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Case Title:  Over-masturbation and pot chemicals have alternated your brain's acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin and GABA functions for psychosis symptoms and psychotic disorders, including hallucinations ( seeing or hearing things that arenít existing here), delusions, incoherent speech, confused thinking, strange behaviors and schizophrenia. for no more sexual orgasm.
Reader:  1/07/2005>
Hello sir. First off I want to say thankyou for all the great advice you give. You are saving many peoples lives and i feel grateful to know that there are people who care! Well, my story is a bit complex and long, so if you have free time and want to read it i would be GRATEFUL, but i understand you must be really busy and might not read this. I used to practice chi gong and for about 5-7 months my life was peachy as can be. I had no girlfriend around because i lived in the mountains. This was my only problem that i can remember. I would spend my time cleanin; practicing kung fu, kuksool won, and boxing; working landscaping; spending time with family; and playing video games. Occasionally i would smoke a little pot which i would find in my dads shop. But i was very happy. Then i started lookin at porno sites because i was desperate to see women. I started worryin more and more the more i looked at pornos and felt really guilty. I wouldnt ejaculate more than once a week though because id feel really bad. I started doing jelqing sporadicly (because the pornos made it seem you had to have a huge penis to be a man, i hate the porno industry.. its evil). Then I had a major life shift. I moved back to the city. I jelqed quite often for about two months and smoked alot of weed. I remember starting to not feel like my self anymore. I would get anxiety and couldnt talke to people normally. I couldnt even face my grandmaster without feeling guilty or having evil thoughts. Life got worse and worse. My older brother was having real tuff times and would blow up and talk about killing himself. I always looked to him for support because our mom and pops divorced. He was like my father. i stopped the chi gong because i felt weird after doing it. lots of the times I would shake uncontrollobly in bed and have no control over my thoughts. I would tell my self every day not to smoke or masterbate but my will power was weak. Then i found your site!! :) things took a turn from that day!!! I stopped jelqing and found it trivial compared to the beautiful things in life. I stopped smoking pot FOR GOOD!! i have limited masterbating as well. But it has been hard. During work there were times i thought i lost my mind. IT was hell, the worst i could imagine. I dont even know how i got through. But time and nature has been patient with me. Although i now stopped all that stuff, there are things in life that make me fell wierd. I have had trouble talking to some people. I feel uncomfortable around the people i used to love. My father, grandfather, grandmaster to name them. ITs getting better day by day, but i am totally not who i was last year. I was soo happy and centered. Now, there have been times where i am perfectly fine, but the negative had outweighed the positive. One time i woke up in the middle of the night and i couldnt move. I heard all these explosions and i couldnt move my body. I had no idea what was happening and i prayed to god to let it stop. I could hear all these explosions in my head but when it stopped the house was quiet. And weird enough i felt pretty ok. I just watched tv until i passed out. Right now i am doing a detox program and it is helping. I am doing a communication class before the actual detox and it has helped already. There have been times where i felt normal again. I am exercising regularly and practicing yoga. Is there anything you would recommend for me? My orgasms feel less strong also. Should i do the ballooning to repair my penis? I dont want to masterbate at all, but i dont know if that is healthy. I am soo sorry for the long mail. Please forgive me. But it feels good to write it down so even if i am talking to my self you have helped me a little bit more. THANKYOU for your kindness and knowledge. I look up to you even though i dont know you. MUCH LOVE
Dr. Lin: 1/07/2005>Over-masturbation and pot chemicals have alternated your brain's acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin and GABA functions for psychosis symptoms and psychotic disorders, including hallucinations ( seeing or hearing things that arenít existing here), delusions, incoherent speech, confused thinking, strange behaviors and schizophrenia. They are a bad team for your brain, as described in.
You have to detoxify your brain and nervous systems -
How to treat pot smokers' common problems for restoration of sexual orgasm
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case12583.htm  
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