can happen anywhere where the gene and enzyme expression in the hormonal and nervous receptors are temporarily or persistently alternated. The most common inflammation symptoms are body pains and cramps or a local swelling or ach. In the ears, the inflammation causes ear ringing and buzzing; in the eyes, blur vision, light-sensitive eyes and pupil over-dilation. For the same reason, chronic masturbation can abrade the penile tissue for excessive collagen release in the erectile tissue. Collagen forms scar tissues inside the penile erectile tissue and blood vessels for penile bending. Right-handed masturbation damages the left side of the penis due to the finger roughness. Penile enlargement exercises, pumping and stretching will damage the erectile tissue for collagen release, resulting in penile deformation and penile venous/arterial/nervous damage. Even rough sex can result in penile and vaginal damage with the same reason.
In my 22, I experienced the leg/foot swelling after ejaculating 3 times a day. This painful experience forced me to develop special sexual techniques to give women orgasms many times without ejaculating in 2-3 hour lovemaking sessions. You can find these sexual kungfu in this link-
You should limit your ejaculation to twice a week if masturbation is the only sexual release for you. Use your left hand to masturbate to correct the bending. Eat more sea foods and seaweed, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and beans for your health.
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