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Case Title:  Penile enlargement stretching/jelqing/weightlifting broke and crocked his penis; and, in conjunction with over-masturbation and pot smoking, his penis shrank from 7 inches to 5.7 inches for erectile dysfunction and no more sexual orgasm.
Reader : 8/03/2004>
i've been looking at yor website and think your research will prove promising results-i therefore trust and respect the work your dedicating to help people with sexual problems.I need your help doctor-i fractured my penis about three years ago whilst practicing penis stretching and jelqing exercises whilst the penis was in its flaccid and erect state.i was stretching and bending the penis in different directions which resulted with a loud snap sound-as soon as this happened i freaked out and was scared my penis may have ripped off.i looked down at my penis and it had gone floppy and started to twitch afterwards.i experienced a burning stinging feeling in the middle and head of the penis and noticed that my penis was slightly bended to oneside as if i pulled something.i arranged to see my doctor and he examinedme for any bruises or any severe sharp pain i might have internally and told me i am fine.he also said that it was not very serious and that it did'nt need to be operated on.The doctor referred me to a urologist for further examination.the urologist sujjestedthat i have a flexible cystoscopy.After the doctor examined the inside of my penis with a cystoscopeit was very painfull.after my check-up he said all the water works inside the penis are well and that theres no damage its only a mild fracture which could've been a whole lot worser than i can imagine.i've noticed my penis has shrunk from 7 inches to 5.7 inchesand after i had this flexible cystoscopy my penis has shrivelled up.i think it made matters worse.sometimes when i urinatethe flow of urine goes to one side and my urine leeks after i've visited the toilet.when i have an erection it goes from a 1'o'clock position to a 3'o'clock position as before it would stand at the 12'o'clock to the 2'o'clock position.The head of my penis slightly bends to oneside and the base of the penis slightly bends to to one side at a angle as if somethings restraining the overall size of my erection causing alot of pressure to build up in the penis making it fell fell very hard and uncomfortable to maintain a good erection my penis looks as though it has stretch marks or something.when i have an erection or get aroused it leeks semen making me feel to ejaculate very early after a couple of minutes or even seconds once the penis has entered the vagina.i have been suffering from premature ejaculation.I used to smoke alot of marijuana from the age of 15 until now i have cut down dramatically over the past few years.my liver must be intoxicated with harmfull chemicals and substances released in the blood stream from smoking cannabis.I used to over masterbatefrom the age of 11 making me feel dizzy and exhausted.when i used to ejaculate i tryed to stop it by putting pressure on the head firmly and let the excess semen leak out.I have noticed by personally examining my penis that i have 2 scars on the top part of the penis just below the head one on each side about 1cm long.i have a scar on the middle part of the penis about 2cm long that has a cracked ripped effect on the actual scar itself possibly where the penile fracture took place.I have a small lump like spot on the top sideof the penis.when i push on this spot i feel as though somethings sticking out.it may be a rupture on one of the ligaments in the penis.you can only really notice it if you feel and examine it.i hav'nt a clue-im really stressed out.i also feel a very slight tingly pricking feeling when fondelled about with (im confused).i tried hanging weights of about 0.5kg from my penis on a couple of occasionsand realised the damaged i must of done to my penis.even though it was 3-4 timesthe most on a one-off.i realised after doing this i would urinate uncomfortably followed by a burning and stinging sensation afterwards.i also used to practice pc exercises.I've realised how many mistakes i have made from being so stupid.
DR.LIN can you prescribe me the medication that is required to heal myself and recover quickly from the torture i have put my penis through - 
Thank You for listening-take care sir 
Dr. Lin: 8/04/2004>You have a mechanical penile nervous/tissue damage with the penile enlargement exercises and weight lighting, a urethral abrasion due to an insertion of the cystoscopy sensor, a chemical castration on your brain/nervous, liver and pituitary-adrenal and -testicular function with drug abuse, and an over-training of your prostate and bulbourethral nervous reflexion.
You need a long-term prostaglandin E-1 therapy with ViaPal-hGH-J, 5-HTP and DeToxiA, with a high dose of Fish and Borage oil, to rejuvenate and detoxify your brain/nervous function and promote the prostaglandin E-1 synthesis, and should have a frequent "Heat Massage" of your penis with VIP Cream daily, and must practice anal breathing to detrain the prostate and bulbourethral nervous reflexion with the anal breathing method.

Heat Massage is to massage the penile scar tissue with VIP Cream for 10-20 minutes and then wrap it with a warm towel for another 5 minutes.
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