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Case Title:  A lack of prolactin release results in a high libido, over-masturbation and pornography addition for excessive sexual orgasm (s) - Dr. Lin's suggestive solutions.
Reader:  9/24/2004>
My problem deals with excessive masterbation. When I was single I had sex with several partners several times a day, sometimes every single day of the week. I had a huge sex drive. When I got married I basically exhausted my spouse with my sex drive, to the point where started fighting, but I kid you not I wanted to have sex at least seven times daily, it was more like an excerise than sex. Anyways, she put a stop to that and we still have a normal sex life maybe 3 to 5 times a week. But I'm still very needy in that department but do not want to fight, so I started watching porn as a substitute. Well this has been going on for about 6 years now, I'm 29 years old and have started to feel very addicted almost like it's a habit I can't control. Every night I goto the computer pull up some porn, do the deal and finally I can go to bed. We have 3 children, and I believe I'm a great father, but at night when everyone in the house is in bed, (I come out of the closet) I lock myself in my computer room and do this. I feel very guilty, dirty, and kind of like a digusting animal. I JUST CAN"T STOP!!! I know now after reading many websites, I'm probably a sex addict and have been for many years. Basically, now just get my thrills through masterbation instead, I've never had extra martial affairs, but wonder if I'm cheating by looking at these women on the internet and imagining certain things. I don't know I just don't feel well doing this anymore and want to stop, not to meniton it kind of stresses me out and makes me anxious, I don't even know why I do it anymore. Lately, I just have started to feel very tired, and seem as if my penis might have even got smaller by an inch or so because of this. What can I do to stop jerking? I really want to, I think I need therapy I've thought of going to see someone, but than I would have to tell my spouse the amounts of masterbation, she would be shocked. I really need help and don't konw where to turn, maybe I should tell my wife and she can help me. I love my family and just want to stop this habit because I feel like it's ruining me. I'm not kidding I've felt so guilty sometimes, I've even contemplated suicide. I don't want to live this life like this anymore. I would never do that, because I would never leave my family because I love them too much. I just feel very ashamed and all alone in my sick world that I created. I want to uncreate it now and just be normal. I have a great career, beautiful home, cars, toys, you name it, but this thing has literally got me against the wall. I need to beat this, I need help desperately. Please refer me to someone or medications or something because I've tired will power and that alone isn't working I'm trapped in this world now, I want out! 

Thanks, in advance for any assitance you can provide.
Dr. Lin: 9/25/2004>Your problem is due to an insufficient of prolactin release from your pituitary to slow down your libido, leading to sex addiction and possible sexual exhaustion.
You have to cut down your protein intake and avoid real meat.
Proteins and red meat can fuel your hypothalamus's dopamine nervous action on your pituitary gland to block the pituitary prolactin release. The excessive dopamine action on your pituitary gland is the main cause.
You also need a stimulation on your nips to trigger the prolactin release. You may have to ask your wife to help you out during sex. I think she can suck your nips to stimulate your pituitary gland for the prolactin release. Please Note prolactin is the milking hormone.
Generally, SSRIs antidepression drugs can help increase the prolactin level. Take a low dose at about 25% of the suggested dose so that you won't get their side effects on your erection, semen production, and 5-HT receptors in your prostate, seminal vesicles and urethra. You can read the side effects of SSRIs drugs in this link
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