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News updated:

Case Title:   Jelqing penile damage for penile shrinkage and no sexual orgasm
Reader:  11/05/2004>
hi Dr. Lin

I have seen people on your site with a problem similar to mine

back in early May i tried a jelqing session - only one time for a few minutes in the bath. - at the time it didnt make any impression on me - there was no pain and i never did it again.

my penis was fine before this! 

now even all these months later i have these symptoms

* flaccid penis hangs a bit longer and limper and seems to be shrunken a tiny bit underneath the skin - making the outer skin appear a bit shriveled

* spontaneous erections are much less common and usually weaker

* i take a lot of stimulation to get to the erect state even with my girlfriend (some of this is psychological but some not)

* the upper part of the shaft and glans doesnt get as throbbing and full of blood like it ued to

* i can get erections but they dont seem quite as fat and maybe a fraction of an inch shorter - like i cant just pump the blood in like i could before

* erection can become skinnier very easily as though the blood just leaked out - still hard but not nearly as robust

* after ejaculation becomes smaller very rapidly whereas it used to stay nice and fat and chubby

* in august i even developed pain in under the glans at the point where it connects to the shaft and the top of the penis/glans got a slight lean to the left in the direction of the pain - i have taken vitamin e and theis seems to be clearing up

* it doesnt hurt any more but i have been to see 3 highly recommended Urologists - they all tell me it is impossible for me to have hurt myself and just to wait, but i can see i have hurt it somehow

please for the love of God tell me 

A- what I have probably done

B- can collagen or scarring tissue regenreate itself over time? can it be reversed evenmonths later? if so how long will this take before i will start feeling better?

C- what medicines and dietary supplements should i take

please help - i am very scared and am so depressed about this so please choose your words carefully. i really value your advice but be completely honest about what you think my chances of a full recovery are to my former beautiful penis

i am in otherwise fine health, and so was my penis

can't wait to hear from you

kind regards
Dr. Lin: 11/05/2004>

A. Penile tissue, blood-vessel and nervous damage occurs when the erectile penile tissue produces insufficient prostaglandin E-1 to allow the penile tissue, blood vessel and nerves to be stretched or expanded. The most frigid cylinder is the Corpus Spongisosum which embeds the thin, hollow urethral tract that connects the prostate and bulbourethral glands (as shown in http://actionlove.com/image/abrasion.jpg  or http://actionlove.com/image/fig6-17b.jpg  )
Here is the explanation and history lesson -
B. When the erectile tissue is under strain and stress, the tissue releases protein collagen to heal the damage and therefore. the erectile tissue is turned non-erectile collagen scar tissue and your penis can no longer erect properly, but shrinks. The adjacent erectile tissue must produce enough prostaglandin E-1 to dissolve the collage scar. if you want to recover your erection.
How long will it take to dissolve the collage scar? I depends on the ratio of the collagen scar to the erectile tissue, the scale of the collagen scar, and the ability of the prostaglandin E-1 synthesis in your survived erectile tissue (including its nervous erectile function and the arterial hemodilation).
C. ViaPal-hGH-P and 5-HTP can help you out.

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