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Case Title:  Over-masturbation/over-ejaculation and pot smoking have killed his brain/nervous function for instantaneous premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, psychological disorder, and pains/cramps for no more sexual orgasm.
Reader:  11/12/2004>
I start masterbating before I could even ejactulate, . My erection was high noon. Continuing masterbating in my teens way to much. Like 3 times a day sometimes 3 times in a row and would lose that orgasim feeling by the 3rd or so, sometimes even more than 3. It will always come back the next day though. Well when having sex could never last more than 2 to 3 thrusts. I always knew there was something wrong with me. But girls would say its "normal" but I always could keep going. And from heavy heavy marajuana use over the years since i was 18 or so untill i was 23 almost everyday a couple times a day. I always new there was more to sex than i was getting out of it got boring real quick not being able to do it for more than 10 min tops. But all changed when i met this girl i fell in love with. Although it made me controlling to her and very insecure with our relationship and in turn made us both decide to break up for a while. After being vegetarian for a while almost for a spiritual quest. I felt lighter in my spirit. One time I actually concentrated on our love with her and boom I saw the light but I still ejactulated at least once before this happened. It felt what it was like to make love to her and I felt regenerized on life it was amazing, that was what caused the posessivness, I hated myself for it. We became best friends and we both really are convinced that we are a puzzle peices that fit perfect, I mean both of us just completly go into a total state of relaxation by others body scents. I actually felt what it is like to "ride the wave". TO be right in that zone where it feels the best, the point right before you cum but can stay right there without cumming. I want to quit marijuana smoking so I can get my life together and stop masterbating because i know it weakens you spiritually. Well after we were seperated for a while I wouldn't jerk off or smoke weed and I ended up becoming paraniod of her cheating on me, and of worldly suituations, couldn't sleep, ended up in the hospital. They  diganosed me with bi polar disorder. I know I am not really bipolar I was diganosed and also with addhd in jr high school. I know there is a reason for everyhting I am a big believer in you reep what you sow. I really think that all the over masterbation really f*cked me up. I want to restore this relationship with her so we can be as one again. It makes me feel so powerful when i can make her cum and hold my own back. But It takes serious mind power for me to do so. But I seem to have precum seep out before I cum, only when I have been masterbating alot. When entering in the begining the tightness of the vaginia almost always make me ejactulate. It is really frustrating. Now I am suffering from depression I'm 24 and have found myself back living at my moms house. I just started taking lexapro 2 days ago, it is helping a bit, but I don't like pharmies. I want to get my head straightened out. I find the more I masterbate the weaker my erections are and I get a slight discomfort in my lower abdomin. Right now my erections are about at a 3:30 about a week ago they were about a 2:30. I want to go back to 1 oclock or so. I really need to stop masterbating like this. I sware it has destoryed my life. Now that I think back it robbed me of my creative energy as well lost interest in skateboarding. I Used to be really really good in say 8th and 9th grade when i couldn't really cum yet so I didn't want girls so I wouldn't masterbate. As soon as I could produce semen I would ejactuate every chance I had when alone, because of the intense feeling. I also know that I was subconscios of my penis size so I would like to watch it grow and get hard, and then it would hang big when in flacid state. I know that 7 inches is above average so I'm not as concerned, but I am about my performance, it is very frusturating. Lost all interest in skateboarding, haven't been able to hold onto a steady job. I never went to college, so I get stuck with these boring mudane jobs so I would smoke marijuana to make them a little more enjoyable. I want my life back, I'm very talented in everything I do that is physically and mentally. I am very intelligent as well but lack direction and focus. I am into alternative medicine and into health foods. I have been veg/ vegan for a while, almost living off of organic sprouted bread that is a complete protien. Feeling weak so I started to eat fish and drink a little organic milk for the fat. My face filled out and I am feeling like I have more energy. I am fasicnated with diet because of the great energy I get from eating real foods opossed to tradition american meat and potatoes and microwaved crap with poisins. COuld you tell me something to get my penis and my head back to normal. I know that I am a extremly fast healer because when I know that something is working and I am doing something proactive about it I heal fast. I am also figureing out the power of the mind and would like to use my brain so I can go back to school get a life and start living again, marry my girl. I know she would marry me in a blink of an eye if I get my shit straightened out and got my life together. I mean I have everything going for me I am good looking, funny, athletic, smart, empathetic. I am not your typical guy either I desire true love I don't really like to lust i feel gross and evil, i just jerk off for the intense feeling.I am a true adrenaline junkie. I mean I lived in colorado for 4 years snowboarding my ass off hitting 70 foot long jumps that throw you 25 feet in the air doing 720s landing perfectly smooth and stylely I might add. When I wouldn't jerk off I felt extremly attractive to the other sex as well and my confidence level went up as well. I just need to get back to my old self when my heart would radiate with pure unconditional love, after I made love for the first time. Help me find my way so I can succeed in this competitive world, get my ejactulation under control, a more powerfull penis and my depression under control.
