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Case Title:  Cholesterol-reduction drugs cause his memory problems and erectile pains for no more sexual orgasm
Reader:  11/12/2004>
Regarding cholesterol-reduction drug causing penile deformation and shrinkage..., ,  and

Will stop taking the drug reverse the problem? or what can one do to reverse the problem? (I stopped taking statins three months ago when I began to have memory problems (See the book Lipitor Thief of Memory by Dr. Duanje Graveline). Almost at the same time as my TGA attacks I began to have pain when ever I had an erection. Since stop taking the drug the pain has decreased somewhat but is still present. suggestions? 
Dr. Lin: 11/12/2004>It depends how much damage on your liver.
cholesterol-reduction drugs block the liver function that produces cholesterol for androgen hormone production. The liver function synthesizes lipoproteins including both the good and bad cholesterol, or the so-called High-density lipoprotein (HDL)  and  Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) , respectively .  Bad cholesterol LDL is supposed to be detoxified by the liver P450 detoxification system into sex hormones. Without LDL, you won't have sex hormones!  When LDL is high in the bloodstream,  the liver is  supposed to automatically release additional enzymes, as shown in , to help the neuro-endocrine systems to synthesize all the hormones from LDL. The biosynthesis pathways of LDL-androgen/sex hormones include the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal and testicular (ovarian) axis, and skin neuroendocrine function: , and . If you screw up the liver P450 by prescription drugs or "medicines" , street drugs or even alcohol or smoking,  you will lost your sexual function. For some people, they may have liver genetic disorders for high LDL release and androgen hormone deficiency. The genetic defection will need the LDL lowering drugs in one hand while our products can boost DHEA and testosterone for restoration of their sexual function on the other hand.  Note: DHEA, testosterone and DHT are responsible for seminal production in the prostate and seminal vesicles.
Drugs usually interfere with the liver enzymes' release and action. Some liver enzymes are responsible for hormone production; other for neurotransmitters syntheses. Reduction of androgen hormones and neurotransmitters acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin and GABA , while excessively increasing norepinephrine for the sympathetic nervous fight or/and flight action, will alternate the gene and COX-1/-2 expression, resulting in fatigue, pains, cramps and muscular disorder. The  acetylcholine nervous system is responsible for memory; dopamine for shape mind and reaction;  and serotonin and GABA for calmness, while DHEA, testosterone and DHT for wellbeing, energy and muscular strength. Screwing up the liver 450 will also increase the enzyme aromatase release that turns testosterone into estrogen for shrinking the penis/clitoris and growing the breasts (plus cancers); or/and  stimulate the liver SHGB (Sex hormone-binding globulin) protein release to bind testosterone in the bloodstream -
ViaPal-hGH-M (3-014) (or ViaPal-hGH-P (3-010) ) and ArgiNOx (1-018), plus Fish Oil 1000 mg 3 times a day and Vitamin D 2000 IU, can help you out.
if you use the medication drugs or abuse street drugs (alcohol) for a while, you may need DeToxiA (1-017) to detoxify your liver system.

PS: Another reader recently e-mail me some exmaples On 2/17/2011 6:17 PM (I don't know where he copied these claims):

Yip I will..thanks Dr lin..Is high cholestrol as bad as they say
read this below

The following are a just a few of the reports I have received from readers of my books and from websites on the subject of Libido and Statins.

1) I am a healthy 49-year old male that was taking 10mg of Pravachol with no issues. I changed to another doctor and he increased me to 20mg of Lipitor. This is the only change that I can correlate to my ED. I was wondering if Statins could have any impact on L-Arginine thereby reducing the level of NO in the blood. After some searches, I came across your site. I am going to get off the Lipitor for a few weeks and revisit my doctor. I'll let you know if it works.

2) My fiancé started taking Lipitor about 3 weeks ago and is suddenly unable to have an erection. I do not see this listed as a side effect. He stopped taking it two days ago and has a doctor's appointment on Monday. He is 41 and was just diagnosed with high cholesterol.

