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News updated:

Case Title:   ViaPal-hGH-M and DeToxiA have helped her resolve her chronic bladder disorder/ incontinence, vulva pain (Vulvodynia & vestibulitis ) & throat infection (tonsils), restore her menstrual cycle, and smooth out her PMS Pains/Cramps, for restoration of sexual orgasm
Reader:  11/06/2004>
Dr. Lin,
What is FSH and LH? I was wondering about adding the dopaFibra later. I had read where a woman had painful ovulation from it. Can it be taken the last two weeks of the month after ovulation? 
I am happy to say I have some days where my bladder is not constantly bothering me. That is wonderful! My vulvar pain is about 75% better! I can have sex without jumping from the pain on my labia minor and the vestibulitis is almost gone. The constant vulvar burning is completly gone!!! One thing really odd is that I have had a "bad" throat or tonsils rather, since I was a kid. Not a full blown infection but I have to gargle a lot because my throat seems to be the organ for collecting a lot of bacteria. Now it is gone...I mean my throat is clear and I don't have to gargle at all!!! I am not sure why this is happening since being on ViaPal HGH-M and detoxia but it has!!! I also just started my first cycle since getting of birth control pills. I still had PMS but not nearly as bad, although I just started your supplements two weeks ago, so I am hoping next month will be even better. Hopefully less heavy bleeding and cramping. So far the cramping is minor but I just started, so it is hard to say. I better add that the fatigue I usually feel for the first half of my day at work is gone. I have had a lot of energy at work!!!
As far as sexual enhancement...orgasms are not muffled anymore like they were on birth control pills which is wonderful!! I was worried that would never come back. I am also much more lubricated. I just wish I could stay lubricated longer after having an orgasm, it takes awhile to "work myself back up"! 
If you have any idea about my throat...I am very curious. If you can tell me how and when I could add dopafibra, even half a pill, I would like to know. Also when to start skipping a day of ViagrowthV? I really hate to yet, since I am starting to feel better. 
I have a lot of anxiety, and I am hoping the HTP will help that more. When I took SSRI's it was completly gone, that is until the dose didnt work any more! I am assuming HTP takes longer to work than an SSRI? I would add the KAVA but I really want to try the dopafibra, so that would be a lot of supplements to juggle.
Do you think one month of detoxia is enough or should I go for two?
My friend that takes your product with me, is not having any allergies, which is rare for her. Her glands in her throat are swollen which may be a virus that is floating around but I was wondering if detoxing can cause any side affects like that? She has been taking the supplements for just one week. The fact that she isnt allergic is great! She has Reynaults Syndrome. It is a circulatory disorder. It causes sores on her fingers when it gets cold. Doesnt the dopafibra help circulatory? Have you ever heard of Reynaults?
Thank you once again. I am feeling better already and can not wait to see more results which I am certain I will!
I am so grateful for finding your website...it is already changing my life!
Thank you!!!! 
Dr. Lin: 11/07/2004>

Luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) are released by the pituitary gland to stimulate the female ovarian function and male testicular function for the sexual regularity, estrogen/progesterone/egg release (female), and sperm/testosterone/semen (male) production.
DopaFibra is a dopamine formula to power your hypothalamus/ pituitary function for more LH and FSH release and less prolactin. In this way, the ovarian function will be well-regulated, the uterus becomes very contractive for powerful orgasm, and pituitary gland will release more oxytocin for multiple orgasms.   A severe hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian functional disorder had shut down your menstrual cycling due to insufficient release of LH and FSH   but excessive prolactin release. This disorder has given you all  your health problems for many years until you start to take ViaPla-hGH-M.
A combination of DopaFibra and 5-HTP is a very powerful anti-depression, orgasmic formula. It is more effective than antidepression drug for dealing with depression disorders.

Yes, women can take DopaFibra in the Luteal Phase to increase the strength of the uterine-support ligaments (for the uterus uplifting), reduce vaginal discharge and odor, release PMS and menstrual pains/cramps, and boost libido and sexual/orgasmic responses.

ViaPal-hGH-M and DeToxiA has powered your neuro-immune function, gradually restored your healthy gene and liver enzyme expression for the prostaglandin E-1 synthesis, so that you and your friends have gotten rid of a lot of immune disorders, pains, allergy, PMS, cramping and some unnamed problems.  Don't skip ViaGrowth-IV yet for couple more months.

DeToxiA is a very smooth formula, causing no troubles or side effects. The only phenomenon having been observed is that it can make you feel hungry very quickly if your blood sugar is low in your brain. I have experienced this body response.

The Reynaults Syndrome should be solved with ViaPal-hGH-M gradually, since ViaPal-hGH-M can clean up the blood vessels and increase the flexibility of the blood vessels and heart muscles. DopaFibra is a powerful dilator, but DopaFibra is a brain's dopamine formula which boosts the cardiovascular output. Before restoring the weak blood circulation system and cardiovascular function, the Dopamine formula is not suitable. Hence, she should stay with ViaPal-hGH-M for couple months before adding DopaFibra to her program.

I also highly recommend she also take a high dose of Fish and Borage (or Evening Primrose) oil 1000 mg each meal. and  Drink more water or juice. 
The formula of ViaPal-HGH-M (or ViaPla-hGH-P / 5-HTP) ) + Fish/Borage Oil is called the Natural Prostaglandin E-1 therapy which will help you restore your natural health and, of course, sex.   

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