Thank you so much your web site has given me answering to my problems
Dr. Lin: 11/12/2004>

Over-masturbation/over-ejaculation and pot smoking has destroyed the acetylcholine, serotonin and GABA nervous function and alternated the gene expression in the hypothalamus and pituitary glands for an constantly excessive dopamine-norepinephrine-epinephrine conversion for frequently sympathetic nervous fight or flight, including depression, anxiety, stress, sleeping disorder, panic attack, urinary incontinence and control, irregular cardiovascular function, semen and precum leakage, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.
Over-ejaculation also alternates the gene and enzyme expression in the semen production if the brain fails to shut down the seminal vesicles and prostate semen production mechanism, abrades the prostate and urethral ejaculation duct and nerve by a low quality ejaculation jet with a high level of prostaglandin E-2, and destroy the parasympathetic nervous control and the serotonin nervous modulation of the sympathetic nervous action in the prostate, bladder and bulbourethral glands, resulting in urinary incontinence and control (urinary urgency but peeing nothing, difficult urination, wetting bed or paint, over-reactive bladder), precum and semen leakage, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.
Over-ejaculation empties the neurotransmitters in the brain and nervous systems and depletes the neurochemicals in the cerebrospinal fluid, so that the pot chemicals can take over the brain and nervous system and pollutes the cerebrospinal fluid.
When the dopamine D-2 receptors in the brain are damaged by over-ejaculation or drugs, you will experience orgasmic dysfunction and seminal production disorder ( requiring an extremely hard stimulation of the urethral nerve for watery ejaculation), and your brain will shut down your orgasm or/and ejaculation function. When the dopamine nervous function becomes exhausted, your hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal and -testicular axis are gone! Don't expect orgasm or semen production under this condition.
When the pot chemicals take over the acetylcholine and parasympathetic nervous function and mimic the action of acetylcholine in the nervous terminals in the brain, blood vessels, smooth muscles and erectile penile tissues, there is no acetylcholine-Nitric Oxide conversion to produce the 2nd neurotransmitter NO to triggers the dilation of the arteries and to increase the prostaglandin E-1 synthesis for the elasticity and flexibility of the tissue, blood vessels and nervous fibers. In this regard, your tissue will produce excessive prostaglandin E-2 for body pains, cramps, and ripening of the ejaculation duct for semen leakage (severe premature ejaculation upon sexual arousal or bowel movement).
When the pot chemicals take over the serotonin nervous function, you will experience deficiency of serotonin and melatonin for psychological disorders, sleeping disorder, irregular cardiovascular and kidney output, panic responses in the digestive system, bladder, prostate, bulbourethral glands and anus. You are expected to experience constant fatigue, pains, cramps, semen and precum leakage.
When pot chemicals interfere with the dopamine, acetylcholine, serotonin and GABA nervous function, you will experience extra noises in your brain, vision and hearing systems.

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