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Case Title: Hormone-based Birth control, vaginal discharge and sexual dysfunction for no sexual orgasm - solution
Reader:  10/09/2004>Dear Dr. Lin,
I have been on the birth control pill since I was 17 y/o. I have noticed throughout the years that I have had a sticky, white discharge. I have read your articles about the women with the same problem, but have noticed you recommend different remedies. My sex life has suffered because this discharge affects my ability for natural lubrication, even with the use of other lubricants has not alleviated this problem, everything just becomes sticky. Which remedy do you recommend and do you recommend that I remain on the pill or does remaining on the pill contradict the remedy?
Dr. Lin: 10/11/2004>The white discharge is due to an excessive progesterone and a deficiency of androgen hormone (androstenedione and testosterone) in your uterine and cervical hormonal receptors. The white cervical mucus can be yeasted into cheese color with sour smell or bitter taste.
The birth control pills use a heavy dose of progestin (the artificial progesterone) and conjugated estrogen (the artificial estrogen) to shut down your hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis and fully disable your ovarian function, resulting in a lack of sex hormone production, including androgen hormones, progesterone and estrogen.
The source of your natural progesterone and estrogen is from the detoxification of the progestin (the artificial progesterone) and conjugated estrogen (the artificial estrogen) in the liver P450 system with its enzymes. When your liver P450 enzyme is strong enough to detoxify progestin, you will have an excessive progesterone in your cervix with a heavy white discharge and experience sexual and orgasmic dysfunction, and get breast tender too. This is because progesterone is the pregnancy security hormone and desensitizes the sex nerves, dampens the uterine contraction and reduce the prostaglandins production in the uterine/cervical/vaginal tissue in order to protect a fake pregnancy emulated by the birth control hormone.
The birth control hormones tell your brain that you are pregnant and to shut down your hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis , and at the same time, give you a very precise menstrual cycle by varying the daily dosage of progestin, so that you know you are not pregnant at all. If your liver P450 fails to detoxify progestin, you will suffer from a deficiency of natural progesterone and experience spotting and brown or dark vaginal discharge.
When your another liver P450 enzyme is strong enough to detoxify conjugated estrogen into the natural one, you will have an excessive estrogen level and experience excessive vaginal wetness, gain weight, over-grow your breasts, and desensitize/shrink your clitoris and G-spot (a severe deficiency of free testosterone and DHT in the hormonal receptors) with a possible outgrowth of labia minors and clitoral hook (due to excessive estrogen in the hormonal receptors). When the liver P450 enzyme is too weak to detoxify conjugated estrogen, you will experience a deficiency of natural estrogen, resulting in vaginal dryness and abrasion during sex.
The change of natural progesterone and estrogen in the brain's hormonal receptors will also result in psychological disorders.
You need ViaPal-hGH-J or Heat Tea to help you out in dealing the side effects of hormone-based birth control.
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