3) After reading about side effects and sexual dysfunction I can say that after being on first 10mg, then 20mg and finally 40mg of Lipitor, I began to experience having a hard time getting or keeping an erection. My Doc told me it was mostly in my mind. After finding that my numbers were not coming down very quickly and facing a life on Lipitor, I decided to try something natural. I stopped Lipitor and began to drink the juice made from an exotic fruit. Three months later my numbers fell more then 60 points and I no longer experience sexual dysfunction. I would say Lipitor was the drug that caused it and by stopping it and drinking this juice, I returned to normal. By the way I am 61.


4) I have been taking Lipitor since 4/15/05 (three and a half months now.) I take half a pill a day (40 mg a day.) For the past 7-8 weeks I noticed that I have been having erectile dysfunction. I used to wake up with an erection. Now I don't. Before I began taking Lipitor, I had no problems getting an erection, though sometimes I helped it by taking Viagra. Now even Viagra does not help. Today I decided I will stop taking Lipitor and see what happens.

5) I have just now come across this web site with the articles on Statins. I have been on a drug called simvastatin for about 10 years.
I have also noted a considerable decline in Libido as well as memory loss and thought it was just part of the aging process...hum?

6) Specifically, the side effects or concerns that I have are listed in order of importance to me: sexual activity - my penis does not get as erect as it used to. While this may be a function of age or fatigue, the timing does coincide with the start of Lipitor but who knows.

7) 7 months ago (December 2004) we decided to try the new combo statin, Vytorin. After one month on the Vytorin my cholesterol went below 150. After 6 months it was down to 133, which at that time I asked my doctor if this seemed too low and he said no - lower is better. After 4-5 months on the Vytorin I had noticed (my wife as well) that my sex drive seemed to be diminished and I was having mild erection problems, which I didn't even think that this was related to the Vytorin use. Then in May of 2005 I had a bad case of the flu, which took several weeks for me to recover. When I finally started feeling better my E.D. became worse and low sex drive continued. I found your site on the internet and that is when I thought that my sexual problems were due to either my ultra low cholesterol or directly due to the Vytorin itself. I went back to the doctor and discuss my problem with him. He did not think that the low cholesterol was in any way causing my problem.

8) Erectile Dysfunction - I have had issues with ED for 60 of the last 90 days, all of which (first 60 days) I was taking Lipitor. I have had detailed testosterone testing, and have been told that androgen therapy would not be out of the question for me. My 214 average over three tests was lower than the 280-300 lowest limits the urologist wanted to see. The last 20-30 days off Lipitor I have had no erectile issues. I have had some stressful personal things going on as well that may have had an erectile effect. But, I have often wondered why my libido would take such a swing.

9) First I took Lipitor in the evenings with dinner, but I noticed that in the mornings I felt like someone kicked me down the street. I stayed on it (on and off) for a couple of months and saw my Doctor again. Next we tried Vytorin. This I was able to take in the morning with my vitamins (a multi and selenium.) This was a bit better, I still felt a bit sluggish in the morning but it was definitely an improvement. However I was to find a side effect that was most alarming; I was suddenly having a tough time having an erection. My libido was off as well. I will tell you that my wife is a very attractive woman and to have such trouble was definitely disturbing and profound. I ceased taking Vytorin as well.

10) For the past several years I have struggled with high cholesterol. I began taking Zocor and within two months Iwas down to 167. Several months after using Zocor, I began to notice muscle aches and loss of memory. I didn't pay it much attention because I worked out on a regular basis and assumed it was that and the memory loss, I didn't even think twice about it. The thing that brought everything to a stand still was my sex drive. About six months into the prescription, I begin noticing a change; my erections were not as strong as they used to be. I called the Dr. and attempted to schedule an appt. He advised me that that was not one of the side effects. After about a week, my sex drive came back. This continued off and on for about five months. Finally, I got frustrated with it and notified my Dr. and began researching Zocor. Come to find out, E.D. is a side effect, but not mentioned much in the literature. I immediately stopped taking the mediation and within days my body aches decreased! I'm still waiting (hoping and praying) that the sexual problem fixes itself. Time will reveal